New Real Estate Agent Steps to Getting Real Estate Leads

New Real Estate Agent Steps to Getting Real Estate Leads

Welcome to the real estate world!

One of the most important things you need in real estate is a large supply of highly qualified seller and buyer leads that need to transact now. There are several platforms and sources out there for lead generating. With this said not all real estate leads, all the same, so beware of chasing the wrong rabbit down the wrong rabbit hole.

Understanding where real estate leads come from.

There are several different types of leads, and they all are important. Your best leads are not always able to deliver you enough business, so you need other types to build your business as a new real estate agent.

  • Mets
  • Referrals
  • Repeat
  • Open House
  • Door Knocking
  • Geographical farming
  • Expired, Cancelled, and FSBOs
  • Online
    • Non Forced Registration Models
    • IDX Forced Registion Models
    • Google Organic and Paid Search Leads
    • Paid and non Paid Social Media
    • Home Value
    • Buyer Leads
    • Seller Leads

The first step is to reach out to your Mets (sphere of influence)

Build a solid and consistent platform of communication to the people you know letting them know you are in real estate, and are a trusted and skilled professional eager and happily ready to assist them. We recommend building your brand and trust with them, because they may like you as a person, but choosing to work with you vs the best is not as easy as you think. You will accomplish this by creating the following:

  • A postcard that goes out to them every 21 days with real estate tips created by you and a large photo of you. As time goes as you get new listings or close buyer or seller transactions you will add those into your send outs. Most of this should be set up to automatically send.
  • Send out birthday cards and editable gifts you have sampled for quality
  • Send monthly SMS with a video of you going over the real estate market with year to year data and your take on it.
  • Call them every month to just check in on them
  • Add them to your targeted social media paid ads (upload their cell and email address)
  • Do Pie giveaways - call them for thanksgiving, christmas, easter, and the 4th of July.
  • Do I latte you pop bys for valentines days or something fun for valentines. If they are not there leave them and do a quick SMS video showing them the gift and say I hope I catch up with you soon.
  • As you grow, do one to three events like going to the phoenix suns, a BBQ, and whatever you love doing. Over time they will automatically think of you and real estate, and truthfully feel obligated to send people your way. The secret is to do the best you can in real estate and to always focus on the referral source’s experience like Diseny, the Ritz, and Nordstrom do. Also, keep your source up to day and send them little thank yous along the way too.

Meeting new people

Do things you love and might not have done before like:

  • Going to a dog park
  • Bowling
  • volunteering
  • Etc

This will allow you to meet people with shared interests.

  • Do paid advertising to one of the sources above.

Always wear custom branded shirts or hats, so you never have to let anybody know you are a realtor. Even allow it to become your trademark to the point your relationships might tease or ask you for one. Either way, you will never have to talk real estate without them engaging, because you are so branded as the go to guy. A little bonus hint: be the real estate expert so this means studying and understanding. My favorite question is how is the real estate market, because I get to say it depends. What is your situation. Why do I say that? Landlord vs renter, seller vs buyer, commercial vs residential, etc. Like a unique coin they have two sides.

Add New Met contacts to your CRM

Your paid leads should automatically get put into your CRM or Databank. However, the people you meet along the way if they do not cleanly make it into your CRM they are as good as forgotten about. Besides your CRM I highly recommend you have an office, which can be a bedroom or a loft, etc. In this office you need a dry erase board that is roughly six feet by 4 feet. This is where you write down everything that is important. You stair at this board multiple times a day. Over time you will even get tape to make it really organized.

Then you get a 99 cent spiral notebook to keep the hottest time sensitive things on it. You look at this daily and cross them off as you go. Then tear it out at the end of the day and move anything you need to, to the next sheet for the next day.

If your client’s are not front of mind you will allow them to vanish on you. Imagine being a start up business and forgetting about $6000. I am sure your competition will take that from you happily.

In summary it is going to take a lot more than just your sphere of influence to build a sustainable business. With this said you will need to build a predictable model and leverage it up to get to the number of mets to support your desired lifestyle.

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