Ten Reasons To Become A Real Estate Agent In 2022

Ten Reasons To Become A Real Estate Agent In 2022

As the 'Great Resignation' continues across the US, many young and experienced professionals are considering a new career. Although for most people, their first thought is another job in their current field, yet we believe it is worth thinking about getting your real estate license and becoming a real estate agent in 2022.

The real estate industry is one of the few non-medical professional fields that withstood the adverse impact of the pandemic and actually registered growth even during such a difficult period. Moreover, as real estate agents, you have a greater degree of freedom compared to other professions in more than one way.

In this article, we shall discuss the advantages of becoming real estate agents. We shall discuss the reasons from both a personal and a business viewpoint. These reasons will certainly compel you to think about getting your real estate license to be a part of this field.

A. Benefits Of Becoming A Real Estate Agent in 2022

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In this section, we shall focus on the benefits of choosing to become a real estate agent.

1. No College Course Required

One of the primary reasons to become a real estate agent is that this is one of those few professional careers that does not require a college degree. Although the rules differ from state to state, in most states across the US, you need to be above the age of 18 and need to have a high school diploma or a GED (General Education Development Test) certificate.

All you need to complete are a set of mandatory hours of real estate course. This course can be done online too. Then you need to clear the real estate license test and complete all of the paperwork, and you can become a licensed real estate agent.

Even the cost of the course and the application process is low compared to a college course or other professional degrees. Both the barriers of education and the cost of qualifications are low. This makes a career in real estate a very affordable and a great return on investment.

2. Faster Progress In Real Estate Career

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As a real estate agent, you get to decide the progress pace of your career. With a host of amenities and tools available, it is indeed possible to climb through the ranks in this field very quickly. Within a few short years, you can become a top agent in your brokerage, go on to become a realtor, and of course become successful.

If you wisely use the wide range of technology and tools available, this progress can even be made in a shorter period. For instance, many real estate agents utilize the online home seller lead generation platform, Dorrmat, for getting new leads.

Dorrmat, a market leader, provides quality home seller leads to its registered agents. The continuous supply of leads enables the agents to focus on the other vital parts of the real estate business. You also get additional features such as a strong backend customer relationship management (CRM) tool, branded landing page, an option to add vendors and investors, and more. Dorrmat enables the agents to gain more success in a shorter period of time.

3. You Work With People From All Walks Of Life

If you are an individual who thrives in a social atmosphere and enjoys collaborating with people, becoming a real estate agent would be an ideal career choice for you. This is a profession that requires and relies heavily on an agent’s social and communication skills and their ability to network on various levels. You are expected to constantly interact with clients, lenders, vendors, and others.

You get an opportunity to work directly with the buyers and sellers. You meet, interact, and help fulfill the real estate dreams of people from all walks of life, and you get to see some stunning homes.

One thing we can assure you is that real estate clients are never going to be the same. So this is one of those rare careers where monotony and each workday looking the same will not happen. There certainly will not be a Groundhog Day scenario playing out in your lives.

4. You Enjoy A Flexible Schedule

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A career as a real estate agent does require a fair bit of hard work, but in exchange, you get to set your own hours and decide your schedule independently. This is a crucial component that many other professions do not offer. From picking your workdays to managing your vacation time, it is all possible in this field.

Now, with offices across the nation gradually reopening and the employers asking people to come back to work in the office, a career in real estate would still provide you with the freedom to work from home. You can limit your time spent in a brokerage and even decide how much interaction you want with others.

With people dreading getting back to an office environment and rigid schedules, becoming a real estate agent will set you free to choose your own hours and schedules. This is especially beneficial for students completing their education but still wanting to start working as most schools and colleges are still in online mode. For professionals who want to work part-time before switching to real estate full-time, or anyone else who wants a greater degree of freedom in their professional lives, real estate is a viable option.

5. A High Income Potential

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A major reason people choose to become real estate agents is because of the money that they can make in this field. As a licensed real estate agent, your income is directly proportional to your hard work. It does not matter whether you are a new real estate agent or an experienced one — the real estate industry is rewarding for all.

Real estate agents earn on a commission basis from each successful deal. Thus your income potential is entirely in your hands. The number of clients you can attract and the number of deals you close will determine how much money you will make in a year.

