Top 6 Questions Clients Have Before Selling Their Homes

Top 6 Questions Clients Have Before Selling Their Homes

Selling your house is a big decision because there is a lot you need to do to get the right buyers. You need to stage your home, get your house on real estate portals, start house tours, hire an experienced real estate agent, and start with the negotiation process. All these are important while you are preparing yourself to sell your house. While doing so, home sellers have to face a lot of complexities of the changing status of the real estate market, interest rate modifications, and rules of the mortgage lenders. When you are being a home seller, you are faced with all these complexities, you are bound to have some questions to ask that are flooding your mind. Most often, real estate agents are in a position to provide complete explanations to the questions so that it is easier for the home sellers to sell their house. So what are those common questions that clients tend to ask while selling the house?

Question 1: What are Some of the Essential Ways to Analyze the Actual Value of the House?

According to the expert real estate agents, there are basically two important ways in which you can determine or analyze the actual value of the house. When you are able to determine the value of your house, it becomes easier to set the correct asking price, which will attract prospects and also include your profit share. One of the key questions to ask is, "what is the average days on market to obtain the price the real estate agent is suggesting you can get?" A skilled listing agent will know that it is not pleasureful to keep a house on the market for a lengthy period of time and that there are ways to price it aggressively to get a bidding war on your home.

1 Conducting Comparative Market Analysis of the Real Estate Property:

This is considered an informal way of determining the value of the property. You are comparing your house with other real estate properties that have sold or are active or pending. This requires a skilled real estate agent because there are positive and negative things inside and outside of the home. Believe it or not, it is more than sight. A skilled real estate agent will tell you about odors, sounds, and even your neighbors' properties. This will help you identify the right value of the house. A skilled listing agent will be able to help you get your home ready to maximize your value.

2 Having an Appraisal:

This is a formal way that helps you to know the actual value of your house with a specific property evaluation. The evaluation is conducted on the basis of certain factors such as the cost of other properties in the same locality, the cost when the home is under operation, what could be the rental income earned from such a property, and many other factors. This analysis will get you the actual value, which you could then use to set the asking price.

Question 2: What are the Most Influential Factors That Affect the Value of the House?

You might be surprised to know that there are multiple factors that will have a great impact on the value of the home. These are some of the important factors that a real estate agent could say that can help you get a great deal while selling your house.

  1. The physical features of the home such as parking area, actual square foot area of the house, the age of the home, and overall condition of the house. 

  2. The desirable attributes of the home such as convenient location, the perfect neighborhood, basic as well as advanced amenities, etc.

  3. Selling or listing price and its comparative analysis along with the current real estate market.

Question 3: Why is tt Not Good to Overprice the House? 

Most of the home sellers think that overpricing the house will help them get a better deal while selling the home, but a real estate agent will commonly say it is not so. It will typically become a hindrance in selling the house. Home shoppers are quite aware of the market value, and they can easily determine whether it appropriate to pay a high price for your home or not. Eventually, you will lose out on many prospective buyers rather than attracting them. Then if your house does not sell, it will eventually exceed the average days on market and prospects could begin to wonder what is wrong with the property. The questions to ask yourself would be: Would you pay more for a house when a similar home down the road is selling for less? Would you avoid seeing a house that has high days on the market when the market has many options for you? A real estate agent will be able to educate you on the right pricing strategy to help you accomplish your end goal. Believe it or not, you can price your home lower and control the showings in a way that causes buyers to compete for your house and bid it up because of the auction effect.

Question 4: What is the Best Way to Negotiate the Selling Price of the House?

Negotiation is considered one of the tough parts of the entire home selling process. Even a full time listing agent will tell you they can find it difficult to get through a smooth negotiation sometimes. So how does one do it? Is there a perfect way to start the negotiation and carry it in such a way that it helps you to gain profit? Being a home seller, you must understand that buyers and their real estate agent will not always write an offer on your terms, while a good agent will look at the comparable sold homes and available inventory to help their buyers price the home right, which can include them asking for the seller to pay for their closing costs and a home warranty. Then, once buyers and sellers come to terms, the buyers will do a home inspection and commonly try and negotiate repairs. A good agent will ask for repairs.

There is a lot of psychology when it comes to selling a home. Besides the psychology part, there is the part of getting your house ready. The first step is doing a professional home inspection and then making sure everything is buttoned up. Then going through the property and decluttering and packing up things you do not need during the sale of the home so that your house feels more spacious. Then , look around from outside to inside to see how you can freshen the home up to make it fresh and ready to sell.

Then finally comes the pricing strategy. One of the questions to ask is how long do you want the sale of your house to take? If it is not quick enough, then you might want to wait to put your property on the market. If you want top dollar for the listing price of your home, you might want to ask for less and create a bidding experience.

Question 5: How to Attract the Right Buyer for Your House?

You cannot sell your home to anyone who shows an interest in buying your property. You need to choose who would accelerate the process and provide timely closing. Besides, there are some other important things that you can do to attract the attention of your buyers:

  1. You can use the ‘For Sale’ sign in front of your home.

  2. Organize an open house.

  3. Get your property listed on the real estate portals with perfect description and images.

  4. Start advertising on social media platforms.

  5. Word of mouth.

You will want to find a buyer who is willing and able to pay you top dollar on your terms. You will want to tighten up the inspection and appraisal times and collect a large enough earnest money deposit. Skilled real estate agents understand the importance of this and how to construct the contract in a way that protects your best interests. Make sure to not take the negotiation process lightly.

Question 6: Should I Wait for a Certain Price?

When you are thinking you need to sell for a certain price, some questions to ask yourself would include: are you buying another place to live? If the answer is yes, then another question to ask is, it in your market or in a similar housing market? If you are buying in the same market or a similar market, one would have to ask, do you think if you wait for a certain price wouldn't the other listings increase ratio-wise similar or the same? Many sellers get stuck thinking they can magically trick the housing market if they wait for a higher price to sell, and them magically get the one they been dreaming of for the old price.  


These are some of the most important, as well as common questions the clients tend to ask when they are about to sell the house. These will help you ask the right questions. You can check out all of the questions and if you have any other queries, contact a trusted real estate agent. The right agent will make the selling process much smoother, and get you ready for a skilled buyer's agent to come ready to offer and negotiate. The first process is getting you ready to understand how the market works. The realtor will then go over the market, selling process, title fees, and recent sales in your neighborhood. Make sure you ask your agent about the right price range and marketing solutions to drive the right traffic your way.

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