Twelve Seller Lead Generation Ideas For Real Estate Agents

Twelve Seller Lead Generation Ideas For Real Estate Agents

Leads are the foundation of a successful real estate business. It is simple. The more leads a real estate agent has, the more clients they can acquire, and the more housing deals they will close. An agent's earning potential is determined by this essential aspect of the leads they get.

It is no wonder that all real estate agents are constantly trying to figure out ways to generate leads. The issue is that there is a lot of advice on how to go about the process, but which advice platform can be considered reliable? Here at Dorrmat, we have years of experience in selling real estate in many major cities of Arizona. Our experts have put together a list of real estate lead generation ideas that you should be following for these changing times.

Importance Of Real Estate Lead Generation

It is easy for a real estate agent to get caught up in the responsibilities of the day-to-day demand of running an independent real estate business. Whether it is a new agent working for a brokerage or a realtor working independently, there are a whole host of responsibilities to handle. Many new agents particularly end up not managing to spend adequate time in generating real estate leads.

The following are the reasons why lead generation should be the prime focus:

  1. Leads turn into profits — it is simple math, the more prospective leads you gather, the more real estate customers you will have, which directly boosts your profits.
  2. Leads are a must for business growth — a steady pipeline of leads is necessary to ensure that your business keeps going at a constant rate. It is not possible to sustain the business with a limited and stagnant customer base.
  3. Leads create wider social and professional circles — even though all the leads do not convert into customers, each lead is still a valuable opportunity. Agents get to build and grow new relationships, which makes it possible to gain referrals and further future business possibilities.

Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas For Agents

Each way to generate leads mentioned in the following list is something that you should focus on as it is currently giving results:

1. Establish Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence.jpg

The first method for generating leads is by utilizing the power and reach of social media platforms. All businesses, real estate included, need to have informative, up-to-date, and active social media profiles. It is a form of social-proof building activity that real estate agents need to undertake.

Therefore, it is necessary to create a business profile on all major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, to reach more people. This is where you can share business updates with all of your customers and followers. These accounts can be an excellent part of your marketing strategy.

Posting photographs and updates about your new listings and success stories of recently sold properties, as well as small tips and tricks that homeowners can utilize will ensure that you have a large viewership and follower base. Many of your followers can become prospective leads in the future.

2. Pick Up The Phone And Start Making Calls

Pick Up The Phone And Start Making Calls.jpg

A lead generation idea that has helped generations of real estate agents to acquire new buyers and sellers is the good old cold calling. Phone calls help agents to communicate and convince the leads. Although many are not initially on board with adopting this idea, most agents say that following a few simple tips helps them pick up the phone and make the calls.

Always have a cold calling script. A script ensures that you are conveying your message in a simple, short, and direct manner. Have a fixed time block for cold calling. This fixed time ensures that you do it every day without fail. Get used to hearing no. Once you get over the fear of hearing a no, you realize that you still convince enough prospective leads to achieve your targets. So hearing a few initial negative responses does not mean you entirely give up on making calls.

3. Create Informative Real Estate Content

Real Estate Content.jpg

Buyers and sellers prefer those real estate websites which offer them content that is helpful. Your website is one of your main marketing tools. However, apart from marketing and highlighting your services, you also need to ensure that there is adequate unique and useful content to keep your site visitors coming back.

Most professionals only focus on the landing pages of their websites. It is necessary that a proper landing page with the right mix of call to actions buttons (CTA) is necessary. Yet, landing pages alone is not sufficient.

The following are some of the ways that you can put up information on your website.

A. Informative Blog Posts

Blog posts are an integral part of lead generation strategy and one of the best ways to establish your expertise. Putting up posts will also keep your website content fresh and relevant. This new content will help boost your page rankings in search results, which, in turn, will bring in more visitors to your site.

B. Video House Tours

Video content is also growing in popularity. For lead generation, you can post short informative videos on different aspects of real estate. Many real estate professionals also record and upload videos of house tours of new listings or recently sold properties.

C. Interaction With Other Local Businesses

Customers are always curious about a particular neighborhood, so if you are selling homes in a locality, then introduce that area to your site visitors. Create short videos or write-ups about the popular local businesses. Highlight the local places of attraction and the amenities available.

4. Register On Real Estate Lead Generation Platforms

One of the best real estate lead generation ideas is to register on online lead generation platforms. For instance, if you are an agent with a real estate business in Arizona, then Dorrmat will prove to be the most useful platform. It helps to maintain a steady supply of leads.

