Ten Best Lead Generation Strategies To Get Success In Real Estate

Ten Best Lead Generation Strategies To Get Success In Real Estate

The real estate industry is growing at a fast pace. Despite the impact of the pandemic, this is one of the few industries which has shown a remarkable growth rate. This is what encourages youngsters to be a part of this business and gain career success along with huge profits. There is no dearth of success stories about agents who have managed to close deals in all kinds of market situations. There are many other businesses that are reaping the benefits of the growth of this industry.

All of this seems very easy in the initial days, but not everyone is able to achieve that kind of success. If you are aspiring to join the ranks of successful real estate agents, then you must develop real estate lead generation skills. Without proper marketing strategies and lead generation ideas, it would be difficult to make a strong impression in this competitive market. With the help of the right lead generation tactics, you can get numerous qualified leads and convert them into potential clients.

Before you start diving into the pool of real estate leads, it is important to have a complete understanding of it. You need to answer certain questions so as to have a complete understanding of the leads in the real estate world.

What are leads?

How to classify them?

How will you convert the leads into customers?

What lead generation strategies you will use to gain high-quality leads?

These are some of the most crucial questions that will help you to soar high in the business and put yourself in a strong position.

Why Is Real Estate Lead Generation Important?

Lead generation in the real estate business describes the process in which the real estate agents generate seller and buyer leads and then convert them into potential customers. This is the foundation of this business. A continuous effort is needed to maintain a steady supply of leads.

Leads are usually classified as warm and cold leads. The former are clients who are ready to proceed with the deal. Whereas the latter are clients who need more time to take action, or are not ready to work with you right away. When the real estate agents focus on capturing the attention of the prospective leads, they employ a wide range of strategies.

With the help of proper lead generation strategies, marketing, advertising, and promotion, real estate professionals will be able to ensure that the leads received are qualified and can be used to convert into potential customers.

1. Real Estate Agents Should Use Expired Listings

In the real estate business, the competition is extremely high. If you are not consistent in putting efforts and bringing innovation in your tactics, it would be challenging to find new leads. Usually, you would come across a lot of real estate professionals who do not show any interest in the expired listings. These listings are the houses that were listed on the real estate market portal for more than 6 months but have not received any potential buyers.

As an agent, you can use this as an opportunity to generate leads and convert them into potential customers. You can go through the multiple listing service to gather data and use it to get in touch with such homeowners.

Prepare a clear pitch to present to them. You can explain to them your strategies to take advantage of the local market and get the right buyers for the property. This will increase the trust of homeowners in your services, and they would want to work with you.

2. Develop Home Valuation Landing Pages

Most often, when the owners of a property are trying to sell it, they are not aware of the market condition. It is difficult for them to know whether the market favors the buyers or the sellers. Therefore, they are not able to analyze the right price of their property. With home valuation pages, you will make it easier for the homeowners to evaluate the estimated market value of their house.

These home valuation pages can be part of your existing website or a separate web page, which redirects the web traffic to the main website. It is a great way to get the contact details of the real estate leads and later convert them into customers.

3. Improve Your Real Estate Business With Social Media Marketing

Social media is a popular way to generate leads of high quality. The more you engage and interact with the people, the more leads you generate. There are multiple social media platforms that you can use to generate leads. The most crucial thing while doing so is that you need to develop a good social media presence. With the increase in visibility, the number of people visiting your social profiles will increase. There are many platforms you can use to generate leads. To name a few — Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This can be a convenient way to capture leads and turn them into potential customers.


This is the most popular social media platform that will help you to get a large volume of leads. You do not need to make any phone calls or message people. All you need to do is design a business page and gather like-minded people to follow your business page. Through this page, you can share information related to the real estate business. The information can be in the form of blogs, videos, or images. With Facebook, you can even create groups to share useful content with a large number of people.


With Twitter, you can tweet informational content and share it with your followers. The followers will get to know about the status of the market, buying and selling.


This platform offers you a way in which you can create space to share information. You can answer equations posed by other users and showcase your expertise. Through this platform, you can develop a high-quality target audience, get in touch with them and generate leads.


This is a networking space for professionals. You will come across a lot of people, including mortgage lenders, lawyers, local business owners, finance managers, and various businessmen. You have the opportunity to develop a strong bond with these people and get referrals through them.

