Twelve Exceptional Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas To Boost Your Business

Twelve Exceptional Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas To Boost Your Business

The real estate industry keeps evolving by bringing in innovations and incorporating technological advancements. As a real estate agent, if you are looking for newer methods of generating real estate leads, then you must keep yourself updated with the changing strategies. Successful agents are no longer dependent on the old-school methods of lead generation. Leads are the lifeline of the real estate business. Without quality leads, it becomes challenging to survive in the real estate business.

All real estate professionals have to work extra hard to generate high-quality leads, whether they be buyer leads or seller leads. It is a fact that generating leads, keeping them engaged, and converting them into customers is not easy. But with the advancement in real estate marketing strategies, it has become easier to reach out to the target audience, get their details and convert them into potential customers. If a real estate professional can build a strong customer base, the path to success can be determined within a short period.

There is a multitude of lead generation strategies that you can employ for getting qualified leads. But not all strategies may work for you. You have to try out a wide range of real estate lead generation ideas to shortlist the tactics that work for you.

Through this guide, we will help you become aware of some of the best and most effectivereal estate lead generation ideas.

1. Optimize Your Real Estate Website

The very first step that you can take to generate qualified leads is to build a dynamic website. A carefully planned website can be a major boost to your lead generation efforts. You can embrace effective marketing strategies to ensure a higher traffic inflow to your website. You can get in touch with the visitors in multiple ways and get detailed information. Some of the essential components for your website are as follows.

Use ChatBots

When you utilize chatbot pop-ups, you can get the attention of the visitors and engage them with your real estate brand. Through the chatbots, you can get into an interaction with the visitors and understand what information they require. You can for their contact number or email id to further help them with their issues. These can be added to your database.

Use Newsletter Subscription

Another effective way to encourage the visitors to subscribe to the newsletters is to keep them updated with the real estate market scenarios. You can share useful information with the visitors so that they can easily understand the problems related to the market.

Display Testimonials/Reviews/Ratings

You might have been working in the real estate business for a long time and gained numerous customers. You can display their reviews in the form of testimonials (text or visuals). These will increase the trust in the minds of visitors, and they would like to work with you.

Include Value-Additional Content On The Website

If you want the visitors to learn more about you, you must provide information about the services you offer. Besides, you can share informative content on buyers and sellers guides, real estate insights, property prices, market updates, real estate tips, tricks, and much more.

Ensure That You Have Optimized Your Website For The Search Engines Just having a website is not enough. You need to optimize it for the search engines. How? You need to include search engine optimization tactics to gain more leads. There is a need to incorporate proper keywords, URLs, internal links, external links, content, etc. This optimization will increase your website's visibility in the search engines.

Having a website proves to be one of the most efficient ways in which you can generate potential leads. With the website, you are increasing the exposure of your website to the target audience on a large scale.

2. You Should Have A Real Estate Blog

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to engage your readers with your real estate services. Even experts consider blogging as one of the interesting and creative ways of real estate lead generation. You can publish your blogs on the official website as well as on various social media pages. With blogging, you can capture the attention of the readers and also attract huge traffic to your site. With regular blogs, real estate agents can support long-term and short-term marketing efforts to gain new clients. Through the blog page, you can share content in the form of real estate guides. It will keep the readers hooked to your website, and you can get potential clients. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

3. Video Marketing

If you ask any real estate agent which is the most profitable marketing strategy? Chances are 70 to 75 percent of respondents would say video marketing. Videos are becoming an easy and efficient way to reach out to the target audience and convey your message. You can use video marketing as a branding strategy to increase the popularity of your services in the market. You can create a wide range of videos, such as:

a. Real estate listing

b. Interview of sellers and buyers

c. Live-stream Q/A

d. Homebuyer/ seller advice

e. Neighborhood/community videos

f. Tips and tricks about the market

4. Revisit Expired Listings

Agents are already aware of different types of real estate listings. An expired listing is a type that is not getting potential buyers. In such a situation, you can find home sellers are frustrated about the unsold houses. You can shortlist such expired listings through multiple listing services and gather complete information on them.

Get in touch with the homeowners and get to know their issues. Build trust and explain your strategies to generate buyer leads. It is a productive real estate lead generation method that will help you to convert expired leads into active ones. Such listings are a constructive way to generate high-quality leads and later convert them into potential clients.

