Unique Strategies To Get More Real Estate Seller Listings

Unique Strategies To Get More Real Estate Seller Listings

On the first day of real estate training, real estate professionals are informed that in this business, real estate seller leads are important. On the first day that you start working as a real estate agent, you will realize that leads are crucial for your business and that it is certainly not easy to find them.

There is a multitude of real estate marketing ideas and advice offered to a new agent. However, how are you supposed to navigate this vast field of information when you are still learning the ropes of the business? What exactly will help you convince those difficult home sellers and land the listings?

All this and more is what we discuss in this article. We asked our experts to share those lesser-known strategies and tips that can help realtors boost their real estate listings volume.

Why Seller Leads Are Essential For Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, one of the most crucial and essential aspects of your business is gathering real estate seller leads. Without seller leads, there really is no business. It is why all realtors spend this much time finding a new source for leads on an ongoing basis.

Before we introduce the other strategies, there are two common yet important sources that you need to ensure are being handled adequately.

A. Open House Events

You may have heard from other real estate professionals how open houses are an excellent source of finding new leads even as you carry out your sales process? The fact is that they are right. With some adequate planning and business skills, you can easily convert your open houses into seller leads acquisition events.

The first point to understand is that an open house event attracts all sorts of homeowners. Most are serious buyers, but many could be curious sellers too, and you have a fair number of merely curious visitors. Therefore, when working an open house, focus primarily on the first two groups.

Ensure that you are leaving a strong impression on both groups and gathering the contact information of all attendees. This will ensure that later, once the open house event has concluded, you can start approaching these two groups and try to convert them into strong seller leads.

B. Past Clients

Your former clients are another group of valuable sources of real estate seller leads. Your past clients can provide you leads in two ways. First, they can provide you with referrals to people in their social circle who are looking to sell their home and would want the assistance of a realtor.

Second, they themselves could become repeat sellers. In both scenarios, it is highly necessary for a realtor to build and nurture a long-term relationship with former clients. Successful agents say that they go the extra measure and become part of the social circle of their clients. This ensures that anytime there is any need for a realtor, the only name that comes to their mind is of their own friendly agent.

Tips For A Real Estate Agent To Gain More Seller Listings For His Real Estate Business

1. Collaborate With Local Real Estate Agents

Working with other agents who are more experienced than you can prove to be a quick route to success if you have a learning mindset. In all cities across the country, there are many top real estate groups and top-performing listings agents in these groups. If you are starting your real estate agent career, it will be a highly learning experience for you if you join such teams.

  • All these groups and start realtors have two key advantages that you would need to acquire.
  • Extensive experience and understanding of their local market.

A circle of homeowners, clients, and investors who provide them a constant stream of leads.

Although in the initial period you might be working more as a buyer's agent, in the long run, you will get more exposure and real estate knowledge that will enhance your skills. Once you have thoroughly understood the selling process, you will be able to build your own circle of potential sellers to gain more listings.

2. Invest In A Robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

To ensure that you are adequately covering your target market and all your warm and cold leads in an effective manner, all agents need a robust CRM. A CRM helps agents manage their clients by segregating them into different categories, such as cold and warm leads, strong prospects, clients, old clients, and more.

This helps them view at a glance all the communication that they have shared with each client and the status of various deals. A CRM also enables them to schedule and send messages and is also helpful in lead nurturing.

In many cases, an agent may have to establish and build trust over months to gain even a single seller lead. Other agents use their CRM as a single point of control over all aspects of their dealings with customers to ensure that no leads are accidentally lost because of lack of information or timely communication.

3. Create Your Own Real Estate Website

It is very crucial for agents have to have their own independent real estate website from the start. Whenever a potential client runs a Google search your website should be among the first few of the search results. Your website is the base of all your real estate marketing efforts and thus needs to be professional and well designed.

Combine local search engine optimization and marketing to take your website to the top of the ranking on search engines. The SEO will ensure that your site is proper according to the technical aspects and elements. Along with that SEO will also ensure that your content marketing is strong.

In terms of real estate marketing ideas, content marketing is of importance as through informative and useful content, it is possible to boost lead generation. This would include putting up relevant blog articles on the site, promoting your site on social media, offering e-books or lists of use to potential seller leads, and more.