Dorrmat is one of the leading platforms that provides seller leads. Now because of the Dorrmat team's in-depth understanding of the real estate market in major cities of Arizona — such as Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, and Tucson — the registered real estate agents on this platform get quality home seller leads on a steady basis.

Apart from leads of home sellers, Dorrmat also provides a host of features that help a new agent set up and grow their business in a hassle-free way.

5. Boost Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing.jpg

No real estate lead generation ideas list can omit the importance of adequate marketing to acquire new clients. Many new agents are under the impression that they can start proper marketing once they have closed a few deals. However, if there is no adequate marketing, then there may not be sufficient clients.

As discussed above, your real estate website is an essential component in your marketing, but you should not ignore the other traditional channels, such as door hangers, banners, and pamphlets. From the first day, you need an adequate marketing budget to ensure that you attract the leads.

6. Tap Your Sphere Of Influence

A key lead generation idea that should be ideally followed is asking your family and friends. This would be your sphere of influence. These are people who know you well and trust your services. Therefore, they can directly approach you with leads.

Similarly, people in your professional circle can also provide you with buyer and seller leads referrals. Therefore, it is required that a realtor should remind these people in a friendly way that any leads and referrals would be appreciated. However, it is not advisable to offer deep discounts to people in your circle who bring in business. You can show your appreciation in other ways.

7. Acquire Expired Listings

Expired Listings.jpg

Another lead gen strategy that can help gain new and highly motivated sellers is identifying expired listings. These are those homeowners whose leads have expired. These listings are termed to be expired listings. Now, although the reason may vary for why the property remained unsold, it is also true that these sellers would definitely like to sell their home.

Try to identify the possible reasons that could have led to the property remaining unsold after being listed. Create a new plan to better market the home, and then approach the sellers with a simple message outlining the above aspects. Also, emphasizing your expertise in selling that has helped many who were trying to sell their houses.

8. Participate In Local Chamber OF Commerce Meetings

Word of mouth publicity plays a major role in helping you acquire real estate clients. Therefore, it is important that the maximum number of people know about your business. An excellent way to ensure local visibility is to attend all of the meetings conducted by the local chamber of commerce, especially the real estate-related ones. At such meetings and other networking events, you will get to meet and interact with many potential clients.

9. Collaborate With Fellow Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate Professionals.jpg

Quality leads can also be generated by working with a fellow real estate professional. This is especially helpful in the early days of your real estate business or when you have moved to a new market in a new city. Collaborating with another realtor would help you learn the ropes and understand the market conditions in the new state or city.

The real estate industry may have differences on the ground level in various cities. So joining forces with a more experienced agent will enable you to ensure that you are not starting from scratch in the new location.

10. Opt For Google Ads

One essential aspect of the business is the online ads. Google ads can help you find new clients as most homeowners would run a search on the search engines when they need the services of an agent. When they view your ads, there is a high chance that they would approach you at least for an initial inquiry.

Once you get the lead, your skills and expertise as an agent will convince them to work with you. However, with Google ads, it is better to seek the help of professionals to create and manage these ads as they are dependent on the keywords and the parameters you have selected.

11. Facebook Messenger Ads

Similar to Google ads, you also have the option of running real estate agent ads on Facebook Messenger too. These ads provide you a great degree of control over the target audience base to whom these ads would be shown.

Depending upon your niche and target market, you can adjust the parameters of age, income levels, family types, and many other core demographic factors so that your ads are shown to those who have the highest chance of approaching you for buying or selling.

12. Arrange Open Houses

Open Houses.jpg

An open house event is one where you get to meet both who wish to buy or sell. Open houses can help you boost your lead acquisition as these are places where you get to meet a large number of interested buyers and future sellers.

The key is to ensure that you manage to gather the contact information of all these attendees. At the event, do try to interact with as many people as you can. Do not forget to distribute your business cards among the attendees. After the open houses are concluded, try to approach these new prospective clients within a week so that you can maximize your gains.


When you need togenerate real estate leads, it is necessary to keep evaluating the effectiveness of the methods in translating into an adequate number of leads. Various factors, such as the real estate market conditions, geographical location, target customer base, and other factors, impact the success of these methods.

This is why our experts recommend monitoring and evaluating the real estate lead generation ideas you are following. Regular analysis would ensure that your time, energy, and money are being channeled to those lead generation ideas, which bring you optimum results. Our list will enable you to identify the methods that you should include in your mix of real estate lead generation strategies.

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