Join the best real estate brokerage in Tucson AZ

Join the best real estate brokerage in Tucson AZ

Defining the word ‘best’ is a little tricky since ‘best’ is a subjective term. For some agents, the best brokerage could be the one that gets the most clients, while other agents are more concerned with sales volume. ‘Best’ could also apply to reputation and community sentiment. So when you’re asking “What is the best real estate brokerage in Tucson, AZ?”, there are a lot of moving parts to consider.

As a real estate agent, it’s understandable why you’d want to work with the best brokerage. Here are some priorities you can consider when deciding which brokerage you want to work with to grow your career:

The average tenure of agents

One of the most telltale characteristics of a real estate brokerage is how long their agents stick around. A brokerage with many seasoned real estate agents on the team is probably a great place to work. They likely get enough clients to make a good living and are happy with the way their transactions are managed.

In addition to a real estate brokerage, it is important for real estate agents who are looking to join a real estate team to access the same thing on a real estate team. This spot can have more turnover because unlike real estate brokerage real estate teams are also focused on the bottom line since they are spending lots of money and time on the real estate agents in Tucson AZ on the team.

We have seen real estate teams with large amounts of Tucson real estate agents on them, and their closed units on many of those large teams mirror closer to a real estate brokerage. This would trigger me to question what is the team offering its agents. Sometimes it is just a dialer and admin. Hence, if you are wanting, real estate training, coaching, mentorship, leads, and preset appointments one of those large real estate teams might not be for you.

Take it as a warning sign if a brokerage can’t seem to keep good agents on staff. Plus keep in mind if real estate teams do not average at least two closed units per team member. Most large real estate teams average right around .5 closings per month per agent. A 50 agent team closing 25 units a month and 300 units a year looks impressive until you see it is only .5 units per agent per month.

Commissions and agent fees in Tucson AZ

A big part of what makes the best brokerage in the eyes of a real estate agent is how much money they take home. Being in the real estate business isn’t cheap, as a portion of your commissions goes to the brokerage to cover overhead. But if agent fees are eating up most of your salary, then it could be a problem that’s specific to the brokerage, not the industry at large.

Company culture

There’s something to be said about the effect of company culture on an agent’s success. When you’re surrounded by positive people who invest in themselves, you’re more likely to do the same. You want to be among people who will push you to be the best agent you can be, and this simply doesn’t happen in a place where the culture is lacking.

Our real estate agent culture is winning. This leads to five-star reviews, repeat business. Unlike the wind, our worth ethic is seen. We have a work mindset for results. So many real estate agents get into the business for a flexible schedule, and we get into real estate as a small start-up business knowing failer is more common than winning your way to the day of flexibility and a smooth-running, business, so we know we have to work 16 hours a day and seven days a week until we get our business secure.

Brand recognition

Many of the top brokerages, such as Keller Williams, Re/Max, and Coldwell Banker, are household names and need no introduction. If you want to benefit from this level of brand recognition, then it pays to go with a brokerage with whom you’ll be proud to associate. You’re an extension of this brand, so make sure you choose one that’s well respected and popular in your community.

Just as important is joining a real estate team with a great brand. Our team is an expansion team. We are currently in three real estate markets, which include Tucson, Phoenix, and Yuma Arizona.

Professional development

The best brokerages know the value of a well-rounded team, and part of this value comes from ongoing professional development and training. Find out how the brokerage continues to invest in your success. The ones who pour resources into their team are more likely to care about the group’s success as a whole, not just their own bottom line.

Keller Williams is known as the #1 company in the world for training. With this said there is free real estate agent training, and more like a trailer to a movie training, and there is paid real estate training. When you join our real estate team you get all of our training, coaching, and mentorship added in. This includes stuff that we pay for you to access. The average real estate coaching system costs about $2000 a month for anything good in my opinion and we include this quality.

What is the best real estate brokerage in Tucson AZ to join?

I am going to make this simple for real estate agents looking to join a full-service real estate team in Tucson Arizona.

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