Twelve Strategies To Generate Real Estate Leads In 2022

Twelve Strategies To Generate Real Estate Leads In 2022

We are well into the last quarter of this year. Right now most real estate agents are busy closing deals and meeting their targets for this year. However, it is also time to take a look back at the year and evaluate your plans for the coming year.

In the real estate business, it is necessary to constantly keep an eye on the future and work towards it. One area where you can surely work on is your lead generation strategies. For a real estate agent, getting new leads is the most crucial component for business success. It is what keeps you in the business and helps you achieve your career goals.

Finding quality buyers and sellers is indeed a challenge, but we have gathered some tried and tested ideas that will help you get a head start in 2022. With these tips, you can work on areas that are already fetching you leads and boost them further, and also identify strategies that you may need to include to take your business to new heights.

A. Lead Generation Strategies Real Estate Agents Must Follow

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Let us first start by looking at all the essential strategies that you must be following. It is no surprise that most of the tips revolve around technology. The landscape of real estate has changed massively over the last two years, and most of these changes are here to stay.

1. Organize An Open House

The first strategy is the traditional open house. After almost two years of social distancing and following changing health guidelines, things are surely going to open up in 2022. Therefore, new home buyers are going to flock back to open house events.

You get a tremendous boost in terms of marketing without incurring additional expenses when you host an open house. Along with trying to sell the home, you should also focus on getting new leads. Make sure that each open house you host gets you as many contacts as possible to add to your database.

2. Sign Up For Online Lead Generation Service

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There is nothing wrong with relying on free and organic sources for new leads. However, in the business of real estate, you may run out of leads or have a lean period. That is where an online seller lead generation platform like Dorrmat can help. Dorrmat provides quality seller leads to the agents registered on their platforms. These are all highly motivated leads, which means agents can expect more conversion to listings.

Moreover, Dorrmat also provides a host of features to help agents maximize their sales potential. Technological tools like a customer relationship management (CRM) tool where the new leads can be directly included, a professional landing page to attract more clients, a vendor inclusion feature, and more ensure that your return on investment (ROI) from Dorrmat is pretty high.

3. Utilize Social Media Platforms

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Buyers and sellers are now finding their homes and agents on social media. Therefore, the role of social media has massively increased in terms of impact on the real estate industry. All the platforms have contributed in varying ways to the growth of real estate agents.

A. Facebook

Facebook leads the pack when it comes to real estate lead generation. You can utilize it to increase your organic reach by creating a business page and contributing to discussions on real estate groups. You can also run paid Facebook ads to directly reach homeowners. Advertising on Facebook has a lot of advantages as you get granular control over your ads and the target audience. So, you can be assured that the right group of potential customers is viewing your ads.

B. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform for establishing and widening your professional network. However, with some effort, you can actually utilize this social media for lead generation too. Create a professional profile and engage with other realtors and brokers on LinkedIn. Through these connections, you can get new leads and referrals.

4. Join A Team Of Successful Agents

Many agents start their real estate careers by working with a team of experienced realtors. You get to not only learn about the market and the business in general but also get to benefit from the client contact lists that these firms maintain.

You can hone your services and learn from example how the process to build a long-term relationship with each client works. This is a necessary component to generate new leads and form a circle of repeat business. Plus, this also works to your advantage if you are relocating to a new market. For example, if you are moving to New York from a smaller city, then working in a team will let you find your foothold.

5. Leverage Your Personal Relationships For Leads

The best real estate leads can be found from your social circle. It is necessary to work your sphere of influence, as the chances of finding new seller leads are maximum through the friends and family circle. The existing relationship with these people helps you directly get to the part of converting them to become your new clients.

Regularly write or meet these people and remind them about your services and how much value you can add due to your experience. You can be direct with these prospective clients and tell them to approach you if they or someone they know has an interest in selling or buying a property.

6. Create A Real Estate Website

It is necessary to have your real estate website for quality lead generation. It is true that your brokerage will probably provide you with a page on the company website, however, having an independent site allows you to create your brand and better integrate your various lead generation strategies, such as online lead generation, social media marketing efforts, and paid ads.

