Twelve Effective Real Estate Seller Lead Generation Strategies For Real Estate Agents

Twelve Effective Real Estate Seller Lead Generation Strategies For Real Estate Agents

For real estate agents, lead generation is an activity that needs constant attention and effort on an ongoing basis. It is the reason both new and experienced agents are on a constant lookout for lead generation ideas and trying to switch up their strategies. If you also wish to boost your home seller leads, then continue to read on.

We went and asked a large group of successful professionals and market experts about the lead gen ideas that they follow to generate seller leads so that you can benefit from their experience and knowledge about the market.

Must-Follow Strategies To Find Real Estate Leads Online

1. Register On Real Estate Seller Leads Generating Platform

The first point that almost all of our experts suggested was to register on a lead generation platform. Among the different strategies discussed, this was the one that was considered to be highly effective. Agents stand to find multiple potential clients with the help of seller leads aggregating platforms like Dorrmat.

Dorrmat is one of the leading online platforms that provide quality home seller leads to agents across Arizona. On Dorrmat, agents can easily find home leads of motivated sellers across Phoenix, Tempe, Tuscon, and other cities with a high real estate growth rate. Its long-standing presence in the market and robust technology-infused platform attract sellers to register on the platform to find an agent.

For the agents, this large pool of quality leads is provided by Dorrmat and also a host of other highly useful features, such as a link to directly capture the leads, an option to add vendors to your profile, and a professional and branded exclusive landing page. Along with that, the realtors are also provided a strong customer relationship management (CRM) software to better manage all their clients.

2. Widen Your Market Through Social Media Channels

The other vital strategy for generating leads that residential real estate agents should adopt is to utilize the different social media platforms. It can be beneficial for both their real estate marketing and attracting new clients. According to the statistics released by The National Association of REALTORS®, the majority of the younger generation prefer the online modes and social media sites to find agents that they wish to hire.

A. Make Social Media Posts Work To Your Advantage

To build and widen your circle of potential clients, publish blog posts on your sites and cross-link the same with your social media accounts. Have a clear plan for each month on what you shall post on various social media feeds that will keep your clients engaged with your work.

B. Run Target Specific Social Media Ads

Another excellent way to gain real estate lead generation from social media platforms is to run ads on them. Most realtors already have a dedicated Facebook group to announce their new listings and recently concluded sales, but you can also find more leads by running Facebook Messenger ads.

The advertisement settings on Facebook enable you to target the specific home seller demographic that you wish to target. Based on their income levels, home type, age, and many other key aspects, agents can ensure that their ads are being viewed by those potential home sellers who would wish to work with them.

3. Utilize Search Engine Optimization To Boost Your Website Rankings

Many agents have their independent real estate website but fail to utilize it to boost their real estate lead generation efforts. By incorporating effective search engine optimization (SEO) practices, it is possible to gain a higher volume of buyer and seller leads. The SEO optimizes your website on technical and content parameters.

This modification and correction of core website parameters enable your site to rank high on the search engine rankings. These measures, along with the local SEO strategies, will ensure that anytime a home seller runs a search for a real estate agent in your geographical location, your website will be one of the first few that they will view. In this manner, the number of leads that you can gather increases significantly.

4. Start To Publish Blog Posts

Another strategy for getting high-quality leads is by creating valuable resources for the public. You can generate buyer leads and seller leads by providing knowledgeable resources to the homeowners. A real estate website should have a blog section where you can publish articles on topics of interest to the public.

Articles on subjects such as preparing a home for sale, information about the mortgage and lending rates, and general information about the housing market status in your city/state would be highly helpful for prospective leads. You can also offer all this information in the form of an e-book or a downloadable checklist in exchange for the contact information and e-mail addresses of interested clients.

You will be generating free leads by creating content that is useful for the public and also keep your website ranking high on the search engines, as new content on a regular basis is required on a website.

5. Opt For Online Advertising Mediums

If you wish to find exclusive leads, then maybe you need to include online advertising channels to find them. These adverts are run by many in the real estate industry to attract a steady flow of potential clients and leads. You can hire an expert if you are not sure about the technical aspects.

These virtual ads are created on the basis of your target demographic and the keywords that are most commonly searched. These adverts are paid on the basis of each click that it receives. This provides you with the freedom to test out various ad copies and check which one has better clicks. You can modify the keywords included in your ad to ensure that it has a better reach and invites higher clicks.

