Real Estate Agent Coaching Programs in Arizona

Real Estate Agent Coaching Programs in Arizona

Are you looking for Real Estate Agent Coaching Programs in Arizona? Then you came to the right article. You will find a wealth of information to help you jump start your real estate career in Arizona.

No matter if you are a new real estate agent or an agent who has had their real estate license in Arizona for a few years, we can help you elevate your career from where it is to thriving. The very first thing you need to get is now business, and you need to be super aggressive to get it. Most of it can be free too, but some will require you to spend some money on. Do not start any of this unless you are willing to invest 18+ months to it. Besides this you need to understand you will be working and doing strict income producing activities for 12+ hours a day and for seven days a week to launch your real estate career. Most small start up businesses fail, so you need to come from a place of awareness of how much work it will take to make it.

If you are coming into real estate thinking it is easy and it is like a real estate tv show then go sit back and keep watching real estate tv shows, and leave the hard work to the agents who are dominating it in real estate. Real estate is not easy, and most real estate agents fail to make a true living in it. Now, if you are willing to get serious about your real estate career then keep reading this article. It will give you some of the key pointers on what you need to do to launch your real estate career on a tight budget.

Jump Starting Your Real Estate Career With Now Business

  1. You will need to export your contacts from your phone to a CSV file, and then you will want to organize them from top relationship to limited relationship. You will want to focus on your top relationships.
  2. Add your top level contacts that know you and you know them very well to a CRM like LionDesk.
  3. Create a schedule of activities to equal a minimum of 4 contacts a month to jump start your brand awareness as a real estate agent.
    • Schedule a monthly call
    • Schedule a monthly BCC MMS
    • Schedule a monthly postcards
  4. Create social media business pages and invite your top level contacts to follow you
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • YouTube
  5. Create a real estate seller lead generation website and have a blog feature on it.
  6. Get to know some lenders, so you can discover amazing loan programs to talk about and to offer to your relationships.
  7. Find homes you can sit open in your office on a daily basis. Yes, you read it right daily for four+ hours a day.
    • You will post your open houses on your business social media pages, within the buy and sell groups on facebook, and post it in craigslist.
    • You will do a go live on these social media platforms to give a tour of the open house.
    • You will video the home and splice it up to post on all social media platforms.
    • You will write a value adding blog on each open house and add video content to the blog and also use the videos to point to your blog.
  8. Call expired, cancelled, and FSBO leads on a daily basis.You can use an auto dialer to make it easier.
  9. Offer agents at your brokerage to be a showing agent for them.
  10. Doorknock around every open house you sit to find buyers and sellers.

To supercharge your business now by joining a real estate team. With a real estate team you will get Real Estate Agent Coaching Programs in Arizona. Plus you will get mentoring and training. By joining a real estate team you will also get systems, platforms, admin support, leads, and appointments set for you. You will also get paid advertising and marketing.

Most newer and struggling real estate agents need ongoing real estate agent coaching. The problem for solo agents is you pay for what you get, and most agents who are either new or struggling do not have the funds to spend. Most successful real estate coaching costs around $2000 a month. This is why it is best to join a real estate team who provides you all of the support you need including Real Estate Agent Coaching Programs in Arizona for new real estate agents.

If you are based in Arizona and have a desire to join a leading real estate brokerage then reach out to Brittany to learn more about her real estate team.

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