Lead Generation For Estate Agents: 8 Ways To Get More Leads In 2022

Lead Generation For Estate Agents: 8 Ways To Get More Leads In 2022

In the year 2022, you cannot just rely on cold calling techniques anymore. You should know how to capture the attention of the target audience, get in touch with them and convert them into potential customers. If you are new to the business, you might not be aware of the right lead generation strategies to employ to gain new leads. Before you head on to know more about the lead generation strategies, get to know what it is exactly.

What Is Real Estate Lead Generation?

Lead generation refers to the real estate marketing term that entails the procedure in which you are capturing the attention of potential leads and converting prospects into your clients. You can embrace a wide range of strategies, marketing, and promotional methods to get the attention of the buyers and property owners. For being successful in a real estate business, it is vital that you employ certain strategies for lead generation. Without leads, it is challenging to survive in the real estate market. We have shared some amazing real estate lead generation ideas that you can use in the year 2022 and gain potential clients:

1. A Real Estate Agent Should Have A Real Estate Website

Digital platforms offer real state agents a lot of opportunities to get in touch with potential customers. One such way is to have a dynamic real estate website. You can use the website in various ways to generate qualified leads. Let us understand how:

Using Content On The Website

The content you present on the website should be good enough to capture the attention of the target audience and engage them. These are tactics you can use specifically for the home page. You can mention the services you are offering to the clients as a real estate agent. If you are having a real estate company, explain its history and growth.

Use Live Chats To Interact With The Visitors

You can add a live chat feature to the real estate website. It will help you in interacting with the visitors, know their issues, and provide some suggestions. You can also get to know what they are looking for on your website. This is an effective way to know whether it is a qualified lead or not.

Design Specific Landing Pages

The landing page serves the purpose of capturing the attention of your target audience and converting them into potential clients. You can design pages that aim to engage the visitors. You can have competitions, fun games, knowledge-sharing ebooks, and more on the pages. Through these features, it becomes easy to get the contact details of the visitors.

Showcase Your Testimonials On The Website

Working with past clients, you might have provided them with a good experience and got great reviews. You can display these reviews provided by your previous customers on the website in the form of testimonials. You can showcase video testimonials or even text testimonials to show that you are authentic and gain the trust of the visitors.

Optimize Your Website For Search Engines

Having a website is not important, but you need to optimize it for search engines as well. Without proper optimization, it will be difficult to gain visibility and increase web traffic. For optimization, you should follow search engine optimization parameters (on-page and off-page). You should include meta tags (title, description, and ALT tags) along with keywords to ensure that the website is indexed by the search engine bots.

You cannot only generate leads but also have provision for lead conversion. If the real estate agents are good at employing the best lead-gen strategies, then no one can stop them from generating more leads.

2. Real Estate Lead Generation Through Content Marketing

If you want to get quality leads for your real estate business, content marketing gives you an effective way. You can have a blog page on the existing website or create a separate blogging website. You can have new blog posts on a regular basis to keep your readers hooked to your content. Through your blogs, you can discuss different things related to the market, using real estate listing sites, finding buyers, and much more.

Through the blogs, you are giving an opportunity to the readers to resolve their issues. They can even create a community by posting comments on the blog posts. The content you publish on the websites will portray you as an experienced and authentic real estate professional. People can actually get in touch with you or hire you for selling their properties.

3. Real Estate Agents Can Engage With Customers Through Social Media Platforms

Social media is trending and beneficial for almost all types of businesses. If you are planning to generate leads, a social media platform can be helpful. There are different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram that you can use to get in touch with your target audience, generate seller leads, and convert them into potential customers. This is one of the great ways of real estate lead generation.


This social media site will help you create business pages and groups for your business or company. You can invite like-minded people to follow the business page and be a part of the group. Through the page and groups, you can share informative content, such as blog links, videos, images, and infographics. People will find it useful and use it to resolve their issues.


This platform will help you to share information through the blog and video links. You can increase your followers who are interested in real estate buying or selling.


This is a professional platform that will help you to create connections with lawyers, finance managers, local business owners, mortgage lenders, and various businessmen. Building a strong rapport with them can get you referrals.

