Real Estate Leads: Top Seller Lead Generation Tips For 2022

Real Estate Leads: Top Seller Lead Generation Tips For 2022

As the year draws to a close, it is time for reflection and analysis for everyone. For real estate agents, it means that this is the time to evaluate their lead generation success and the sales they have achieved. Irrespective of whether you are a new agent or one with years of experience in the real estate industry, it is certainly a good idea to make a course correction at the start of a new year.

We all are well aware that buyer and seller leads are the foundation of the real estate business. Your leads are the first step of your sales funnel. The challenge is to get maximum clients to that point. It does not help that there are 1000s of other equally competent agents doing the same in your city. So how exactly will you set yourself apart? How will you get those sought-after home seller leads?

We are going to get down to the brass tacks of seller lead generation and share ideas that will ensure you get the head start you deserve in 2022.

We will cover the need to:

  1. Create A Real Estate Business Brand
  2. Define Marketing Strategies
  3. Plan Your Lead Generation Strategies
  4. Invest In Real Estate Team And Tools
  5. Build Relationships

Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

The key component many realtors miss out on is understanding the importance of lead conversion. What is the point of getting 100 leads if only 2 get converted into clients? And out of those, only 1 sale gets closed?

As agents, you require more number of your leads to convert into clients, and for that, it is essential to establish the following core areas of your real estate business:

1. Create A Real Estate Business Brand

Real Estate Business .jpg

A brand is more than a name and a bunch of business cards. It is necessary for you to establish a clear brand to ensure that you are maximizing your chance of gaining new customers. We once had a young agent approach us with this issue.

He was having a hard time converting leads. Upon further inquiry, we found that he did not have a clearly defined business brand. This lapse led to mixed marketing messages, leaving him with very few conversions.

To maximize all your real estate lead generation efforts, as agents, there is a need to be clear about your ideal customer persona and target location. This knowledge will help you fine-tune all the following suggestions and actually start seeing your sales graph growing.

To generate leads more consistently, analyze the following aspects:

  1. Ideal customer type
  2. Target location
  3. House/property type
  4. Income bracket
  5. Competition in that segment/location

Clear information about the above aspects will help you attract more buyers and sellers and enhance the success of your real estate lead generation system.

2. Define Marketing Strategies

Real Estate Marketing .jpg

Now, once you have a clear idea about your target location and demographic, it is crucial to design and deliver marketing content that will attract the home seller leads. It means your marketing needs to reach those who are homeowners with the kind of properties that you specialize in selling.

In order to gain success in this, the following are the aspects you will have to boost.

A. Content Marketing

Content marketing refers to the activities such as writing blog posts, creating podcasts, or any special content that is of value to your potential home seller leads. By having an informative blog section on your website, you build trust among your audience.

Your blog posts also ensure that your website content remains updated and relevant. This relevancy helps you gain a higher ranking in the search engines like Google. The better rankings on these boost the inbound traffic to your site.

Apart from blog articles, you could also consider creating engaging video content. Simple location-specific video marketing will ensure that you are reaching more people. Services like Google and other search engines have started assigning a higher value to quality video content.

B. Digital Marketing

A broad term than content, digital marketing is a more direct form of marketing your real estate agent services. This can be through running ad campaigns on Google or other platforms where your target customer base is active.

You can attract new leads and potential customers by running a pay-per-click ad campaign (PPC). If you operate in a highly competitive real estate market, then the cost of this could be worth gaining long-term success.

C. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing.jpg

No business today can afford to skip social media marketing. Creating a strong social media presence on all major platforms can help boost your engagement with your client base. It also helps you widen your brand reach and draws traffic to your site.

Utilize social media platforms of all sorts to both keep your audience engaged and run ads on these channels. You could put up posts about new property listings or share links to your recent posts about the valuation of properties, and even share professional photos of all the homes that you are selling. This will help an agent directly communicate with the target demographic.

3. Plan Your Lead Generation Strategies

real estate lead generation.jpg

Once you have your brand and marketing strategies in place, it is time to shift attention to your lead generation strategies. There is a need to ensure that your seller leads acquisition strategies are translating into leads, and you are getting motivated home sellers.

Lead quality and quantity are both crucial aspects to monitor, especially when you are searching for successful channels to generate seller leads. We advise making sure that you opt for the following:

A. Online Seller Lead Generation Platforms

An online seller lead generation platform has become an essential component of generating leads. With a wide range of tools and platforms, it can become confusing how to pick the best one. The following are the criteria that you should be looking for in a lead generation platform:

  1. Quality leads and steady supply.
  2. Core features for lead generation.
  3. Additional tools and integration features (Like free CRM, branded landing page, and more). Pricing.

