Is It Worth Using Dorrmat For Real Estate Leads?

Is It Worth Using Dorrmat For Real Estate Leads?

Dorrmat is a leading real estate platform. The beauty of Dorrmat is the blend of technology with extensive experience in the real estate field. The idea behind creating this platform was simple — to be a matchmaker, building connections between the home sellers and prospective home buyers. 

Dorrmat has primarily focused on streamlining the entire process of buying or selling a home. With its robust technological infrastructure and in-depth understanding of the constantly evolving real estate market, Dorrmat has created a name for itself as one of the most efficient and reliable real estate platforms.

Dorrmat, however, is not limited to homeowners and buyers alone. It is an effective platform for real estate agents. The primary function of Dorrmat is to provide an extensive list of quality real estate leads to registered agents. So, when it comes to the question, is it beneficial to use Dorrmat for gathering quality real estate leads? The short answer is yes!

Dorrmat has many top-notch qualities which set it apart from other real estate platforms. Some of these features are:

End To End Transparency:

Dorrmat prides itself on being one of the leading real estate platforms, which harnesses technology to provide a seamless customer experience. This aim results in a transparent process for all the registered users. A homeowner/ homebuyer gets quality and timely information about the entire process. The procedure for listing or finding properties is entirely hassle-free. The sign-up process is simple and easy. All it takes is a few clicks to register, and clients can start browsing through the list of properties available for sale. It also enables them to consult our extensive team of registered real estate agents for further queries. This ease encourages more prospective buyers and sellers to register on Dorrmat. Thus Dorrmat can provide its agents both quality real estate leads and a continuous pipeline of real estate leads. 


At Dorrmat, the focus is on revamping how real estate transactions take place. The goal is to break away from the traditional methodologies of both agents and homeowners/ homebuyers. We value and respect the time — of our agents and our clients. We strive to build connections that save you time and lets you focus more on the task. Thus thanks to Dorrmat's long list of quality leads, an agent will always get a good return on time invested on a prospective client. Our roster of prospective clients is all high-quality leads. Our customers are people who are determined to buy or sell their homes. And we bring them the expertise of our knowledgeable and market-savvy real estate agents. So, at Dorrmat, no more wasted hours chasing after inferior quality leads or undecided clients or cold-calling.

Robust CRM System:

Dorrmat equips all its real estate agents with a technologically sound CRM (Customer relationship management) system. At Dorrmat, we understand the need to leverage technology to our advantage. Our in-depth understanding of the real estate business led us to the fact that frequently quality leads get wasted because of a lack of proper or timely coordination. Obtaining a list of high-quality real estate leads is only half of the real estate puzzle. The other half is effective management of all your customers to their satisfaction. Although as agents, you might be working with multiple clients simultaneously, you still have to make each one feel that they have your undivided attention. Our top-notch CRM system ensures that you stay on top of all the information. You can maintain an extensive database of all your clients. Segregate them under past, current, and prospective categories. Agents would have all the requisite information about the clients, all the details about the properties, and other relevant details organized in an easy-to-refer manner. Importing, modifying, and exporting data is simplified. The Dorrmat CRM system enables you to maximize the benefits of technology for your lead generation and client database maintenance.

Ease Of Use:

As mentioned, Dorrmat values your time. Therefore, the entire process of registration for agents has a simple and intuitive design. On the home page at, you would see a clear link to register yourself as an agent. The procedure for registration is not time-consuming at all. As long as you have the necessary details, you can finish the process in a few minutes and start getting access to our quality real estate leads. Once you have registered, the next steps are to learn about our lead generation process and the setup of your unique CRM system. The lead generation process is simple enough with enough information provided. Within minutes you would be browsing through a list of high-quality real estate leads. When it comes to setting up your CRM system again, no technical skills are required. Within a few short minutes and few simple clicks, you will be able to customize your CRM system as per your preferences.

Branded Landing Page:

Dorrmat strives to be the perfect meeting point for both real estate agents and homeowners/ homebuyers. One of the many ways in which Dorrmat helps real estate agents gather quality leads is by increasing their online presence. Upon registering with Dorrmat, each agent has the benefit of customizing his landing page. Dorrmat provides you a platform to put up a professionally shot photograph, a small yet detail-rich bio, which outlines your qualifications and area of expertise. Along with this, you can also highlight any other official real estate relevant qualifications and certifications you may have obtained. The most crucial part is to share your success stories and glowing testimonials from your happy and satisfied clients. This page shall act as a beacon to attract potential clients to consult you and work with you. Thus, increasing your chances of obtaining quality leads.


These are a few of the benefits of relying on Dorrmat for quality lead generation. As a real estate agent, you need to strive to utilize all the possible measures to achieve success. There can be no better ally than Dorrmat to expand your business and take your career as a real estate agent to greater heights.

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