6. Generate Leads With Virtual Home Tours

You can generate leads by putting up home tour videos of properties in the local real estate market. The pandemic made it possible for the real estate business to transition to a virtual format. Even now, the rules are constantly evolving to offer better options for a real estate agent.

Rules relaxing the usage of drone cameras, better cameras, and multiple modes to share home tour videos have made it possible to showcase your skills as an agent to a larger pool of home sellers. Most homeowners have given such videos positive reviews. You can even host live virtual events where after the home tour, you can host a short Q&A session.

In the Q&A, you can offer expert real estate advice, tips, and strategies to prepare your home for sale. What these videos do is showcase your personality as an agent to potential buyers and sellers. It helps them get an idea of how it would be working with you.

Lead Generation Strategies To Become A Successful Real Estate Agent

7. Start Cold Calling To Strike Leads

Many real estate agents avoid cold calling potential clients. However, making phone calls is an integral component of real estate lead generation. It is necessary for agents to get over the block of being unwilling to face rejection. Remember, all you need are a few more leads to ensure that you achieve your lead targets.

But in order to do so, it is necessary that you make contact with as many property owners as possible. The trick that a new agent can try to make cold calls successfully is to prepare a pitch for each call. For instance, the first call is generally very short and is only meant to introduce yourself to the potential customer. The subsequent calls are to establish you as a market expert and should highlight how they can benefit from your services.

8. Host Open Houses The Way Experienced Agents Do

Open houses are a great marketing tool and lead generators. At an open house, you not only have a large number of home buyers visiting but also have a large number of potential sellers visiting. You can find many new clients if you strategize properly and have plans in place to maximize your benefits from the open house.

Top realtors go beyond the simple sign-in sheet. They have large-scale Facebook advertising to capture attention. At the open house, they spend time and effort establishing themselves as the market leader for home selling. This impression can be created by showcasing all of the home deals that they have closed and interacting with all the attendees.

9. Become A Local Expert And Gain Success In Real Estate Lead Generation

To generate leads, you can establish your position of expertise in your city. You can join The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). It is the apex body for agents in the United States. By becoming a part of this trade organization, you get to use the term realtor in your marketing strategies.

The term realtor carries more trust and weight in the market and thus attracts more trust from the leads. Moreover, as part of the NAR, you also benefit from the expert-led seminars and conferences you get to attend and also get access to exclusive data about the market.

10. Find Prospective Leads By Networking More

Many agents tend to focus on a very narrow point for lead generation instead of looking at it from a broader perspective. Establishing and nurturing a wide social and professional circle is of importance. These circles are called your sphere of influence. One of the most common lead generation ideas that you would come across is to tap into your sphere of influence to find new leads.

Start attending networking events and hosting community events, as these events can become lead gen sources for you. You establish your position as the local agent and are the first person that people think of when they have any home selling needs and require the assistance of a professional.

11. Work The Expired Listings Segment

Among the lead generation ideas, which are considered to be worth exploring, are the expired listings segment. It is a good idea to go through the multiple listing service and shortlist those homes listings that have expired due to the non-availability of buyers.

Create a plan of action and make a pitch to these homeowners and help them understand how you can get the buyers interested in their home. At times it is a pricing issue or a lack of proper marketing. However, with a renewed approach, it is possible to get these homes sold at a good value.

12. Find Leads Through Personal Connection

Personal connections are a necessary part of finding real estate leads. Think about all of the past clients and people that you have worked with, such as mortgage brokers, home improvement service providers, and other local businesses. These are the people who can help you find a new client, and they help provide free leads.

Part of your marketing efforts should be utilized to establish a strong referral system. In order to generate referrals, you can send them direct mails or share a link to an online form that they can fill to provide you with the links. Be sure that keep this system up to date. Most agents set a target of acquiring potential leads from each deal that they close successfully.


Generating real estate leads is the main requirement of the real estate business, and successful professionals in this field understand that this is a challenge that they need to tackle frequently. By employing a good mix of lead gen ideas, they manage to stay ahead of the curve and earn a higher income.

The secret to their success is simply the fact that they have established a practice of constantly evaluating their lead generation opportunities and their methods of acquiring new leads. They study the market and adapt to work with the methods that deliver results. By studying your current strategies and understanding the ones that have been discussed in the article, it will be easy to figure out an optimum mix of good lead generation methods.

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