Top 12 Ways To Generate Real Estate Seller Leads In 2021

Top 12 Ways To Generate Real Estate Seller Leads In 2021

The real estate industry is hard to navigate, and for every real estate agent, it is essential to be intellectual and smart enough to be successful in the industry. To reach the top levels in the real estate business, to increase your business revenue, or to enhance your professional reputation and of your real estate business in the market, you need to generate real estate leads. A nd not just real estate leads but high-quality real estate leads. Only when you are having a huge list of high-quality real estate leads can you ensure good fortune for the business and yourself. If you are chasing low-quality leads, it will just turn out to be a waste of time and nothing else. Therefore, be smart enough to distinguish between the high-quality and low-quality real estate leads and then start working on your strategies. 

In the year 2021, do you think the old marketing and lead generation tactics are going to work? Certainly Not! You need to have a set of reformed and highly innovative strategies to generate high-quality real estate leads. You need to leave behind the old-school methods and embrace the novel methods/techniques, which will help you reach your selected target audience in the year 2021. 

So what are these new ways of generating high-quality real estate leads? Are you interested in getting to know these methods? Will you be following these amazing 12 ways to get real estate leads?  If yes, then read along.

1. Make Use Of The Ads Platform To Reach Out To The Right Audience:

This is the digital era, and if you are not making full use of the features provided by the digital platforms, you will lose out a lot. So, this year, no more wasting time on the old school methods and time to start utilizing the digital platforms. There are many platforms that are providing a way to place ads, which would be displayed on different social media platforms and other websites. Platforms such as Facebook, Google, Linked In, YouTube, and Instagram are all important digital platforms that allow users/brands/businesses to create ads and promote products and services. According to a recent study, it was analyzed that 80% of the people who are likely to come across the ads are attracted by the services and products offered. For your real estate business, you can create some dynamic ads on any platform and see the results immediately. If you can generate an increasing number of high-quality real estate leads, then try repeating the same process on other platforms that allow ad creations and promotions. 

For real estate lead generation, Facebook and Google would prove to the best platforms. But you can still explore YouTube and Instagram ad formats to grab the attention of the right audience. As more people are becoming addicted to short YouTube videos, you can take advantage of the features and generate high-quality leads. 

2. Have A Real Estate Website:

Again, through this strategy, you would be using the digital platform to the full potential. A website is an online representation of your real estate business. And it is not business alone, you can have your website that is exhibiting your skills and qualification to the target audience. For a real estate business, you can have multiple page dynamic websites that are displaying information about the company, the way they have made a stand in the real estate industry for a number of years, what are the different types of services the business would be providing to the customers, where are any offers ongoing or not. If you’re having a website highlighting your services and you, it will be very beneficial. You can display your extensive years of experience, the testimonials of the people you have worked with, the online reviews you have received, what kind of tactics you would be following to help the clients, etc. A website will help you to grab the attention of millions of users at a time. All you have to do is to make your audience engage with your website, interact with them through your website. You can have a chat system integrated into the website so that the users coming to the website ask their questions and clarify their doubts. 

Moreover, you can strategically place the call to action on different pages of the website. It will encourage the target audience to take some action such as like or comment on a post, post a review, subscribe to a newsletter. Having a website makes you a reliable real estate agent in the minds of your audience. Going through the content (testimonial, reviews, services) people would like to work with you. 

3. You Must Have A Real Estate Business Blog:

You can either have an independent business blog, or you can get it integrated into your real estate website. In the blog section, you can provide all sorts of articles, which are related to the real estate business. Make sure the topic you choose and the content you publish must be useful to the target audience. If the content is not up to the mark, the target audience would not bother to read or spend time on the website/blog. The content should refer to the latest happenings of the real estate world and also provide solutions to it. 

Through the blog section, you can not just publish textual content, but something more interesting such as infographics, images or videos, and podcasts. Blogs are the modern-day tactic to generate high-quality real estate leads. 

Note: Whatever content you are publishing, ensure that you are regular with the work and refer to the latest developments. Old news and content would not get any attention. Even the search engine bots would give preference to the new information and not old content. 

4. You Must Work With an Intellectual and Experienced Team: 

Choosing to work with an intellectual and experienced team is one of the most important decisions you would make as a real estate agent. The experienced and smart real estate agents would have a strong client base, and they would have a strong network of influential people. You can join such people and work with them to take advantage of the strong network. You can reach out to the people from the already established client base and generate high-quality real estate leads. 

