Real Estate Agent Beginner Help

Real Estate Agent Beginner Help

4 Tips for Getting Started

It can take anywhere from six months to a year to start establishing yourself in real estate. If you didn't know this before you chose real estate as your career, it’s easy to feel discouraged when you’re not immediately getting listings and closing deals. And if you did know this prior to venturing into the industry, you know to be prepared for a process and not give up too quickly.

Knowing where to turn to for real estate agent beginner help can push you in the right direction. Here are some of our top tips to get you started:

1. Find a Real Estate Mentor

Something that sets the best and brightest minds apart is the fact that they continue to invest in themselves. For new agents, this investment usually takes the form of a real estate mentor. Working with a mentor is an excellent way to flesh out mistakes you're making and learn from an experienced real estate agent about what really works in this industry and what doesn't.

Many agents find a mentor in the brokerage they join. Or, you can hire a real estate coach who can help you hit the ground running in the right direction. The key is to find someone who knows more than you do about real estate and take every opportunity to learn from them.

A mentor should not be somebody you like, because old man Joe everybody likes does no business. We all love old man Joe, and he will do his best to point you in the right direction, but nine times out of ten that is not good enough, and you end up chasing theories around.

The best mentor will be either somebody you pay up front to mentor, coach, and train you, or it will be somebody you pay per transaction. Most agents are not sitting on an extra $2000 a month for the right mentor to guide them along, so the best path for them is to join a successful real estate team.

A successful team will have a track record of success. They will provide real estate mentorship, coaching, training, systems, platforms, websites, leads, appointments, and admin support. WOW!!! Yes, a lot more than just mentorship. They will be your complete business in a box.

Knowing over 93% of real estate agents do not make a living in real estate it is important to get mentorship right from the start.

2. Build Your Online Presence

A real estate agent’s reputation and community presence are marketing gold. To help you start building some of both, consider turning to online channels. Your online presence can market for you on your behalf, even while you sleep. Because so much of the initial stages of real estate buying and selling happen online these days, your goal should be to appear in search results when people in your area are actively looking for an agent or property.

To do this, you'll want to invest in a website like a Dorrmat one, as well as social media profiles. Update your LinkedIn page, and actively post on Facebook. It's also helpful to start a real estate blog, so that you have published content under your name. Anything you can do to start building credibility can go a long way in getting you noticed.

In addition to this you will want to work on your online reviews. We recommend focusing on google at first, and then build with Yelp and several other review platforms.

3. Ask for Referrals

Asking everyone you know for real estate referrals might seem like an obvious step, but it's one that goes overlooked too often. Go to the people who you trust and the people who trust you and ask them for help. Then show them you have what it takes to have relationships referred to you as their go to source in all things real estate.

Referrals don't always happen on their own. In many cases, especially when you're just getting started, you have to ask for them. The best practice is to ask early and often so that it becomes a habit. Not asking could mean leaving valuable opportunities on the table, but every time you do ask brings you closer to your next sale.

To enhance your frequent asking set your relationships up on a postcard mailer, add then to your digital targeting on paid social media by uploading their cell and email address to the social media platforms that they most likely use, and have at least two pie events where you are reaching out to them for the pie event to RSVP their pie.

Then once you really get cooking in your real estate career then add in additional events like a taco truck event or going together to a phoenix suns event. You get the idea, so not implement it.

4. Join a Strong Brokerage

Ever heard the phrase “popular by association?” This is often the case in real estate, where your name gets a bump simply because of who your brokerage is. Real estate firms that are well respected in their communities and also well marketed tend to stay top-of-mind and can help you get leads. Think about the brokerages in your area that are thriving and learn what it takes to start your journey with them.

We recommend joining Dorrmat®. Their association in the mind of consumers is super strong.

Besides joining a strong brokerage we highly recommend you joining a strong real estate team like the James Sanson Team with Dorrmat®. They are in multiple Arizona metropolitans like the great Phoenix, Tucson, and Yuma Arizona markets.

If you are looking to take your real estate career from either dying or surviving to thriving then reach out to Brittany today to start the conversion about your real estate career.

Through our article on Real Estate Agent Beginner Help we dove into 4 Tips for Getting Started. Do not begin to think this is it, because there is so much more to even getting from dying to surviving in real estate that we did not cover in this article. Then from surviving to thriving is another level up in your real estate career.

For more new agent insights, head back to our blog.

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