Why Seller Leads are the Best Leads for Real Estate Agents?

Let's talk truth: the best leads for real estate agents are seller leads.

Any real estate agent can feasibly be a buyer's agent. Buyer's agents are akin to matchmakers helping their clients to find the perfect home. Being a seller's agent, however, takes a whole different skill set.

Sellers agents often take on the role of real estate consultant in helping clients get their homes ready to sell. They also pulled double duty in trying to connect sellers with the perfect buyer. What’s more, it takes a strong reputation in the community to earn the trust of sellers who are looking to get out of their current home for top dollar and according to their desired timeline.

Keep in mind that not all seller leads become a sale. So, you may have a lot of leads at the top of your funnel, only a percentage of those we'll make it all the way to an actual sales transaction. That's why it's important to maintain as many seller leads as possible so that you can maximize your earnings.

Why Focus on Seller Leads?

Real estate agents only make money when they sell a home. When a home seller enlist the help of a real estate agent, they often do so because they are serious about selling their home. Maybe they want to get out from underneath their mortgage. Or maybe they got a new job offer and need to relocate as soon as possible. Whatever the case, listing a home for sale is not an undertaking to take lightly, and sellers are there for more likely to stick with a good Agent until their home sales. For the agent, this means that payday is more of a guarantee.

This isn't always the case when working with home buyers, however. If you've been a real estate agent for long, chances are you've worked with several curiosity Seekers that want to explore the market but may not be serious about taking the next step. This is a common dilemma for real estate agents, and it's a costly one because they're essentially working for free.

In addition, being a seller's agent offers a number of additional marketing and branding opportunities then being a buyer's agent. As a seller's agent, you have the opportunity to place your branded sign in the front yard of the properties you're selling. All of your other marketing for your clients’ properties are also branded with your name and agency. This exposure can lead to additional lead opportunities that you may not get when representing a buyer.

Find the Best Leads for Real Estate Agents with Dorrmat®

Created by real estate agents for real estate agents, Dorrmat® is changing the game on how you acquire seller leads. Dorrmat® instantly sends qualified sellers to your door (or smartphone) and puts you into the role of real estate consultant to advise through the process. The sellers have been vetted based on their desire to sell quickly, which allows you to jump right to business and avoid the chance of your leads slipping through the cracks.

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