5. Organize Open House Events

Do you think running open houses would be an effective real estate lead generation idea? Definitely, it will be. But you have to ensure that you are working on it in the best possible way. Organizing open houses does not always mean that you are solely interested in finding a buyer for the property. It is actually a great way to get a list of potential sellers and buyers.

To encourage people to attend the open house, you need to distribute pamphlets and flyers, carry out online advertising, and maybe even go around the neighborhood inviting people. You can even share information on social media sites by regularly posting about the events. You can ask the attendees to share their contact addresses and phone number so that you can reach out to them later and generate leads. If you feel that organizing open houses is not possible, you can opt for virtual options.

6. Community Pages

Community pages can be created on the website and on social media platforms. You can create social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. These platforms offer provisions to create pages and invite your friends, family, and others to the pages. You should ensure that these are all like-minded people. It becomes easier to share all the information related to the market with the potential buyers and sellers.

The information can be in the form of videos, blogs, articles, infographics, etc. Through the community pages, you can create a business brand and interact with the audience directly. It is an effective way of real estate lead generation.

7. Network More At Non-Real Estate Events

In the real estate world, you can perform well and generate more leads when you have a strong network. This network you can develop with local business owners, finance professionals, lawyers, mortgage lenders, and experienced agents. Through networking, you can give push all your lead generation efforts in the right direction and generate leads. You can get in touch with these people to get referrals and get your next client.

Networking events, both professional and communal oriented, can be a major boost to your lead-gen strategies, as the wider your sphere of influence is, the better your chances of finding new leads. So it is a good idea to become a regular at the local chamber of commerce meetings and join the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

8. Getting Referrals From Your Past Clients

As an agent, you might have worked with a lot of home sellers and buyers. Your clients are already aware of the services you provide to your customers. If you want to gain genuinely motivated leads, it is better that you get in touch with your previous clients and ask for referrals. They can suggest to you some of their friends and family members who are interested in selling their property and can be your potential clients. Sometimes, you need to encourage your previous clients and provide them incentives in return for their referrals. You can offer some discount coupons, free services, and various other nominal gifts. Most real estate agents consider this as an efficient real estate lead generation idea.

9. Utilizing The Online Real Estate Portals

Every agent is aware of the online leads providing portals that help the agents to find qualified sellers as well as buyer leads. They claim to provide efficient features that make the lead gen job easy and convenient for the agents. However, not all sites may be equally good when it comes to providing leads. Therefore, it is important that you do your research and choose the best platform for generating qualified leads. One of the most prominent platforms in this space is Dorrmat.

This Arizona-based real estate leads aggregator is known for providing a hassle-free way for estate professionals to generate high-quality leads. All you have to do is to add all your details to the website and register. You can get in touch with leads assigned to you and convert them into your clients. Dorrmat has revolutionized the way technology can be harnessed for acquiring leads, which is the reason for its fast-growing popularity among agents.

10. Generate Real Estate Leads Through The Landing Pages

You can design landing pages either on your own website or separately. According to the statistics, an agent has 40 percent more chances to generate qualified leads through landing pages. When you are optimizing landing pages, the probability of capturing leads increases 10 times. You have better ways to interact with the web page visitors and know their issues. You can create landing pages for a wide range of purposes such as:

a. Home valuation landing pages

b. Appointment booking landing pages

c. Community landing pages

d. Seller guide landing pages

11. Lead Generation For Real Estate Business Through Facebook Ads

Social media platforms are already popular as there are millions of users available 24/7. You can have a larger opportunity to get in touch with the sellers of different regions and generate leads. Through Facebooks ads, you can create a leads form, which will help you in getting the contact details of the interested people. You can create a database of such information, reach out to prospective clients and convert them into customers. Facebook ads are realistic solutions to the problem faced by agents while generating leads.

12. Real Estate Agents Use Google Ads For Getting Leads

Google is a great platform that can help agents to generate qualified leads in an efficient way. One way is to use Google ads. As an experienced agent, you can consider Google ads as one of the most essential real estate lead generation ideas. Without proper advertisement and brand promotion, getting qualified leads become slightly difficult. Google Ads provides you wide range of formats for displaying ads such as search networks, shopping ads, images ad, textual ads, etc. The important thing is to use the right set of keywords for capturing the attention of the audience and generate leads.


These are some of the most effective lead generation ideas that you can use to become successful in this industry. Many real estate agents have already embraced a lot of ideas to generate more leads. These ideas do not involve any sort of cold calling methods or direct mail methods to generate real estate leads. Yet these strategies have continued to bring in new clients and helped the agents expand their business and growth potential.

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