Thirteen Real Estate Seller Lead Generation Ideas From Successful Agents

Thirteen Real Estate Seller Lead Generation Ideas From Successful Agents

Both new and experienced real estate agents understand the need for lead generation to sustain a real estate business. With a large amount of advice available online, it becomes difficult to distinguish which lead generation ideas would be more effective. The problem gets compounded when you already follow a lead generation method but are unable to get an adequate number of leads from it. It makes you wonder where exactly you are going wrong? What is it that successful professionals are doing that makes it possible for them to close a high number of houses each year?

The answer to these and a few more pressing questions is what we have put together in this article. We went to a group of trusted brokers and real estate professionals and asked them to share their best real estate lead generation ideas, by which agents can boost the number of new leads that they acquire.

Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas From Successful Agents

1. Tap Into Your Sphere of Influence

Tap Into Your Sphere of Influence.jpg

You stand to gain many buyer and seller leads by asking your sphere of influence. Your friends and family members may be unaware of the range of services that you provide, or they may mistakenly believe that you provide services to only a certain kind of home seller.

Therefore, it is necessary to frequently remind both your professional and personal circle of people that you are open for business. Word of mouth promotion is a great way to generate leads. Therefore, drop a friendly reminder at frequent intervals and ask them to suggest your name to anyone of their acquaintance who may be planning to put up their home for sale. The leads that you get from this source are easy to convert, as, for these prospective clients, you have been recommended by someone close to them.

2. Host An Open House Event

As an agent, there is a need to try and maximize the benefits of organizing open houses. It is a public event where you meet potential sellers, buyers, agents, and others from this industry. For such open houses, people do not need to have any formal appointments. Anyone who walks in through the door is a potential lead for you. You have the opportunity to get in touch with a large number of prospects at each of these events. You can talk to them to showcase your expertise in the market. You could give out your business cards and obtain their contact address, and approach them after the event to add them to your sales funnel.

Your intention should be to attract home sellers and buyers through the open house event along with closing the deal at a good value for your client. While interacting with the attendees, engage with as many potential customers as possible. Introduce yourself and explain details about the house, the market conditions, and the benefits of listing with you. With simple conversation, you can impress many potential sellers.

Pro Tip: When you host open house events, focus on gaining information from your attendees, as many could be future home sellers. The information you get from the prospective sellers is needed to convert them into your customers. You can employ a wide range of methods to exchange information with prospective customers. You can use business cards, filling out forms, or QR scans to get contact information from potential customers.

3. Obtain Real Estate Leads From Online Platforms

Obtain Real Estate Leads From Online Platforms.jpg

A strategy that all of our experts recommended was to opt for an online seller lead generation platform. It would help you in obtaining new leads and enable you to focus more on converting clients. A word of advice though, it is necessary to ensure that you work with the right platform. For instance, Dorrmat is one of those trusted and recommended lead generation platforms.

The USP of Dorrmat as a seller lead generation platform is the fact that it has been created by agents. Thus it combines the best in technology and real estate business to provide an uninterrupted supply of leads of home sellers in all the high-performing real estate markets across Arizona. So, those looking for quality leads in Tempe, Tucson, Phoenix, or other cities, stand to benefit a lot.

Moreover, Dorrmat also provides a host of additional features such as a robust CRM, professional landing page, lead capture link, vendor inclusion, and more. This elevates Dorrmat to a lead generation platform trusted and preferred by real estate agents.

4. Expand Your Professional Networking

Networking is the best way to be on top of mind with other professionals from this industry. With this, you can get in touch with many potential sellers, buyers, brokers, small businesses, mortgage lenders, bank professionals, and others. You can choose different platforms to develop strong bonds with these individuals and use them to your benefit. You stand to gain referrals from them and convert these prospects into customers.

There are many platforms on which you can connect with others from this profession. Try to attend the chamber of commerce meetings or become a registered member of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), the apex body for realtors in America.

5. Opt For Digital Real Estate Marketing

Opt For Digital Real Estate Marketing.jpg

Search engine optimization has been around for a while, but its influence on the real estate business is becoming apparent now. Yes, with effective digital marketing and SEO services, you can gain new prospects. There are two ways in which you can use it for obtaining leads. You can have an official business website, or you can have your blogging space.

A. Set Up Your Website

You can develop and design an official website highlighting the services you offer to your home sellers with effective landing pages. Ensure that the landing pages have clear call-to-action buttons. You can include your qualification, certifications, and other achievements for the visitors to see. Moreover, you can include the reviews and ratings from your past customers in the form of testimonials. It will help create social proof and lead to trust in the mind of your site visitors. With such information, they will find you reliable and want to work with you.

