Real Estate Seller Lead Generation Ideas for 2021

Real Estate Seller Lead Generation Ideas for 2021

The COVID pandemic has plagued the majority of 2020, and many Arizona real estate agents have seen a surge in their real estate businesses. Even with COVID impacting our State, Nation, and World the real estate market in Arizona is still hotter than perhaps ever. We have seen a large group of buyers moving from California and New York, which is altering the supply and demand. The supply just cannot stay up with the Demand, so the new construction builders are building like crazy.

With low supply of inventory real estate agents will need to make sure they have the best platforms, tools, and website lead generation support possible moving forwad.

To keep getting quality real estate seller leads through 2020 and into 2021, put these real estate seller lead generation ideas into practice:

1. Get featured by local press.

The news media isn’t always doom and gloom. Many local papers or even TV or radio stations like to break up the monotony of politics and disasters by focusing on valuable advice from local leaders. Consider reaching out to the press to offer your expertise. For example, you might offer to write a story for the newspaper about local market conditions, such as home value projections for the area. Or, you might be a guest on a radio show to talk about the real estate market in general and offer advice or tips for would-be sellers. Best of all, this is all free press!

This is a great way to get your name out in front of a mass audience in a credible way. You have the backing of a trusted local media outlet, and their audience gets great tips from you!

2. Focus on becoming a thought leader.

Media coverage is one way to boost your position as a local thought leader. Another way to do this is to publish your own content via a blog, website, or social channels that home sellers might find valuable. Thought leaders don’t try to “sell” their audience, but rather offer insights, advice, and valuable information. Your goal should be to look like the local expert so more people will trust you with their real estate needs.

3. Sponsor a local pet adoption.

Local animal shelters are always in need of volunteers. To put your agency in a positive light (and potentially earn free press coverage), consider offering to sponsor an adoption event. Show up to work the event as a volunteer and help pets find a new home. You’ll get to bond with fellow animal lovers, and cute dogs and kittens are the perfect icebreakers to start getting to know people in your community.

4. Feature happy clients on your social media pages.

You’ve just sold a house! Now, feature those happy home buyers or sellers on your Facebook page to share the joy. Others will see you’ve been busy, which can provide all the social proof they need to trust you know your stuff. Take a photo of them, and also get them to do a video explaining their process working with you. You can add their video tour website, to your blog, to youtube, to social media outlets, etc.

Besides featuring them on your website get reviews on their preferred platform for giving reviews.

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For more real estate seller lead generation ideas, head back to our blog.

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