How to Make Facebook Ads For Real Estate Seller Leads

How to Make Facebook Ads For Real Estate Seller Leads

For real estate agents, we recommend farming, which is geo targeting an area to focus on. You can then grow your real estate farm bigger and bigger based on success. When farming, you will want to go wide and deep.

Facebook Paid Real Estate Seller Leads

First, create a Facebook Business Page:

Then, brand it with your images and photos. You can use a service like PicMonkey or Canvas Pro to create all of your images and graphics for your Facebook Business Page.

When creating these ads, we recommend using multiple approaches. We recommend using video and carousel ads with vibrant colors and very strong call-to-action in the content, video, and carousel photos. Then, you can either do a lead capture ad that will use a Facebook form to capture your leads, or send them to your real estate seller website.

Blogging to Help Build your Brand and Real Estate Seller Website Domain Authority

By coming up with weekly value-adding content for your website, you will then be able to turn this into a very strong YouTube video. We use momenzo and we use Spark Camera to create our video content.

You will then use to scrape your video for content for your video for SEO reasons. Then point the video to your blog, and add the video to your blog. You will also want to make your video SEO friendly by using TubeBuddy:

Then you can take your video and splice it into videos on Instagram, IGTV, Twitter, and your Facebook Business Page. These videos will all point to your article you wrote for your blog on your website.

You will then be able to take the snippet video and send them out to your contacts in your database via SMS and email to come to your website to read the full article.

Open Houses

By doing open houses on every house you can in your Real Estate Farm, you will be able to create more content for your different platforms. It will also open up the door to circle prospecting to invite people to your Open Houses, which would also include your SOI and Past Clients. You can use a service like to dial and buy neighborhood lists to invite the non-mets to your open houses. You can also send out an SMS, emails, and social media invites to your open house.

Vibrant Real Estate Postcards

You can create high quality postcards for autoship monthly cards, manually send out anniversary and birthday cards, and use mojosells to remind you to call them and send out custom graphics or videos for special occasions. Then you can send them out for open houses too.

Local Publications

If your community you are farming has a local publication, you can buy space in their publication to help you brand yourself and to get the word out that you are a local real estate expert in their community.

Collecting Reviews

You can use a service like Oggvo to collect reviews for multiple platforms from Google, Zillow,, Yelp, etc. Once you start collecting reviews, you will also want to create local citations for your website and review platforms to start making them increase in local relevance.

Your final step will be to add retargeting to your marketing and advertising. These are ads that pop up to bring met and unmet relationships back to your website after they have visited it. This is a lower cost per view and click on different platforms.

This can take a lot of work, time, and money to do this. If this is too much for you to take on as a real estate agent, then you might want to look into joining a real estate team. In Arizona you should look into joining the James Sanson Team with DorrmatĀ®. The team covers multiple real estate markets which include Phoenix, Tucson, and Yuma Arizona. Contact Brittany to learn more about the team today.

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