Why should a Real Estate Agent Join a Real Estate Team vs be a Solo Agent in Yuma, AZ?

Why should a Real Estate Agent Join a Real Estate Team vs be a Solo Agent in Yuma, AZ?

So you’ve got your real estate license, and it’s time to take the next step in your real estate career. As an agent, you’ll need to decide how you want to work to start closing real estate transactions. The big question now is: do I want to be a solo agent or join a team?

This is a tough question every real estate agent must ask themselves. Truth be told, there is no single best answer for everyone. However, it’s clear that joining a team offers a number of advantages to new or newly relocated real estate agents.

This is a mile high look at why you should join a team. You just got dropped off in the middle of the real estate jungle, so now what do you do? Do you try to fin for yourself and figure things out, or do you see if the Navy Seals Team over there will allow you to join up with them knowing that less than 10% survive in the real estate jungle to talk about it?

So, if you’re wondering why you should join a real estate team vs be a solo agent in Yuma, AZ, you’re in the right place. Here are our thoughts on why teamwork is beneficial:

Real Estate Agent on Demand Tactical Training

You got up and left work one day and said, "I am going to go on this amazing adventure in the real estate jungle. I went to school and they taught me all kinds of crazy things, but truthfully nothing about surviving in the real estate jungle where there are all kinds of real estate agents out there fighting to survive."

Aligning yourself with a skilled real estate team will increase your ability to survive. Most agents do not make it past five years in their journey. Why? A lot of reasons. One of them is getting survival tactical training. Will a brokerage train me? The answer is more commonly no. They will give you the macro fluffy stuff. Why? They do not have a large enough financial investment in your relationship. Whereas with a team, the entire creation is around building agents to be successful and survive and thrive in real estate.

Real Estate Tools and Resources

Most new agents do not know how to pick their real estate tactical survival gear at Wally Real World. On a real estate team, they have your survival tactical pack already built for you. Hoorah! Many tactical packs will include your own real estate website, your own full automatic dialer, your databank, leads, appointment setters, full admin support, and much more.

Team Support

We have discovered you are really good at sales or really good at admin. We are guessing you are reading this as a sales agent. As a sales agent, naturally, admin work is not your strength, so do you muscle through it, or do you just do it sloppily and deliver that experience to your clients?

A team with full-service admin will do your admin work for you- not just transactional work. They will make you look amazing to your clients, and this will help you get referrals and repeat business. They will also free you up to focus on doing the income making activities to generate more closings.

This will help give you a well-balanced work-life experience. Real estate teams who offer full-service admin care about the well being of their real estate agents. They know there is more to life than work, and they know having an agent doing what they do best makes them more happier and productive.

Joining a team gives you a place of belonging. You have fellow agents and team members working and laughing together. You have other agents helping you while you are on vacation, at an event, or even when you are sick. Non-team members get to have a lonely career without synergetic help.

Instant Credibility

What happens when your name is associated with a top brokerage in your market? You get an instant credibility boost, even if you’re fresh out of real estate school and have never made a sale!

This is a huge advantage for new agents who can’t leverage previous client reviews and experience to grow their image. Many brokerages will help you start getting leads as a new agent so you can focus on what you really want to do - work with clients! - instead of figuring out marketing.

Less Groundwork

As a new agent, getting productive as quickly as possible is a top priority. You don’t need to be saddled with building an agency from scratch. All you need to focus on is closing deals.

Working with a team is like a turnkey career solution. You can step right in and start producing on day 1 instead of worrying about things like ordering signs, finding a building, and stocking your cabinet full of office supplies.

Career Advancement

You are not going to be a new agent forever. Eventually, you’re going to be churning out deals to the point where it feels second nature. So where do you go from there?

With the right team, you can continue to grow your production volume, your reputation, and your earnings. This is potentially the biggest advantage of being part of a team. You’re continually learning from the people around you. They help you to advance your career, just as you might help a new REALTOR™️ advance theirs. Because you’re working with (not against) each other, you have every incentive to help those around you, and they’ll be happy to return the favor.

The pros and cons seem to make a great business decision to join a team in Yuma AZ. If you do not see pros and cons making sense of joining a team, then read this article.

Yuma, Arizona offers a large Marine Base for agents who want to focus their business career around our Military base, our veterans, our enlisted, and retired military. If you are actively in the military or retired from the military, or a spouse in the military being a REALTOR offers a great income opportunity for you. We love working with people who have made the military their life. If you're looking at the idea of joining a team to get more leads, let's talk about how we can help you grow your business.

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