4. Real Estate Agent Should Ask For Referrals From Past Clients

Being a real estate professional, lead generation is the most crucial task that you need to follow. Having a strong position in the market and getting seller leads is a must. You can get in touch with your previous clients through different ways, such as emails or direct meetings. It will help you to generate referrals for homeowners who are interested in selling their property. In return for their referrals, you can provide some incentives. For instance, you can give them discount coupons, free services, tickets to open houses, and much more. These things will keep them encouraged to provide you referrals.

5. Host Open Houses To Generate Leads

Many realtors think that arranging an open house requires a lot of money, and the return of sales leads is fewer. However, by working out a simpler way to arrange such events so that you do not have to spend money to get potential buyers for the house, you can derive a host of benefits.

For instance, if your client is interested in selling the property, you can organize an open house event. You can invite various people, including lawyers, mortgage lenders, local businessmen, finance managers, along with the buyers. Through this event, you can achieve two things simultaneously: You can improve your networking as well as get the right buyers for the house. It is a type of community event that helps the agents to collect potential leads.

6. Real Estate Lead Generation By Implementing Content Marketing Strategy

One of the effective lead generation methods to get new clients is to employ a content marketing plan. You can design a blog page or include it in the existing website. Many real estate businesses are using this strategy to capture the attention of visitors and keep them hooked to the content. Many home buyers and property owners can visit your blog to get a solution to their real estate issues. If your content is informative and useful, they are likely to follow you for a long time. You can provide them with subscriptions for ebooks and newsletters. It will help you to generate free leads and build a strong community.

7. Optimize Your Website For Search Engines And Local SEO

Many realtors would say that they have a website but are still not getting any sales or leads through it. The important thing is that it is not enough to have a well-developed and well-designed website but also to optimize it. If you are not optimizing your website for search engines, there will be less web traffic or incoming leads.

You need to implement certain parameters of the SEO to ensure that the search engines are recognizing and indexing your website. Only then the visibility of your website will increase and get your traffic. The parameter includes on-page tactics and off-page tactics. With these tactics, you will get better leads that you can convert into potential customers. Local search engine optimization will support you to cater to the local target audience and get potential leads.

8. Effective Email Marketing Can Be Your Real Estate Marketing Tactic

Most often, the agent gets confused with email marketing and real estate marketing. In simple words, it's the same. If you have not yet tried email marketing, this is the time to reap the benefits and get leads for your business. It does not involve any sort of cold calling or door-knocking techniques.

You might be having a full database of the client details — including the prospective, past, and current clients. You can prepare some newsletters or guides and send them out to your clients. The newsletters or guides should contain relevant information and help your clients to resolve their issues related to real estate. If you want to have a successful real estate business, email marketing is a must. It is a simple and hassle-free way of getting more leads.

9. For Exclusive Leads You Can Use Real Estate Website Portals

If you are planning to get leads of high quality, you need to take the help of the real estate portals. These portals help the agents to get seller leads and can be easily converted into potential clients, but you need to select the right website to ensure that you are deriving the maximum benefit from it.

So every agent must be careful while choosing the right portal. Most experts recommend using Dorrmat for generating seller leads. The agents just have to register themselves with all the details. Based on the provided details, the platform will filter the best seller leads for you. Later, you have to simply convert the leads into customers.

The Arizona-based Dorrmat is fast growing in popularity due to the fact that it brings the best in technology with an in-depth understanding of the business to provide the registered agents the best home seller leads .

10. Try Lead Generation Through Real Estate Investing

There are many people who are aware of the importance of investing in real estate properties. But they lack proper knowledge. If your company is focusing on enhancing the knowledge of the people in estate investing, you can generate real estate leads through them.

It is one of the best real estate lead generation ideas that you can use for your business. For every real estate agent, it is essential to have knowledge of investing and how to use it for lead generation. Only then you would be able to be successful in the business. When you are able to resolve the issues of your clients or customers and encourage them for investing, it becomes easy for them to trust you and your services. It is hassle-free to attract leads and get good business. You can not only generate buyer leads but also help local businesses.


You can adapt the best real estate lead generation ideas you use for generating leads without the need for cold calling or door knocking. Many real estate agents and companies are focusing on implementing these real estate lead generation tactics to improve their business. These ideas do not require any huge investment.

You just have to put in lead generation efforts in the right direction and at the right time. These are the ways you can generate new leads and use them for your benefit. If you are in search of real estate leads, start attending community events, property listings sites, and employing your real estate expertise. These are some of the interesting ways you can use to get leads and increase revenue for your business.

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