5. Establish Your Network: 

Establishing a strong network is quite essential in the real estate world to generate high-quality real estate leads. For building a strong network, you are required to meet people in person, interact with them, and always try to stay in touch. In the real estate world, your contact or network should spread out to all levels of business — large as well as small. In simple words, you need to develop a rapport with small or local businesses such as plumbing services, electrical, cleaning services, home stagers, and much more. Besides these, you must have a good relationship with real estate contractors, builders as well as attorneys. 

6. Online Real Estate Portals:

Online real estate portals are considered the best when it comes to generating real estate leads. Dorrmat is one such online platform that helps real estate agents to get in touch with a large number of real estate leads and convert them. It is easy and convenient to make use of such portals — all you need to do is just register yourself with all the details and get a relevant list of home sellers. All this can be done without leaving the comfort of your office or even from your home. 

7. Go live With Facebook:

This being the digital era, if you are ignoring the features offered by online social media platforms then you would not be able to find the right people to generate the real estate leads. Facebook Live feature is one of the most trending features that is embraced by a lot of businesses to reach out to their target audience virtually. You can do the same — going live on Facebook when you are attending or hosting an event. This will help you to know how many people keep adding to your live video and actually liking it.  

8. Organize Events And Open Houses: 

Open house events are one of the cost-effective and efficient ways to reach out to your target audience and convert them into your potential clients. Through the open house events, you have the opportunity to meet a large audience that includes businessmen, home buyers, home sellers, other real estate agents, attorneys, mortgage providers, bank officials, and many more. You can use such events to get in touch with the prospective real estate leads and get their details. You can use these details later to meet them, call them and convert them into your potential clients. 

9. Focus On Lead Magnets:

Simply said, if you want to get high-quality referrals, you need to provide something in return to the providers. For instance, if you are looking to get referrals from your past clients, or local businesses, offer discounts, free services, some useful coupons, etc so that they would be motivated to help you the next time. 

10. Make Use Of The FSBO Listing:

FSBO - For Sale By Owner. If you want your work to be effective and smart you must target the FSBOs listings. Make use of the FSBO listings, these are all motivated sellers so convincing them and helping to sell the house won’t be a tough job, Make sure you are getting these FSBO listings from reliable and trustworthy platforms. 

11. Get In Touch With Expired Listing:

Expired listings are those houses that are not getting the right buyers due to one or the other reason. These houses have been on the market for a very long time, and no buyer is even considering them. You can use these expired listings to generate real estate leads. List out all these expired listings, meet them personally, get to know their problems, suggest your solution, and build a sense of confidence. This will help you to convert these expired listings into viable real estate leads.  

12. Improve Social Media Presence: 

Social media is not new, but in modern times, people have been making the best use of the features provided by these platforms. These days, building a strong presence on social media will help you to reach your target audience. There are multiple social media platforms, and you can make use of each one of them in the most effective way. The most popular social media platforms used are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, And Twitter. 

Facebook: Facebook is one of the most important social media platforms, which is used by millions of people every day. You can make the best use of Facebook by creating pages. You can create a specific page about the real estate services, where you can share all the posts, blogs, articles, infographics and images, and videos. With this page, you can make your content reach millions of people in one go. 

If not a Facebook page, you can create a Facebook group. In this group, you can add like-minded people and share your content with them. 

Twitter: You can notice that the Twitter platform is a bit different than Facebook. You have to make use of the trending hashtags that are prevailing in the category of the real estate industry and then make strategic use of them in the content. You can have millions of followers who would help in spreading the tweets of the content in the form of retweets. When you start having numerous followers, you can start interacting with them to generate real estate leads.

Instagram: Most people nowadays are aware of the Instagram interface. It is used for the displaying and sharing of images. But the real estate agents do not find it a platform to be reliable as it is all about curated images. But Instagram is far beyond just sharing images. You can share the link of the website, blog content and then redirect the users to the actual website. 

LinkedIn: An entirely professional platform, specifically designed where professionals from all the fields can gather, connect, build a strong network and provide help. You can expect to meet attorneys, lawyers, businessmen, experienced real estate agents, and much more. 


So, after going through the above suggestions, you would now have a clear idea about how to use modern techniques to get ahead in today's world. Now go ahead and apply these techniques to your real estate business. These are some of the most effective ways, which you can embrace in the year 2021 to generate real estate leads. 

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