How to Make Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents

How to Make Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents

Knowing how to make Facebook ads for real estate agents can be one of the most rewarding skills you ever teach yourself. The Facebook ad market has exploded in growth, raking in $55 billion in 2018 and projected to generate nearly $95 billion in 2021. This growth in revenue alone makes a strong case for how effective advertising on social media is, and real estate agents can put this platform to work to get more leads and close more deals.

The mechanics of Facebook ads aren’t hard to understand. But it’s the purpose and intent behind it that you should focus on mastering. Use our quick Facebook ad tips to give your strategy a jumpstart:

1. Layer Your Targeting Options

One of Facebook’s biggest benefits is its variety of targeting options. You can narrow your audience by ZIP code, home ownership status, and even behaviors such as showing a likelihood of moving soon. Use these options to your advantage and send ads only to the most relevant people in your market.

2. Add Videos and Images

Visual appeal is a must when creating real estate ads on Facebook. If you’re showcasing one of your listings, then a video tour could be an excellent way to stop your audience’s scroll and get them to watch. Or, if you have multiple listings, you might consider adding an image carousel that highlights all of them in the same ad. Not having at least one visual is a surefire way to waste money on Facebook ads, so make sure you have high-quality images or videos before you start posting.

3. Frontload the Most Important Details

The best ads are the ones that provide instant value to the user. To do this, you don’t want your audience to have to click the ad to get important information like number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage. It’s best to frontload this information in the ad copy. If the home’s specs meet their needs, they’ll click through to get more information. Not to mention, they’ll also appreciate the upfront transparency.

4. Increase Your Ad Spend During Peak Times

Most markets experience a real estate boom in the spring and summer, and slower periods during the winter. Peak times are when you want to double down on ad spend. This is because homes also tend to sell for higher prices, so you get the added benefit of selling more properties for more money. Final Thoughts on How to Make Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents One of the key benefits of running Facebook ads for real estate agents is the boost in authority you earn when people see you in their newsfeed. You’re putting yourself in front of people who may have never heard of you, and you’re showing you’re successful enough to have the funds to pay for ads and promote your expertise in your community.

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