4. Focus On Effective Email Marketing

Have you ever tried email marketing for your real estate business? If not, then this is the right time to do so. Many real estate companies are already using this method for real estate lead generation. It is effective and helps you get ahold of high-quality seller leads and buyer leads. You need to have a list of authentic email ids and send out emails to get the attention of your prospective customers. You can send out emails regarding the situation of the real estate market, seller's market., buyers market etc. The emails can even be just newsletters or digital magazines.

This is considered an effective real estate lead generation strategy as it helps you to stay on the top of your prospect's mind. Whenever your client thinks of buying or selling the property, your name would flash in their mind.

For maintaining a database of the emails, you can use the real estate CRM systems. You can save all the crucial information of the clients in the customer relationship management software and use it to generate new leads.

5. Generate Leads Through Real Estate Online Portals

If you want to be a successful real estate agent, you need to make use of the online lead generation portals. There are a plethora of websites that claim to offer high-quality leads to the agents, which they can use to convert into customers, but in the current scenario, many websites may not be able to ensure that you get quality leads. The selection of the right portal is crucial.

One of the best platforms that help you generate leads is Dorrmat. Dorrmat is a popular real estate lead aggregating platform that helps professional agents to generate new leads. The agents have to provide their information on the portal, such as qualifications, experience, and reviews offered by previous clients. Based on the data, the website will provide you with a list of leads. Now you have to use your strategies to convert the leads into customers. Dorrmat provides quality home seller leads across all major cities of Arizona.

6. Arrange Open Houses For Generating Leads

The open house is an efficient way to collect leads, and it helps the agents to improve the sales funnel or the real estate marketing strategies. To invite people to the event, you can use direct mail, flyers, or social media. Ask them to fill out the forms to confirm whether they would be attending the event or not. In this way, you can take advantage of the online services and get the contact details of the prospects.

7. Reap The Benefits Offered By Google Ads

According to expert agents, paid advertising is one of the best real estate lead generation ideas togenerate real estate leads. Through paid ads, you have the opportunity to direct the web traffic to the websites, landing web page, blog and encourage them to subscribe to your services. It is a way many real estate companies are using to generate great leads. For creating ads, you just have to follow the right format that will include the use of effective keywords, descriptions, and images to gain the attention of the leads.

Facebook Ads

Similarly, Facebook also offers paid ad services that can be used by the agents to generate quality leads, get more traffic to the website, and much more. Facebook ads can offer you different ways to display the ads - images, videos, and even lead forms. You can ask the prospects to fill out the lead forms in order to get something in return for it.

8. Attending Networking Events

Most realtors attend such events to get in touch with people belonging to different sectors. It can be lawyers, businessmen, buyers, sellers, local business owners, or your fellow agents. It is a great way to get into direct interaction with the people and ensure whether they can be your leads or not. You can even hand out your business cards to the people who seem interested in your services. This method does not involve cold calls or door-knocking strategies. You get an opportunity to interact with these people, know about them and try to grow your lead database by getting quality leads.

During pandemic times, the events are usually organized online in the form of webinars or conferences. This will make the process convenient for you and help you collect leads.

Why You Should Become A Source of Local Real Estate Investing Advice?

Real estate companies are also focusing on the functioning of investing to get the leads. There are many professionals who are in search of real estate investors and seek real estate advice. Through websites, social media, and offline methods, you can portray yourself as an investor who can provide them with guidance on investing. To get the attention of the audience, you can display the deals of previous clients to show your work in the real estate business. Many realtors consider this to be one of the best real estate lead generation ideas to get leads that are qualified.


These are some of the best real estate lead generation ideas that you can use for generating leads without the need for cold calling or door knocking. Many real estate agents have already started embracing these techniques to attract leads and convert them into feasible clients. There are many real estate companies that focus on implementing multiple strategies to get quality leads and build their personal brand. If you want to generate leads, you can choose any of the given methods. You can even mix and match the methods to ensure that everything works well for you. The aim should be to increase the number of leads and indirectly the revenue for the business.

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