B. Start A Blog Section

When you plan to start a blog, you can either have it on your existing website or have a separate blog. Through blogs, you can provide informative content to the readers. You can select from a wide range of topics that can help the readers to resolve their issues. It is one of the most effective ways to establish your expertise with your prospective leads. When they find your blog's information authentic and useful, they will look forward to working with you.

Whether you have a website or a blog, the crucial aspect is to optimize it for the search engines. You can adopt a wide range of search engine optimization parameters to improve the visibility of your website/blog in the Google search engine result pages.

6. Utilize Social Media To Gain Prospective Clients

Utilize Social Media To Gain Prospective Clients.jpg

Social media is crucial for real estate lead generation. Almost 80 to 90 percent of buyers and sellers are active on these channels. There are multiple platforms with different features. You can use all the popular social media sites to gain leads. Some real estate lead generation ideas through these are as follows:

A. Facebook

Through Facebook, you can create a specific business page for real estate and share information on it. You put up market information, videos, and blog links on the business page. You can create an official group where like-minded people can gather and discuss various business points. You can even create community pages on Facebook and use them to find new home sellers.

B. Twitter

Twitter helps you to share authentic information in the form of tweets. You can create moments of the events when you help your customers to find the best buyers for their properties. You can follow the property owners on Twitter and keep up with their activities.

C. LinkedIn

This social media platform is more for professional engagement. You can build connections and interact with other real estate professionals, money lenders, mortgage lawyers, and real estate investors. You can build a strong rapport with them to gain referrals.

7. Utilize Predictive Analytics To Your Advantage

Among real estate lead generation ideas, the usage of artificial intelligence to analyze the future behavior of clients is relatively new. Still, a lot of freely available digital information can be used to predict when a home seller would be interested in selling.

This form of analysis can be paired with your drip marketing system and your customer relationship management (CRM) to ensure that you manage to stay in contact with potential customers at the right time.

8. Focus On The Power of Email Marketing

Focus On The Power of Email Marketing.jpg

Email marketing could help you gather real estate leads when you have a system in place for it. It becomes an essential tool to nurture your leads as it helps you form a relationship with them. When these clients are ready to list, you are the real estate agent they trust for the job. Some key benefits of this form of real estate marketing are as follows:

  1. It provides a better degree of control over the communication with clients.
  2. It is less intrusive yet happens to be a one-on-one communication.
  3. Everyone uses email, so no leads can fall through the cracks.
  4. It offers better control for segmenting your target audience.

9. Get Referrals From Experienced Agents

You might have worked with a lot of realtors and brokers in the real estate industry. You can take the help of your old colleagues and experienced realtors to get referrals. As you are getting these referrals from an experienced realtor, they are qualified and reliable. You can give the reference of the agent to convert the referrals into potential leads.

10. Look Into Expired Listings

A great lead generation idea is to consider the potential of real estate expired listings. These refer to the houses that have not received any offers from buyers for a very long time. Most often, the realtors will not consider such listing as valuable and neglect it. You should use these expired listings as an opportunity to find new clients. You should list out the expired listings and meet the homeowners. Explain to them your strategies to sell the house and build trust. In this way, you can turn the expired listing into leads.

11. Consider Approaching The For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Listing

Consider Approaching The For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Listing.jpg

As a real estate agent, you are familiar with the concept of FSBOs. These are the homeowners who have decided to list their property without the support of a real estate agent. It is a way to cut down the fees and overhead cost of selling the house. However, such properties take a long time to get the right buyers and, in many cases, fail to find any buyers. You can list out all such properties and spend some effort to convert them into your customers. Highlight the benefits of working with a real estate agent and how you can help the property owners find potential buyers and sell the property within a short period.

12. Give Cold Calling A Try

Nowadays, you might come across many who avoid cold calling their leads. Why is it so? It is because an agent might consider the process to be outdated. But it is not. If you plan adequately, you can make cold calling an effective strategy for real estate lead generation. The aim is to gain trust in your services. You can regularly greet them, wish them on occasions. You can also use this method to keep the leads informed about the new changes in the market and your services. It will help you to convert these leads into customers.

13. Get Real Estate Leads Through Local Community

Get Real Estate Leads Through Local Community.jpg

It is possible to generate leads through your community. The local community could be a never-ending source for real estate agents to get leads. Become a more active participant in the local community events. This can be done through being an active member in neighborhood activities or by sponsoring local events. Not only is it an effective form of publicity, but you stand to gain the recognition of being the neighborhood agent.


Generating leads is the fundamental requirement for gaining success in the real estate business. These real estate lead generation ideas shared by successful professionals will certainly help you boost your lead gen numbers. By carefully going through the suggested ideas and picking the ones that can be easily adapted to your target market, you can also recreate the success achieved by experienced agents. The more prospects you have, the better your income is going to be.

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