Where to Get Seller Leads for Real Estate Agents

No real estate agent’s career can survive long without quality seller leads. But where do you find leads that can help you keep your sales funnel full and your pockets happy?

Let's look at some of the best ways to get seller leads for real estate agents that are budget friendly and easy to implement:

1. Dig Up Expired Listings

Expired listings are previous listings where the home didn't sell and the owner didn't renew the listing. Many agents assume that expired listings are the byproduct of the seller no longer being interested. But this is not always the case.

In many cases, the home may not have sold because it lacked adequate representation. This could be a major advantage to real estate agents who are trying to take over listings and deliver the results the home seller expected the first time around.

But never hurts to reach out to these homeowners to see if they're interested in giving their home sale another shot. They were interested in selling at one point, and that may very well still be the case.

2. Create a Market Report for Specific Neighborhoods

Many would-be home sellers don't consider selling until somebody puts the idea on their radar. One effective way to do this is to show homeowners just how much their home is worth. This can be an excellent tool to use with homeowners who purchased during the recent market downturn and whose homes are probably now worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars more.

To start, choose a neighborhood and put together a market research report showing how much home values in the area have increased in a certain amount of time. Then, either mail or hand-deliver the report to homeowners in that neighborhood. Make sure you include your contact information, as well as have a way to follow up with each person to get their thoughts on the report and start a conversation.

3. Invest in Direct Mail

Direct mail is far from dead. In fact, many experts agree that direct mail is seeing a resurgence because it offers a unique and different approach to email, which has now become an unwanted practice.

You can purchase lists of real estate leads for your direct mail campaign, or you can send postcards or mailings via Every Door Direct Mail. Ideally, the goal will be to present a specific offer and call to action to encourage response.

4. Claim Your Dorrmat® Listing

If you're set on getting seller leads for real estate agents, Dorrmat® has you covered. Our up-and-coming platform takes a data-driven approach to connect with sellers who are looking to sell their home quickly. Will send their details directly to your smartphone, which allows you to respond immediately before they have a chance to connect with another agent.

Done-for-you tools allow you to take on the role of consultant, not just real estate agent, to provide value to your clients every step of the way. And as a consultant, you have a stronger chance of standing out to your clients and have a lot more to offer for the same commission as a traditional real estate agent.

Dorrmat® is limiting participation to help our partners succeed even more. Claim your market today and start enjoying quality seller leads you can count on!

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