Twelve Tips For New Real Estate Agents To Be Successful

Twelve Tips For New Real Estate Agents To Be Successful

Many real estate agents after working for a few months find it a challenging profession. Some even start doubting their abilities and question their decision to become a part of the real estate business. We understand that for new agents the initial months may seem hard, but those who manage to work hard and strive to deliver the best to their clients, get to become successful.

The only aspect separating these two categories of a new real estate agent is that the ones who are thriving have already implemented certain fundamental requirements of this industry. They have understood the building blocks of success that will help their real estate business to be profitable and grow each year.

But do not worry. We are here to share with you those tips that will help you get ahead in this high competition yet high success yielding real estate industry.

Become A Successful Real Estate Agent By Following These Tips

1. Build Your Knowledge Base

One of the fundamental principles that you need to follow as a real estate agent is to constantly keep learning. Unlike other professions, in real estate, there is a constant and ever-present change taking place.

Now, when we say learning, we are not referring to continued education, which is mandatory for real estate agents and a necessary component for retaining your license. The learning that we are advising is more encompassing.

We want you to gain knowledge about the real estate market and the constant changes in the housing market in your city and state. Being able to provide your clients with the right guidance and helping them get a good deal will, in turn, boost your business as well. Apart from this, it is also necessary for a real estate agent to keep learning all of the new and key business skills that will enhance the way the business services can be built upon.

2. Create A Real Estate Website

Create A Real Estate Website.jpg

Now, this is probably something that you are already familiar with, and you probably have plans to set up your real estate agent website as well. However, you need to take care of few different aspects so that you get a site that will help attract new clients.

Your website has a dual purpose: to market your services and to attract potential buyers and sellers. The reason we are emphasizing this is that a well-planned and executed site can help automate a lot of tasks and reduce your burden when it comes to finding new leads.

Ensure that you have a thought-out vision for your real estate business. Now, on your website, ensure that all the elements are there to bring your vision to reality. An attractive landing page, a section on local properties, a guide on useful real estate resources, a well-curated blog section, and more.

All of this when combined with strategic local search engine optimization practices will help funnel more and more people to your website and your worries about finding new leads will be a thing of the past.

3. Focus On Social Media Marketing

Focus On Social Media Marketing.jpg

Similar, to your website, it is necessary to create and maintain a strong social media presence across all platforms. Whether it is information about new listings or announcements about open houses, it is necessary to utilize social media to reach your potential customers.

According to the data released by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), more people, especially Generation Z, prefer to carry out their real estate transactions through online modes. The rate at which a real estate agent can generate new business from social media sources has been slowly growing over the years. However, last year's pandemic caused a massive surge in the use of technology in real estate transactions and deals.

This surge resulted from both the social distancing norms enforced everywhere and the massive work from home reality, which meant that people were free to relocate their homes to go and live in a more conducive place. Now, although things are going back to normalcy, it is a good guess that certain and technological features and social media platforms are going to remain a part of this business. Their importance is not going to dim in the coming years.

4. Invest In Online Lead Generation

Invest In Online Lead Generation.jpg

As a new real estate agent, you are well aware that you need a constant supply of leads. However, the problem is that as you are just about to find your place in the business, it is difficult to devote adequate time to for searching new leads.

Now, this is where online lead generation websites step in to help you. An online seller lead generation platform like Dorrmat can help you gain quality leads in minimum time and effort. The brand value and extensive real estate presence of Dorrmat are what you are benefitting from when you sign up for their services.

The plus point about Dorrmat is that apart from leads, you are also going to get a host of services that will help you reduce your costs in other expenditures, making this a win-win proposition for you.

5. Develop Your Unique Brand

In our list of tips, the next one is all about creating your real estate brand. According to data from NAR, the number of active real estate licensee currently are approximated to be over 3 million. That is your competition. So now the question arises, how will you differentiate yourself from the other equally competent agents in your city?

This is where branding becomes essential to your business and future success. As a realtor, you need to bring something unique to your selling propositions. Your clients are going to meet multiple realtors before deciding whom to hire. Your brand is what they are going to remember and are going to come back for.

Spend time deciding what kind of clients you wish to attract and what kind of real estate agent will they look for. Then create your brand and get it on all of your publicity material, office material, and any other items you use in your day-to-day business.

