What is the Best Real Estate Brokerage in Phoenix, AZ?

What is the Best Real Estate Brokerage in Phoenix, AZ?

Joining a real estate brokerage as an agent is not a decision to take lightly. The name, reputation, and popularity of a brokerage in Phoenix can help your career take flight. Your name will also be associated with the brokerage you choose, so it’s important to find that best fit where you and the agency can work together and thrive.

Brokerages are not all created equal, so let’s look at the criteria that makes the “best” real estate brokerage in Phoenix, AZ:

Fair Commission Split

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In most cases, real estate agents make about 6% on a home sale. That 6% is split between the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent. Of the 3% you keep, your brokerage will get a portion.

In Phoenix, real estate commissions can be split different ways: 60/40, 70/30, or 75/25, for example.

This is important to ask upfront since it determines how much money you stand to make on each transaction! Yet, do not be fooled and make this simple math. When it comes to real estate brokerages the question is what do I get for my split with them. With Keller Williams Realty you get brand, culture, training, and much more. However, real estate brokerage is more like a parking garage you pay to park your real estate licenses at. There other side most new agents get confused on are real estate teams.

A real estate team is more like Uber the real estate app. It will take care of your marketing, advertising, bookkeeping, high even coaching and training, and deliver you admin and non admin support, websites, tools, and platforms to use. This all costs a lot of money.

Most real estate agents come and go with the wind. Why? They do not have the high end coaching and training, and no leads or appointments to actually formulate a business. Where are 48+ closed units coming for you in year one? Has your mind even thought about that? If you are really great at sales then typically you are not so great at admin, so who is going to manage your files? Then all of the costs of the leads, appointments, CRM, etc.

A real estate team will end up giving you money per transaction like Uber does. Why do you need uber when you can get a taxi license and build your own app, website, pay for exposure, and add in credit card payments? Oh the same reason most agents join a real estate Team.

Brokerage Culture

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Just like an office or corporation, brokerages develop their own company cultures, too. If possible, spend a day shadowing another agent at a brokerage you’re considering to see how you might fit in with the people there.

Franchise vs Independent Brokerage

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Brokerages can fall into one of two buckets: franchise or independent. Franchise brokerages, like Keller Williams, have the advantage of a nationally recognized name and reputation and best-in-class agents. However, they also provide personalized service that’s tailored to their local markets, offering the best worlds of a well-known brand and a community-based business.

Independent brokerages are those that are only within the community they serve, usually just one or two locations. They tend to be smaller and cater to specific niches.

The beauty of a real estate franchise like Keller WIlliams Realty is that is it the #1 real estate referral company in the world. Yes, KW gives more referrals out than companies that focus on it for their existence. These come from agent to agent referrals. For example somebody moving from North Carolina to Phoenix Arizona. The agent with the referral will look an agent up in Phoenix on command, and presto you just got a referral.

Community Reputation

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When it comes to choosing the best brokerage, reputation is everything. If people in the community have a negative attitude toward a brokerage, they won’t feel inclined to do business with you. Choose a brokerage that has earned the respect and trust of homeowners and business owners, since this serves as an extension of your personal brand.

When it comes to Keller Williams in my opinion there is no better reputation. They offer KWCares, REDDay, highly skilled and experienced agents, and their culture that just leads to a great brand to be a part of.

Real Estate Niche

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Do you want to specialize in a specific market or niche? Make sure your brokerage can accommodate! Some may focus on high-end luxury homes, while others might be well-known in specific neighborhoods. The brokerage’s niche should align with your own goals.

Ongoing Support

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Real estate agents are in business for themselves, not by themselves. To grow and prosper in your career, find a brokerage that offers ongoing training and support to help you stay ahead in your industry. The best real estate brokerages in Phoenix know the value of investing in their team, because doing so means selling more!

Join the Best Real Estate Brokerage in Phoenix, AZ!

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The James Sanson team at Keller Williams is growing, and we’re looking for top-notch agents for our team. Interested in joining the best real estate brokerage in Phoenix, AZ? Contact us today and let’s talk!

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