Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Real Estate Landing Page Web Traffic

Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Real Estate Landing Page Web Traffic

Being a real estate agent, I am sure that you are reaping the full benefits of digital platforms for improving your real estate business and taking your career to a higher level. You have a perfectly created real estate website; you have published numerous blogs and are also making use of the social media platform to reach your target audience. But even after doing everything, the incoming traffic to your real estate landing page is not high. You are not sure why this is happening. Now, there are certain things that you need to follow in order to ensure that the web traffic that hits real estate landing pages increases day by day. 

1 You Must Ensure That Your Real Estate Website is Mobile Compatible:

Nowadays, people have become tech-savvy and extremely busy. For referring to a real estate website, they would not open their laptops or desktops every time. People would directly use their smartphones for such purposes. So imagine, if the prospective home seller is visiting your website through their mobile and your website is not mobile compatible. Do you think the person would be interested or even bother to check the entire site? Certainly not. This could be one of the factors that make you lose your incoming traffic or potential real estate customers.

According to the statistical report of the home sellers and home buyers, it has been found that almost 70 to 80% of them are accessing the real estate portals and websites through their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, so you need to ensure that your real estate website is mobile compatible and has a responsive website design.  You can go on your phone and a few peoples' phones that you know to see what each of your real estate landing pages look like. If your real estate landing pages are not mobile-friendly, then you know you need to get busy fixing them. If your real estate landing pages looks great, then high five and move to read the rest of the article.

2 You Need to Make Use of the Local Target Keywords:

Having a good real estate website and hosting it is an extremely good thing to do to enhance your customer base. But things do not end with this. For directing sizable web traffic to the real estate landing pages, you need to ensure whether the website is SEO optimized or not. Whatever content is displayed on the website, or in the form of meta descriptions and tags, make sure you are making use of the local real estate keywords. In order to convert your incoming real estate traffic, you will have to focus on gaining the attention of local real estate traffic, and they would be using the local real estate keywords and phrases. So, make a list of long-tail keyword phrases that are commonly used in the real estate world and use them in the content you are publishing on the website. You can even make use of tools provided by Google — Google Adwords in order to formulate the ultimate list of keywords.

You will want to also look into having a Google business page, and social media business pages with your broker's address. Then make sure you get reviews for these platforms. Google offers Google Local Services and this is a must if you are willing to spend money on PPC. The downfall of it is that currently when this article is being written, we are seeing a lot of spam calls coming in from third parties trying to sell you marketing and advertising things for your business. The sad part is, they are costing you money every time they call you through google local services.

Then you can do local citations for your real estate website. This will help teach google and other search engines that you are local. In short on-site and offsite local citations will include your business address, phone number, email, and website address. You can do this on business directories, social media, etc. If you have multiple locations you can create real estate landing pages for each location and do these local citations.

3 Make Sure That You are Updating the Blogs on the Website Regularly:

You may be posting highly informative and useful content on the real estate landing pages or in the blog section, but it is of no use if you are not regular with the updates. In this way, the users will just come once, read the content and leave the website. If you are focused on increasing the website traffic and also converting them into potential customers, then post informative real estate content on a regular basis — every week or even twice a week. People would be waiting for your upcoming blogs and visit your real estate landing page on a regular basis. This, in turn, will increase the web traffic coming to your website.

Besides just doing boring old text with your articles for your real estate pages, you can include videos. By properly doing your videos, you can turn your YouTube video into two videos for YouTube. One of the videos can be short, and the other can be your full-length video. Then you can take this real estate video and put it in your article, put it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. This will end up cross-platform grabbing more attention for your real estate landing pages. This is meeting your real estate prospective clients where they hang out, and speak in their language.

4 Feature Your Best Articles:

There are numerous blogs and articles on your real estate landing pages. But not all the blogs would be doing extremely well in terms of attracting readership. So you need to sort out all the blogs that have the potential to bring in high real estate web traffic. These are the blog posts that are becoming extremely popular. Feature these articles and blogs on the main landing pages of the real estate website. You would notice a sudden increase in web traffic.

Then you can take these articles and dive in even deeper with new similar real estate articles and point them at your main article for the same audience to get more information on the top. This helps build authority for these articles, which Google loves. You can post these onsite and offsite to drive more niched and focused real estate traffic to your articles on your website, and supporting real estate landing pages.

5 You Can Attract Traffic Through Reviews/Feedbacks/Testimonials:

You are a real estate agent. You have great real estate landing pages, and you also provide great content for the website visitors. But in order for it to benefit you, the customers would need something solid, something they can find reliable and authentic. What could be better than displaying testimonials, reviews, and feedback on the website? These things will show that you are a trustworthy real estate agent. Moreover, it shows that you have many happy clients. This will not only increase the web traffic on your real estate landing page but also help in gaining more future clients.

You will want to get your reviews on multiple platforms. If you can own the reviews on your website that is the best place for it. Real estate reviews are commonly found on Google Facebook business pages and Yelp. However, at any time those platforms can logically change how they are displayed because they own their website and in short you are leasing space from them on a minute-by-minute theological agreement.

This is where having your own software made for your website to collect reviews comes in very powerful for your real estate business. Most real estate websites are actually leased too for a company. Dorrmat's real estate website is fully owned by Dorrmat, so we are in charge of our own success and failures. Our real estate agents are glad we own everything because it makes us dependable and reliable for them.

We have been told by many of our real estate agents that our real estate landing pages for them are converting real estate landing pages vs just real estate landing pages that simply exist and do not convert. So if you are one of the many real estate agents out there looking for the best real estate websites for converting seller leads then looking into the Dorrmat.


These are some of the most important ways in which you can gain huge incoming web traffic and also convert them into your potential customers. Real estate lead generation is one of the key fundamentals to growing a successful real estate business. Your lead generation starts with when you make your real estate landing pages, and then all of the fun begins. Property owners will be out there looking for many different things. You can have a real estate landing page to offer a real estate home valuation. You can make another real estate landing page to sell their house.

These are some of thebest real estate lead generation ideas for attracting real estate seller leads. The best real estate landing pages answer what niche thing does a property owner need. Then always remember to make the best real estate call to action on your real estate landing page. Plus, remember to have a lead capture system built into your real estate landing page.

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