If you are a real estate agent based in Arizona, with your business in Tucson, Tempe, or any other major city in Arizona, then we would suggest Dorrmat.

Dorrmat has been specifically created to bring homeowners and real estate agents together utilizing the best of technology. With Dorrmat, you are gaining quality home seller leads and related tools and services to enhance your real estate business and fulfill each of the core criteria mentioned above.

B. Organic Real Estate Leads

These are the buyers and sellers who approach you because they ran a search for 'Real estate agents near me' or 'Average home value in my city'. Now in order to ensure that you are able to take advantage of this kind of real estate lead generation, you must ensure that you have a robust real estate website.

Your website should have a clean user interface and have informative and updated content. Make sure that you have strategic call-to-action (CTA) buttons. These buttons would ensure that you are able to obtain the contact information of your website visitors and draw them to your seller leads funnel.

C. Real Estate Leads Through Referrals

Make sure that from the start, you have a well-planned referral system for acquiring seller leads through your social and professional circles. You need to make sure that you do not lose out on these opportunities by ensuring the following:

  1. Submit a request for referrals from home sellers as soon as you close the deal.
  2. Request for referrals from fellow real estate industry professionals, such as construction companies, lenders, landscaping service providers, and others.

4. Invest In Real Estate Team And Tools

real estate team.jpg

A crucial aspect of lead generation strategies that many agents miss out on is the investment in the right real estate team and the right set of real estate tools. Getting this aspect correct can help agents ensure that they do not lose out on the seller leads that you acquire.

The target is to ensure that there are no gaps in your workflow systems and no lead would fall through any gaps in your system.

A. Working With Experienced Brokers

As a new agent, the benefit of working with the right real estate brokerage can give you access to the right kind of clients and listings. An average client would rather approach an established brokerage first for their real estate needs.

It is, therefore, crucial to be part of a big branded brokerage house in the initial period of your career. You stand to gain seller leads and also learn a lot from the senior brokers and other realtors in the brokerage house.

B. The Right Real Estate Tools

Along with a brokerage, you also need a proper set of real estate tools and software. These two would help you both to generate leads and also manage them adequately. As an agent, you definitely need the following tools, and you must consider purchasing those that are not provided by your brokerage:

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

You will be juggling multiple customers and tasks, and a CRM helps you to manage all of your customer services efficiently. This quick response ensures that seller leads are not lost due to a lack of timely communication. In a robust CRM, you can do the following and much more:

  1. Schedule and track all the e-mails that you need to send to potential clients.
  2. Effectively manage your contact by categorizing them.
  3. Keep track of all progress made in each client's deal and set reminders for updates.

No one should omit the Google suite of tools that provides a wide range of software with great features that an agent needs on a daily basis. We are not only referring to using Gmail and Google Maps services but also Google My Business, Drive, and Calendar services.

Set of tools to ease the process of exchanging documents, creating videos, and marketing materials. There is a need for tools such as DocuSign, Canva, and other free and paid tools and software that are really handy.

5. Build Relationships

Build Relationships.jpg

As a real estate agent, you do not operate in a vacuum. In fact, most people who become realtors are those who have very outgoing and socially active personalities. Why not use these natural skills of yours to attract more prospects?

You can attract and capture more home seller leads by focusing on building long-term relationships with both other realtors and customers.

A. Network With Other Real Estate Agents

It is important to be part of organizations such as the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). Being part of such professional groups will help you widen your reach in the industry. You also get to attend seminars and access exclusive real estate data that can help you redefine your strategies.

Also, advertising the fact that you are an accredited member of NAR lets you call yourself a realtor. Most seller leads prefer to work with someone who has this accreditation.

B. Build Relationships With Your Clients

generate real estate lead.jpg

It is equally important to build lasting relationships with clients irrespective of where they fall on your lead pipeline. The timeframe for a client to approach you as a possible home seller lead, and from getting that listing to closing the sale, is a long one.

Utilize digital means to stay in touch with your seller leads and provide them with timely information. From giving them a phone call to sending a short e-mail, it is necessary to be on top of their minds until they have signed the listing agreement.

Similarly, past clients can become repeat home seller leads and could be a great source for quality referrals and reviews. These can certainly boost your lead generation rates consistently.


Generating leads in real estate is an entire process that requires careful planning. In this guide, we have covered all of the essential aspects a real estate agent must focus upon. These best real estate sellers lead generation tips will help you achieve your target for the year 2022.

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