Whether it is an expensive vacation or planning for further studies, all of your financial targets can be achieved. All you need to do is plan well and put in the required hours at work. Very few professions offer this kind of income prospects.

6. Real Estate Career Skills Are Transferrable

When you decide to become a real estate agent, you are signing up for a profession where you are going to learn valuable skills. Skills such as excellent client communication (both verbal and written), writing attractive copy, understanding the legal procedures, networking both socially and professionally, multitasking, and more.

These skills are invaluable across most professional spheres. So even if you are considering working as a real estate agent part-time or being part of this profession for a few years until you figure out your next career move, it is still going to be an enriching experience for you.

Marketing and selling are the bedrock of many other professions too. Your experience in selling real estate and successfully concluding transactions will provide you with a degree of confidence and a host of skill sets that are going to make you stand out among your competition in any other field that you choose to pursue. You will be the first preference of any future boss who is looking to hire for a particular role.

7. You Get To Learn On The Job

One of the most rewarding features of a career in real estate is that as a real estate agent, you get to learn on the job. It is unlike other careers, where years of education are followed by either unpaid internships or low stipends during training.

When you become a real estate agent, you join a brokerage. This is mandatory. During your tenure at your brokerage, you will get an opportunity to learn more of the practical aspects of the work from experienced people, such as senior brokers and other realtors.

This enables you to gain valuable knowledge and practical experience hosting open houses, handling a client, selling tactics, solving issues of any transaction, and more as a part of your day-to-day work. As a realtor, there is a lot to learn as emerging technologies change the real estate landscape.

For example, when the pandemic hit the world, after an initial lull, the real estate market came back into full swing with a host of new changes. These changes enabled the real estate agents to function while keeping in mind the health protocols. It expanded the host of services that agents provide to their clients and helped the profession to grow even under such challenging circumstances.

8. Real Estate Career Is Rewarding

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A key aspect for many young professionals is whether their profession gives them a sense of satisfaction or whether it is rewarding and fulfilling for them. These emotions are something that you will definitely experience when you choose to become a real estate agent.

As real estate agents, you are helping people achieve their dreams of becoming homeowners. Whether helping someone buy their first studio apartment or helping a young family buy the perfect house of their dreams, it is an incredibly satisfying experience each time you help a client.

Similarly, when you help someone sell their house at a good profit, you are giving them an opportunity at a better life. That money would certainly be used to fulfill some needs or dreams of that client. This is why, as real estate agents, you are a vital part of each of your clients' lives. Your contribution is immense and unforgettable.

B. Business Reasons To Become Real Estate Agents

In this section, we shall cover all the business benefits you get by becoming a real estate agent. These are the subtle yet impactful benefits.

9. As A Business Owner, You Have Freedom

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From a business standpoint, opting for a real estate career is the most sensible career decision that you can take. For an individual who values a degree of freedom in their profession, this is the right choice.

The best part of the real estate business is that you can expand your business when you decide that is the right time. After you gain adequate experience as a real estate agent, you can study further and gain your broker license. As a broker, you can even open your independent brokerage, then hire other real estate agents to work for you.

You are free to decide on each aspect of the business, whether it is clients, marketing, or financial decisions, you are the boss, and you have the final say in all matters. Becoming a real estate agent is the perfect career choice for those individuals who work better independently and those who are creative and wish not to be limited by rigid corporate structures.

10. As An Expert You Have An Incentive For Hard Work

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Very few careers afford you the opportunity to be called experts. When you become a real estate agent, you are automatically becoming an expert in your chosen niche. You have the opportunity in your city to become known as an expert in all matters related to real estate. In your local community, you will be known as the real estate expert, and people will come to you for all their real estate-related needs. This acts as a great motivator for you to work hard and achieve more success.


Starting a career in real estate by becoming a real estate agent in 2022 could be the best decision you take this year. As discussed above, there are multiple compelling reasons that indicate that this is an excellent vocational choice. Mainly because when you decide to become a real estate agent, you choose to become an independent business owner. Whether you are a youngster about to enter the professional field or a professional looking for a career shift, getting a real estate license will open multiple doors of opportunities for you.

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