Top 12 Way to Generate Home Seller Leads

The real estate business is constantly evolving, and creating opportunities for the real estate agents to build their careers in this industry. Even real estate agents have left behind the traditional ways and started embracing new ways of generating seller leads. Because no doubt the traditional methods helped in bringing leads, but they are not effective in modern times. Here are 12 important ways in which you can generate seller leads and also convert them into your potential customers.

1 Working With Team Of Experienced Real Estate Agents:

Working with a team of real estate experts is considered as one of the important sources of generating high-quality leads. They have gained a reputation and experience in the field. Which means that their networking would be stronger than yours. They would be having good connections with the real estate businessmen, home sellers, attorneys, and various other influential people. By working with them, you can develop your own clients as well as seller leads. Just like the experienced real estate members, it would be easier for the people to trust you and work with you. When you are choosing a team of real estate experts, ensure that they are not only working locally but also expanding the reach to other parts. Besides, you must consider the kind of lead generation resources team members have access to in order to generate high-quality leads.

2 Attend Various Business Events And Social Gathering:

During the business events, you can meet a lot of people including attorneys, home sellers, buyers, etc. At such places, you have the opportunity to meet the people directly and convey the message regarding the home selling opportunities. Also, ensure that you are providing them with your contact details so that they can reach you after the event. When the sellers talk to you face to face they develop the confidence to work with you.

3 Getting Referrals From The Past Clients/ Friends/Family/ Others:

Well, you might have worked with a lot of clients and also have a good rapport with them to date. So you can use this strong relationship to get referrals for home seller leads. Referrals are considered as a reliable source of generating seller leads because they bring their friends, family members, or even their colleagues to you. It all works out the trust and the way to have maintained the relationship with your clients. Not only your past clients, but you can also contact your friend as well as relatives who would recommend home sellers to you.

4 Blogging - It is the best way to attract high-quality home seller leads:

With blogging, you must understand that your intention and commitment is everything. Sellers love working with knowledgeable real estate agents. When you have a recognizable blog, you get the ability to show off your expertise to those who are selling a home.

5 Working With Past Clients Again:

Well, repeat business in the real estate industry is considered a great source of revenue. To generate seller leads from the list of previous clients, you have to ensure that you are maintaining a good relationship with them even after the deal is closed. Moreover, you must focus on developing a planned follow-up process that will make them come to you.

6 Getting Seller Leads From Expired Listing:

Expired listing is a great source of generating seller leads. The home seller would be frustrated as they are not able to find good buyers for the house and the house has been on the market for more than 5 to 6 months. The home seller would be glad to work with new real estate agents who would help them get the house sold within a stipulated time, and they do not have to wait anymore. While approaching them don’t come up with all the reasons they should hire you, instead start by explaining why their home didn’t sell the first time around and give them your plan of action.

7 Make Use Of Social Media Platform For Generating Seller Leads:

On social media platforms, especially Facebook, you can create your business page and put on interesting posts that will attract home sellers to you. Moreover, you can share important and useful information regarding real estate business through your blog links and videos. It will show that you are a reliable and trustworthy real estate agent and they would like to work with you.

8 Start Working With Home Stagers:

If you are eager to generate home seller leads you should consider networking with local staging professionals. By working with them you would be able to learn about homeowners currently listing their homes, as they can be a great source for referrals. Moreover, you can also team up with a home stager in order to host a giveaway for a free home staging consultation. In this way, you will encourage the home sellers to provide their contact information while demonstrating that you’re plugged into the local market.

9 Generate Home Seller Leads Through Foreclosure And Preforeclosure:

Generally, real estate agents do not focus on this aspect but foreclosures and pre foreclosures can be an excellent source of seller leads. Why? Well, because the property owners are extremely motivated sellers. You can easily secure foreclosure listings that may also require you to obtain more specialized knowledge than is required for traditional seller listings.

10 Focus On Building Partnership With Influential People:

In the real estate industry, you can build a strong network by working with local real estate business houses, insurance companies, personal bankers, commercial lenders. These industries are in constant touch with the home sellers and would be a great source for you to generate seller leads.

11 Have a website and provide giveaways:

When you have a professional-looking website, you can provide giveaways to the visitors in the form of ebook and video packages and discount points. In this way, you can encourage people to work with you. How? The information you are spreading through the giveaways will keep them reminding that you are a reliable and knowledgeable real estate agent. Hence they would love to work with you.

12 Making The Right Use of Online Portals And Websites:

There are many websites and real estate portals that can help you generate seller leads. But the one that is reliable and provides quality seller leads is Dormmat. You just have to register as a real estate agent and provide all the details regarding your qualification, past work, and reviews. The website will help you in linking with high-quality seller leads. You do not have to go anywhere, just sit in the comfort of your house and browse through the list of the seller and convert them into potential customers.


So these were some of the different ways that real estate agents can employ to generate high-quality seller leads and improve their business, and grow their career in the right direction.

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