Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents 101

Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents 101

Seasoned real estate agents make it look easy. Their phone is always ringing. You see their face around town on billboards and For Sale signs. They’ve won awards and are known by name just about everywhere they go. You can most certainly do it too, if you first learn the basics of lead generation for real estate agents.

The reality is that no amount of recognition and marketing equates success. If you don’t have leads, you have no one to sell to, plain and simple.

To master the art of lead generation for real estate agents, start with these basics:

1. Know what a good lead looks like.

When new agents are just getting started in real estate, they tend to go for every opportunity (even those that aren’t really opportunities). You spend hundreds on digital ads and lead lists, hand out hundreds of business cards, and pour money into direct mail marketing, hoping that something will stick.

There isn’t anything wrong with this strategy, per se, but it can be exhausting and expensive with little or nothing to show for your efforts.

Instead of chasing every path, it’s better to narrow your focus on the ones most likely to be fruitful. Knowing what a good lead looks like is a great place to start. For starters, the people who are most likely to work with you are people who have a meaningful relationship with you. Nurturing your relationships can get you tons more business than any Facebook ad or blog content will, especially since referrals and repeat business account for 89% of all real estate transactions.

2. Build your network.

Now that you know what a good lead looks like, you’ll want to focus on in-person networking rather than passive strategies. Get out and talk to people. You don’t have to have a sales pitch at the ready. Just be genuine and honest, address people by name, exchange business cards, and try to get to know them (and let them get to know you, too).

3. Nurture your network.

As you’re meeting people, don’t let them fall off your radar. Relationships don’t build themselves, nor are they built overnight. Make it a point to reach out to them, even if it’s just to say hello. Continue growing and nurturing your network so that when they do need a real estate agent, you’ll be top of mind.

4. Turn lead gen into a process.

For many, networking and nurturing don’t come naturally. It’s something many agents have to think about, especially new agents. It’s easier to stick with your strategies when you can turn them into a process. For example, you might decide you want to make five new connections each week. Your process might include commenting on their LinkedIn posts, sending one personal message each week, and setting up a coffee date.

Having a process means having to do less thinking so that networking comes automatically. Dorrmat® is a great tool for this because it helps automate much of your outreach and authority building.

Get More Insight for Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents

The above tips are a great place to start lead generation for real estate agents if you’re new to the business. For more advanced lead gen ideas, head back to the Dorrmat blog.

For most real estate agents looking to build a real estate career they should look for a real estate team like the James Sanson Team at Dorrmat®. If you are in Arizona and work in in the Great Phoenix, Tucson, and Yuma markets and want to learn more about the team then email Brittany.

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