A website will also give an opportunity to create a blog. Through the content in your blog section, you can attract more leads and also highlight the value you bring to your clients. You can make a post about your services or even about local interest. These kinds of blog posts will get your site new visitors who can later be converted into customers.

7. Boost Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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People in your target local area are running a Google search for new property or information on how to sell their homes. With an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy in place, you can ensure that your real estate website is one of the first that they see on the search results page.

It is a long-term lead generation strategy, but it is one that is going to create a major impact in the coming year. Big companies are already working on their advertising and optimization tactics to fill the gaps in their marketing. Therefore, if you are interested in gaining a steady supply of new leads, then Google search result is where you are supposed to compete.

B. Additional Strategies For Finding New Leads That A Real Estate Agent Could Try

This set of strategies is something that has been around for a while, but still, has a great payoff in terms of getting you new leads.

8. Ask For Referrals From Past Clients

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Your past clients are an invaluable lead generation source. A majority of homeowners used the services of an agent referred to them by their friends and family. Therefore, make it a point that after every successful sale, you must request referrals from your happy and satisfied customers.

It helps to have a two-part system in place to get new leads from referrals. The first part is to have a script ready and request referrals when you go to give the closing gift to your clients. Alternatively, you can provide them a link where they can submit the contact details of their referrals.

The second part is to have a plan to immediately approach these new leads. Always remind them about how you recently provided your services to their friends/family. This leads to higher chances of getting them to sign up as your customers.

9. Make Phone Calls

E-mails and texts are fine when it comes to real estate marketing and ads, but if you want to generate new leads, you must not skip the old-fashioned cold calling. Now, most agents get nervous about the fact of picking up a phone and making calls to prospective sellers, but you cannot shy away from the possibility of rejection.

You need to make phone calls to all the people on your database and also the new contacts that you received through referral or open house events. It is advisable to keep a script ready for the initial phone call and the repeat call. These would ensure that you are able to present your brand and services in the most effective manner.

10. Target Expired Listings

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In real estate, expired listings are those properties which for one reason or the other has remained unsold when it was first listed. Before approaching such homeowners, you must first do your research on the property and try to accurately identify what could have been the reasons that the property was not sold.

Then, when you approach the sellers, you can highlight what you shall do differently to get the home sold this time. It could be a change in the marketing tactic, it could be reworking the listing price or another aspect that you have been able to identify. You do need to keep in mind that such homeowners will be receiving calls from many agents. Therefore, you need to make sure that your sales pitch stands out, and you are able to convince them that you can get their home sold.

11. Approach For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Listings

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Similar to the above group is the for sale by owner listings. However, these tend to be harder to convert than the above because these seller agents have specifically decided not to hire the services of an agent. The main reason is to save money by not having the expense of paying commission to the selling agent.

However, what many of these homeowners realize is that it is harder to get a property sold without professional help. Inadequate marketing, lack of knowledge about the local real estate market, and not following due process, are just some of the hurdles that such sellers can run into.

The best way to generate leads from the FSBOs is to have a two-pronged approach. In your first attempt, write to the property owners and let them know that if they are interested you can help them. Then wait for them to approach you, and in that meeting you can outline your strategies for selling.

12. Engage Local Audience

One of the best ways for real estate lead generation is to become a local real estate expert. This is also known as farming a targeted neighborhood. Your end goal is to be the known name when it comes to real estate in that area. Whenever anyone needs the service of an agent you should be their first thought.

This can be achieved through multiple means. For instance, attend all local council meetings, build relationships with other local small business owners, sponsor events in your neighborhood, and more. The cost that you incur on such activities will be low compared to the ROI you get from these. These activities will help with your lead generation as all the sellers and buyers will approach you when they need to sell or purchase a property.


Lead generation is one aspect where any real estate agent irrespective of his experience needs to put in efforts on an ongoing basis. There is a need to constantly work on each strategy mentioned above to find new listings and motivated clients.

It does take some time, but with a focus on the right mix of technology, building relationships, and good old networking, you will find that lead generation is a little less challenging. By following the tips in this article, you are sure to achieve all the income and sales goals you have got planned for 2022.

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