How Does the Sell & Lease It Back Program Work?

You will get to sell your current home and then stay in your home and leasing it, vs selling it and moving right away. This program allows you to pay rent against your sold home and also allows you to search for a new house. Our buyer will purchase your home while providing you the money you may need while you stay in your home. You get to lease your home for as long as you desire, and best of all, you even have an option to buy it back or move at any point.*

Benefits of Selling & Staying

  • Potentially Get the Money You Need

    Converting your home equity to accomplish what you need to do.

  • Get Flexibility For
    Your Future

    Stay as long as you want and move when you desire, or buy your house back!

  • Reduce Your
    Housing Expenses

    Our buyer takes on the household repairs and maintenance of your home.

  • We Evaluate
    Your Whole Picture

    Figure out and discover the path of your future, and take action.

How Does Sell & Lease back Program Work?

  • 01Submit Your
    Information Online

    Submit Your
    Information Online

    Submit your address and best contact information for one of our specialists to reach you.

  • 02Phone Call

    Phone Call

    A Real Estate Agent that specializes in Sell & Lease back Programs will call you to get to understand your unique situation and to help build a road map to help accomplish it with our buyer.

  • 03Estimate


    We will get your housing information and our buyer will get you an estimate on your house, the money you’ll receive, your monthly rent, and any other transaction details. Estimated values to be confirmed by an appraisal, inspection, etc.

  • 04Application and

    Application and

    Once you review the estimate, we will make sure we'll answer all of your questions, and if it is a go, then we will get the purchase contract started.

  • 05Sign Purchase

    Sign Purchase

    We’ll send via e-sign, the purchase contract for you to review and sign, and then once signed, this will initiate the due diligence process for the sale of your home.

  • 06Due Diligence

    Due Diligence

    The buyer will have an appraisal and inspection ordered and complete a  property and a background check.

  • 07Sign Closing Docs
    & Lease

    Sign Closing Docs
    & Lease

    Go to the title/escrow company to sign all the closing costs related documents to complete the home sale and lease agreements to begin lease.

  • 08Receive Your

    Receive Your

    Once the home switches ownership, names, and the funds are transferred to your bank account, your lease begins.

  • 09Lease back
    Your Home

    Lease Back
    Your Home

    Simply keep on living your life by leasing your home as long as you’d like.

  • 10Exercise Your
    Repurchase or Move

    Exercise Your
    Repurchase or Move

    If you desire to purchase your house back or move, you can. Just let us know, and we can reach out to our buyer.

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Frequently asked questions

What Is A Seller Rent-Back Agreement?

A rent-back agreement is a type of lease agreement and rental agreement between the seller and home buyer which enables the seller to stay in the current house after the closing date in return for rental payments. Rent back agreements are also called “sale and rent back agreements”.

How Much Rent Will I Pay?

There are two methods to determine rent. One way is calculating the holding costs that are used for short-lived rentals and the other one is market rents that are used for long-lived rentals.