Want to Get Real Estate Leads? Do This First

Every agent wants to get real estate leads. Some make it look easy, while other agents may struggle for months without gaining traction. That’s why many agents make the mistake of looking at what other agencies are doing to market themselves, and then try to use those same techniques and expect the same results.

Sound familiar? If so, you probably already know that emulating someone else’s strategy doesn’t guarantee the same outcome. There are a lot of moving parts to marketing that you don’t always see on the surface, and it’s impossible to know exactly what other agencies are doing behind the scenes to get leads.

Let’s face it: there are TONS of ways you could market yourself. Some of them will work, some of them won’t. Stop focusing on tactics for a moment. Instead, direct your attention to the root of all successful marketing — building your authority. Why Authority Matters for Real Estate Agents When you’re looking for a roofer, car mechanic, or an accountant in your area, you know that they’re not all created equal. You go about asking friends or family for referrals or doing your own research to find the best one that suits your needs. This is because you care about the caliber of work that person will provide and want to trust they’ll have your best interests in mind and will get the job done right.

The same holds true for real estate. Buying or selling property is serious business and can result in costly mistakes with devastating consequences if something isn’t done correctly. This is why potential clients don’t close their eyes and point to a real estate agency and say, “That’s the one.” Instead, they do their research to learn more about the agent’s reputation, their knowledge of the area, their attentiveness, and other factors that could create an ideal outcome.

This is why building authority early in your career matters. It’s your name and reputation that will turn prospects into clients, not some fancy yard sign or cleverly crafted ad. How Agents Can Build Authority in Their Markets Building authority to get real estate leads doesn’t happen overnight. Many agents will tell you it took them years to build a stable foundation for themselves and no shortage of effort. But you can speed up the process by doing the following: Grow Your Digital Presence At the bare minimum, every agent should have a website, social media profiles, and a Google My Business listing. These are reputation-building basics that can highlight your skills and original content, collect online reviews, and help you rank higher in search results. Become a Community Resource Showcasing yourself as a community expert is a great way to start conversations with neighbors and business owners. Use social media and other channels to review local businesses, offer recommendations for services in your area, and highlight events or newsworthy items. Join the Dorrmat® Team… Dorrmat® is an essential platform for real estate agents who want to build a strong pipeline of real estate seller business. The James Sanson Team members get the benefits of the Dorrmat® platform include in their buddle of real estate tools and services for success. The Dorrmat® platform helps real estate agents connect to home sellers and puts them in a consultative position throughout the process. What’s more, the James Sanson Team is located in three major Real Estate Markets in Arizona.

If you are a real estate agent looking to join a real estate team and expand your business through:
• preset appointments
• leads
• websites
• platforms
• coaching
• training
• mentorship
• admin support, etc..
Then the James Sanson Team is the team you need to look into. To learn more contact Brittany today.

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