4. How Home Valuation Landing Pages Help

Complimentary home valuation is a great way to boost the traffic volume to your site and get more potential leads that can be added to your CRM. Most people are curious to know their home's current value and what asking price they can get if they list their home.

To attract home sellers through this, a landing page specifically offering home valuation information has to be created. This is a slightly technical process, and it is better to hire the help of experts to create these pages for your website.

So, those visitors who provide their house-related information to check the value are most certainly planning to sell their home soon. By properly coaching clients like this you will be able to acquire those leads.

5. Work With Real Estate Investors To Boost Listings

Agents can find real estate seller leads by working with other local business owners. For this, creating marketing collateral in the form of informative brochures, flyers, and pamphlets advertising your range of services provided is necessary.

Work with local real estate investors and other business owners. These are the groups selling homes regularly as part of their business. By regularly working with them, you can ensure that you have a steady source of seller leads for the growth of your business.

6. Try And Contact Expired Listings Homeowners And FSBOs

It is indeed challenging to land even a single seller lead when you are working in a low inventory market, where there are not enough properties coming up for sale in the market. However, it is not impossible to generate leads even in such a scenario. The trick is to look for it in the right place.

Start going through the multiple listing service and filter out all those homes whose listings have expired and those which are FSBO listings. The latter are the homes that have been listed independently by the homeowners. In a market with fewer homes up for sale, these are two valuable sources that you should target.

The main reason for hesitation is the reality of rejection. One of our experts said that “Every time I pick up the phone to call homeowners with expired listings or FSBOs, I merely remind myself that if I make this call, I have a 50-50 odds of getting the listings. Without making that effort, I have confirmed 0 chance of getting it. So, in the long run, it is better to control the sense of fear and make that call.”

Our experts suggest having a prepared script and plan of action ready before you approach the expired listings and FSBO homeowners, as this will give you a better chance of persuading the sellers and converting them into clients.

7. Create A Social Media Presence

Social media platforms have become one of the fastest-growing sources to engage with future clients and local businesses, which eventually helps you find real estate seller leads. The key benefits of social media channels are twofold.

The primary advantage is that popular social media channels, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and others, help a real estate agent build and expand their social media circle. It acts as an effective marketing tool. With a growing number of buyer leads and seller leads available through these mediums, it is a source that no realtor should ignore.

The secondary perk is that many of these social media channels offer an option to run customizable social media ads, which helps you attract warm leads as most of these platforms showcase your ads only to those users who have a higher potential of being interested in your services.

For instance, you can create Facebook ads and customize them according to the target location, home type, customer age, income levels, family type, and more demographic markers. It makes it relatively simple to acquire the right category of real estate listings.

8. Generate Seller Leads With Dorrmat

Many agents have understood the value of working with a top seller lead generation company on a regular basis to ensure that they have a steady supply of home seller leads. A lead generation company basically acts as a lead magnet in the local market and aggregates seller leads.

These qualified leads are then provided to the agents registered with the platform. In this manner, Dorrmat becomes an essential component for generating seller leads and increasing the number of listings an agent wants. Dorrmat is a fast expanding popular choice of platform in this segment.

The Arizona-based real estate seller leads generating platform has been steadily growing in popularity and has become a reliable option for agents to get listings on a regular basis. Such platforms are not a choice only when the market is low. Many realtors have understood the significance of working with Dorrmat on a going basis to keep their business growth steady.

Dorrmat, which has a quick and simple on-boarding process, provides more than seller leads to its realtors. It also ensures that all of its agents are presented as a consultant and experts. This helps enhance the lead conversion rates for the agents. Additionally, it also provides multiple software and tools, which can prove to be highly beneficial for new agents, as they may be working with a limited budget for setting up their business.


The current real estate market has become tough to navigate, even for experienced real estate professionals. It is certainly not because of any dampening of the housing market, but because of the changing norms and increasing competition. Lead generation has become more complex due to the varied sources of finding prospective clients.

However, by following our strategies and suggestions, it is possible to generate more leads and more listings. Agents tend to stick to the lead generation methods that have worked for them in the past. Although there is no harm in continuing with those, it is also equally necessary to ensure that agents try out other viable methods too for staying ahead of the competition.

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