What is Real Estate Agent Farming?

A farmer has one core job: to plant, nurture, and grow their crops in order to produce an intended outcome. They know it’s all about sowing the right seeds in the right places, providing the right nutrients, and tending to their farm to eventually get a payout. Now, replace farmer with real estate agent, and you’ve got a very similar concept.

This is the foundation of real estate agent farming: where agents meticulously tend to a specific area or market with a goal of getting leads and contacts.

Here’s how farming works and how you can put it into practice:

What Does Real Estate Agent Farming Look Like?

If you’ve ever noticed an agent that does particularly well in a specific neighborhood or area, chances are that’s because they’ve mastered the art of farming. To “farm” is to grow something, and that’s exactly what agents who use this strategy are doing. They’re growing their presence with a chosen market, planting the seeds and nurturing them so that they can earn future business with those residents.

You’ve probably seen real estate agent farming in a variety of formats: door hangers, postcards, newsletters, direct mail, or any other form of targeted marketing supports farming. The goal is to establish awareness, then stay top of mind so that when homeowners need your services, they’ll know who to call. The ultimate goal is to become the go-to expert for that area so that when you do pull back on marketing, your top of mind awareness remains.

Setting Up a Farming Strategy

Much like any type of marketing you do as a real estate agent, you’ll want to come up with a farming strategy before you jump in with both feet.

Start by researching the “farms” in your area: are there certain neighborhoods or subdivisions you want to represent? What are the home values in these areas and how do they fit your business goals? Within those neighborhoods or areas, are there different demographics or home value ranges?

From there, you’ll need to quantify the size of your market. This is a critical step in determining your farming budget. For example, if there are 100 homes in a neighborhood and you plan on doing a 3-part mailer, then you’ll need to budget for 300 mailers. If you find that you can’t align your budget with your market, you may need to further refine your market.

From there, it’s a matter of marketing execution. Get to know the people in your farm. Start building connections and creating top of mind awareness through campaigns and introductions. Buy Facebook ads, host events for people in your farm, or even start a blog targeted to your farm. The more you can grow your presence with that audience, the better chance you have of turning prospects into leads into sales.

Learn How the Dorrmat® Platform Supports Real Estate Agent Farming

If you’re interested in taking a real estate agent farming strategy, the Dorrmat® platform helps you make connections that scale. We’ve designed our platform to position you as the local expert in a consulting role rather than a sales role, an outcome similar to that of farming. Watch our video to see Dorrmat® in action. Then reach out to Brittany with the James Sanson Team if you are a local Arizona realtor working in either one of these metro area Phoenix, Tucson, or Yuma Arizona to learn more about the James Sanson Team at Dorrmat® and how the Dorrmat® platform can help grow your business in Arizona.

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