I Want to Sell My House. Where Do I Start?

I Want to Sell My House. Where Do I Start?

In today's real estate environment, we recommend more so than ever to have a licensed real estate agent in your corner. Before now, there were very limited ways to sell your house. Selling your house fast might be something you are focusing on, or you might be focusing on getting the most money in your pocket. No matter what your real estate needs are, a licensed real estate agent should be there to help you sell your home.

The very first step in the process is to interview real estate agents. If an agent offers what we dive into below, then you might not need to interview real estate agents. Either way, you will want to get your home ready to sell to potential buyers. A real estate agent will help you with how to price your home and get your home ready to sell.

Real Estate Home Inspection

Many agents would suggest that if you are thinking, "I want a smoother transaction and remove a lot of the inspection worries", we recommend thinking about hiring a licensed home inspector to inspect your home, and then either you or a professional repair all of the small to critical items on your home inspection report prior to putting your home for sale in the MLS. This will help you sell your home in many different types of markets. Remember, this is a large real estate purchase for the home buyers and many of them have worries, and they have friends, family, and co-workers telling them things that can cause emotional versus logical reactions during your escrow. Basically, by doing the pre-inspection and completing the repairs to sell your home ahead of time, you are making it like a pre-certified home for sale without a certificate. Your real estate agent should have a few referrals for you for a licensed home inspector if you'd like some professional recommendations.

Selling Your House the Traditional Way

The traditional way of selling your home will typically include putting it in the multiple listing system (MLS) only. Then the MLS will syndicate it out to other IDX real estate websites. Based on the right or wrong pricing, you will have so many visitors per week to your house to view it to see if it is a fit for them. Commonly you will use a supra ekey lockbox to allow real estate agents access into the house you are selling. In today's real estate environment, you should have professional photos taken of your house to help showcase it to your possible buyers. Your real estate agent should have someone they know and trust to help you find a great photographer.

Price your home to sell vs to collect dust. A listing agent will go over the way to sell your home and help you price your home to sell on your timeline. Selling a home right will including picking the right sale price to start the listing off at. If you price it right you will get multiple offers bidding up.

Selling Your House Through a Real Estate Auction

Selling your home through a real estate auction feels like a lot of energy, and it can be, but you want to make sure it is done correctly. It will still use the MLS, however, it will be a bit different. You will price it for an auction for starters. You will want to know what you will accept or reject or even counter prior to going live with the real estate auction. Then you should have professional detailed photos taken of your home that you are getting ready to place on the real estate auction. Then you will add it to the MLS on Monday, with no showings until Friday. Then you will have it open to be shown through Sunday and then go over all offers on Tuesday. By Thursday, the goal is to have your house under contract. This allows you to sell your house fast, usually for top or near top dollar, and have somewhat little interruption during your day minus the viewing days Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Selling Your House Fast for Cash

There are many different ways to get multiple cash offers for your house. You will want to have a licensed real estate agent guide you through this. Yes, there are the ones who you see advertised everywhere, but they represent either themselves or their investors. Plus, they are very skilled at what they do. By having a skilled licensed real estate agent who specializes in working with different cash offers, you have somebody who protects your interests and guides you through the transaction and makes sure getting multiple cash offers is the best path for you. They can get them either way and then go over other ways of getting your house sold. Sometimes the multiple cash offers to sell your house is the best way. We look at them like the Ritz, and the Ritz is not the same experience nor price as the Holiday Inn. In our experience, there are some sellers who will sharply benefit from going the cash route only.

Fixing Up Your House To Sell

Some houses have a good amount of deferred maintenance or even a great opportunity to do some updating and or upgrading to the house to give a well worthwhile positive net return for doing it. When it comes to deciding what to fix, update, or upgrade, you will want a skilled licensed real estate agent to help with deciding what will benefit you most in the market, because some upgrading or changes just do not make sense with your net return. There are even some programs out there that allow you to fix it, sell it, and pay for it. There are licensed real estate agents that specialize in fixing and selling houses as well. They will have vendor contacts who are high quality and some even have deferred repayment plans. Before doing one of these, you will want to read the terms for repayment and interest. Some have zero interest if they are paid off within a set period of time.

Never forget fancying up your curb appeal when selling a house. Keep in mind your curb appeal is usually the first photo seen online when potential buyers are browsing for a new home.

Buying Your Next House Before Selling Your House

I love all of these programs, but this might be one of my favorite ones when you want to sell your house and buy your next house in a super hot real estate market. Well-experienced and skilled licensed real estate agents who know local real estate market conditions know when this program should be used. Even in a slower market, these programs can have great benefits. Some might include if you want to do some fixing up prior to moving into the new house, or if you have to balance pets and or constantly running around cleaning up after others. There are several reasons why one would want to buy before they sell their house.

Selling and Leasing Your House Back

Selling your home and leasing it back is a great option for somebody who knows they are going to be moving soon enough and just wants to be freer to move versus being held up with selling your home at the last second. Sometimes a homeowner cannot refinance their house to pull out the equity and need it for something, and selling your home and leasing it back can be one of these great options. There are skilled licensed real estate agents who know about selling and leasing houses back. A skilled and well-experienced licensed real estate agent for selling and leasing your house back will be able to dive in deep into how this works and guide you through it.

Selling Your Home with a Post Possession Agreement

Sometimes you need to sell your house and be able to move out a week later because of timing issues with the house you are buying. A licensed real estate agent who is skilled will be able to draw up a post possession agreement to help you move from the house you sold to the house you are buying. These little extensions on the move-out after closing are called a post possession. A skilled real estate agent will be able to help you with your post possession terms.

Wrapping it Up

The goal of selling your home is to help you accomplish your real estate needs while removing the stress of the home sale. No matter if you want to sell your house fast or sell your home for more, there are different options for you. The real estate world today has more options to sell your home than it did just a few years ago. This is why it is best to get a skilled licensed real estate agent to bring you up to date on how things work while selling your home in today's real estate environment. Selling your home with a skilled licensed real estate agent should make selling your home that much smoother of a process. Remember to ask your licensed real estate agent about doing a pre-home inspection to help sell your home smoother. Then, decide after reviewing all your real estate options how you want to sell your home. Make sure to sell your home the best most logical way that works best for you. These ideas should help you get ready to decide how to list your home for sale. Whoever knew that home selling could be so complex yet so simple!

The selling process will also address the right asking price to put the house on the market to sell it within the right time frame. If you want more for your home than an agent says it is worth, then it could be better to wait until the market catches up to your desired asking price because selling a house should be quick enough to enjoy the home selling process.

Dorrmat Platform

The Dorrmat platform allows real estate agents to work with property owners, buyers, and vendors like home inspectors and repair specialists. The platform is like a little community where all parties should benefit from the relationships. As a property owner, you can find your home selling options, you can list your home, get a home inspection, and a licensed real estate agent can give you home selling solutions, and meet homeowners looking for real estate support. Potential buyers can meet licensed real estate agents, vendors, and find homes for sale. Dorrmat helps regardless if you need to sell a house, researching home selling options meet licensed real estate agents to interview, or if you are a potential buyer or current licensed real estate agent. Make sure to check out the other Dorrmat articles. Make sure you learn everything you can about our current real estate offerings to help you sell a house.

We hope this article helped you get answers to where do I start when I want to sell my house, and you know what to do to sell your house to potential buyers. Now might be the time to put your house on the market and to start the home selling process.

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