When Is the Best Time in Arizona to Sell a House?

When Is the Best Time in Arizona to Sell a House?

If you list your Arizona home at the right time, you'll likely find a buyer quickly and make more money on the deal. If you have some wiggle room in your sale, it's worth doing market research and timing your sale to get the best possible result. Arizona has seasonalities, which have random things, as we have seenli in recent decades in 2004-2006 and 2020-2022. Finally, we have a political voting impact on the real estate market because people fear our next president, who will take power in the senate, etc.

In parts of Arizona, we will deal with cold months, and in other parts of Arizona, we will deal with hot months. We will also deal with the school year starting and ending, which impacts selling and buying. Many people with children try to be in their house before school starts, regardless of whether they are renting or buying, which affects demand. Then we have our winter visitors, whom we typically see in two groups: The group that shows up toward October 1st and leaves around June or July, then another group that typically arrives after January 01 and leaves around mid April. Then, somewhere between January and April 15th, we see first-time home buyers getting their tax returns to help them with the home-buying process. Then during the fall months, we see many sellers wanting to settle in because school just started, football is back, and the holidays are upon us. Then, by January 15th, there is a flood of new listings.

Many articles will reference the best month-by-sold data, but to get sold data, you need pending properties, and to get pending properties, you need properties on the market. Therefore, the question should be more focused on when you should list your properties for sale in Arizona.

Based on our experience, we have found that if you can control when you list your properties for sale, we suggest considering the month of February or March. If your house is staged, has professional photos, is advertised and marketed correctly, and is priced to sell, it should take 30 days to go under contract and another 30 to 45 days to close. If it is active on March 1st and takes 30 days to go under contract and 45 days to complete, this puts you on the June closing date.

Of course, this is only a tiny part of the puzzle. When you should list depends on your unique circumstances and location. You can find out the best time to sell your Arizona home by talking to a local real estate agent at DORRMATĀ®. They will devise a strategy that is tailored to your timeline and priorities. They will discuss your options to help you make the best decision for your situation. Also, there is no obligation. You will get real estate suggestions from a full-service REALTORĀ®. If you decide to list with a DORRMAT agent, they will guide you through the home-selling process.

So remember, every homeowner has unique reasons for selling their home, so do not consider this advice. You should contact one of our licensed real estate agents to go over your situation and design a game plan that fits you. They aim to help you sell your home for top dollar and close on it in the time frame you desire.

If you are ready to sell your home in Arizona, call our toll-free number, 1-855-373-5478, to speak with a licensed real estate agent and set up a no-hassle home seller presentation.

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