6. Start Talking To Your Sphere Of Influence

As a real estate agent, your friends and family are going to be your first set of real estate customers, so it is necessary to start discussing with them your real estate business plan fairly early on. Start thinking like a real estate agent as soon as you get your license in your hand. Make it a point to inform everyone that you can help them with all of their home buying or selling needs.

You need to go out there and establish in your social circle that you are the real estate agent that they should approach, and refer to their friends and family if they require the services of a real estate agent.

7. Join The Right Type Of Brokerage

Join The Right Type Of Brokerage.jpg

When it comes to tips for success, this is the one that you must follow. It is indeed true that a real estate agent's success depends on the kind of brokerage that they started working from. Do not go looking for a broker who can give you the best deal, nor should you sign up with a brokerage that seems to be the most popular in town.

You are trying to find a brokerage based on your long-term goals. It should be a decision that will help you with your career development. It is important to work in a brokerage that is the right fit for you in terms of work culture and work under a broker who can mentor you. The broker can teach you the finer nuances of the business and help you out in your professional issues as well.

8. Create A Clear Business Plan And Budget

As a real estate agent, you are a business owner, and therefore you cannot succeed without a proper business plan and budget to see you through the initial months. It is necessary to create one, constantly evaluate it, and modify it when needed.

A. Business Plan

Focus on all parts — generating leads, marketing, communicating, creating opportunities, carrying out administrative duties, and more. Have measurable goals, so that you can be sure that you are on the right track to growth.

B. Budget

Your business budget should take into account both your business expenses and your expenses. Estimate the money inflow and outflow that you expect, and how the market might impact your income earning potential.

9. Get To Know The Real Estate Community

Get To Know The Real Estate Community.jpg

It is necessary to network in real estate. The wider your professional circle is, the better your opportunities are. Invest time and effort in building relationships within your professional sphere.

A. Attend Chamber Of Commerce Community Meetings

Start by attending the meeting of the local council. While there, you will get to meet other real estate agents. Remember, you are not competing against them all of the time. Use this as a learning opportunity and get to know more people. This could also result in quality referrals in the future.

B. Participate In Community Events

Along with fellow agents, you also need to get to know the other small business owner and general folk of your city. The best way to achieve this is by regularly attending and participating in local community activities and events.

10. Get A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool

Get A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool.jpg

When it comes to tech advice, we understand that for new real estate professionals it might not be possible to splurge on a lot of software and applications which can help with the business. However, there is one tool that you must invest in, and that is a robust customer relationship management tool.

Even if you are handling only a couple of clients right now, your business is going to grow (especially after following the tips we have shared.), therefore, you need a system in place to handle all of your clients effectively. As a listing agent, you would have a lot to remember and handle simultaneously. So with a reliable CRM tool to help you out, you will never lose a single lead.

11. Build Strong Client Relationships

Build Strong Client Relationships.jpg

A new real estate agent must constantly focus on building relationships. Everyone, whether buyers, sellers, or fellow agents, every single interaction can lead to a profitable transaction. This is a process that you should follow from the first day of your career.

A home buying or selling process takes time and sometimes things change for people. But if you have built a strong relationship, then when the buyer or seller is ready to go ahead with the transaction, you will be the real estate agent that they approach.

12. Create Scripts For Different Clients

All of your tools and our tips are only meant to help you get more clients, listings, and transactions. Communication is the main skill that will help you in this field. So on our tips, one of the most important ones is to keep yourself prepared for all kinds of interactions you will have with a client.

Whether it is a listing appointment, meeting a client for the first time, approaching a past client, or cold calling a potential client, it is good to have a script ready for all these conversations. When creating scripts, focus on the key stages and make sure that you do not omit any important part of the information.

You can create these kinds of scripts for your emails as well. The scripts help you be the best real estate agent in all situations and deliver your best to all of your clients.


Success in their real estate career is the goal of all new agents. We understand that there is a lot to juggle and learn in the first year in the real estate industry, but with the tips that we have shared, you can make getting ahead a little easier. These are the building blocks to your advancement in this field.

All of the best real estate agents and realtors follow these practices to establish and expand their businesses. By slowly adopting and improving on each of the above-mentioned aspects, you will soon be on your way to professional success.

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