How Home Seller Leads Can Help You Get More Sales?

How Home Seller Leads Can Help You Get More Sales?

The real estate industry is extremely complicated for new agents as well as experienced real estate agents. This business keeps evolving with time, so it is essential for every real estate agent to be on their toes to grow their career in this field. If you evolve your strategies and work out new ways to generate home seller leads, only then you would be able to stand out from the crowd. Besides, not just having a huge list of home sellers leads will get you what you want. You need to ensure that you are able to convert these leads into potential customers. When you convert the home seller leads into customers, you would be able to get more sales. You might be wondering what are the best ways to generate home seller leads? Well, here is the answer to it.

Lead Generation For Home Seller Leads

We will go over different ways of generating leads through this article. There are offline leads and online leads. We will outline these types of leads in detail for you to help you under them and how to use them to generate more than enough leads to help you grow a strong real estate business. You will discover a lot of first time home selling looking for a wealth of information to help them understand the steps in selling their home. Remember it is not every day a propety owner sellers their home, so you can help them learn or remember the steps and be seen as the local real estate expert.

1. Making Use Of The Expired Listing:

Expired listings are one of the best sources for home seller leads. Most owners still want to sell their house after it expired. You will be battling them being let down by their prior real estate agent. There are several reasons their house did not sell from price, condition, and yes poor skills by the prior agent. I have seen houses with owners or their pets or even the realtor in the photos. This means you better be ready to deliver your value proposition instantly, quickly, and with strength over the phone. Plus, you are going to need to find out three deep to why they are selling their house. I believe it is a painful decision vs pleasure nine times out of ten. You will need to be able to say tell me more about that three times. They say we are downsizing, so you say oh very interesting, so what is motivating you to downsize. Oh, tell me more. How will that help you, etc. This must be organic. Remember you are a problem solver and solution maker.

The amazing thing is generally, real estate agents are not interested in generating leads with expired listings so you can grab this opportunity to get more sales for your business. A lot of owners will give you the brush off, and most agents will buy the brush off. They will say send me something, etc. You need to know that a skilled competitor is saying, in short, I can meet you today in one hour. They know if they do not get in front of them now that their competition will, and that means lost money.

You will want to come well prepared for the listing appointment. You will want all of your listing paperwork completed. This means all of the details from the old MLS on your paperwork, so less work there to be done. This means all of your comps done, and look for FSBOs, not in the MLS. Plus, have all of your paperwork highlighted to where they initial or sign. Then ask enough times to get a yes. Make them feel comfortable and have belief in you. Expired listings truly are one of the best real estate seller leads out there. Expired listings are a great way to seller lead generation on a budget.

Expired listing contact information is easy to come across. Some agents simply look up expired listings in the MLS and door knock and mail to them. While others get their contact information from third party companies to call. Either way, it is very affordable and in my opinion they are high quality leads.

2. Canceled Listing Real Estate Leads

Canceled Real Estate Listings make one of the greatest sources of realtor seller leads. Like expired listings real estate agents commonly stay away from them. This means less competition, but trust me there are super skilled real estate agents that you are competing for these real estate seller leads. Unlike expired listings the property owner here elected to cancel their contract with their prior real estate agent for one reason or another.

Real estate is a thick skin business, so the prior agent could have got offended and canceled the agreement. It is also a creative and solution-based business, and their prior agent might have had the freedom in their mind to create solutions that would get the home sold. The property owner might be mad or frustrated, and they might even think all real estate agents are the same and head toward becoming a real estate lead in the for sale by owner section.

If you are good at asking big questions leading toward them meeting with you then you will love this section of lead generation for real estate seller leads. You must be ready to ask the big questions and then listen and be ready to come right back at them as they try to brush you off. Just like with expired listing lead generation you will need to do everything to get in front of the property owner within an hour. The further you get away from one hour the more likely another real estate agent will be swooping in to get that real estate lead. A great way to get in front of cancelled listings is to have urgancy in your tone and language.

If you have their email address or cell number you can then add them to your custom social media list to retarget with your niched services of selling homes.

3. For Sale by Owner (FSBO) Real Estate Seller Leads

This source of real estate seller leads is amazing. They have raised their hands saying they want to sell their house. They commonly are offering the co-broke, so you are halfway there. To generate seller leads with FSBOs you first need to think about what a parking lot would look like on January 1st and what it looks like on January 21st. Property owners will discover in most real estate markets they are not equipped to sell their house on their own. They will also discover they simply do not even want to both.

There are already great facts out there that real estate agents actually net the property owner more, and deliver them a better experience. Most property owners have not thought about the fact they are letting complete strangers into their house with them. They will discover most buyers who want to do business with them will get categorized into two potential buyers. One of them will be a buyer with bad credit looking for owner financing and the other one will be an investor looking to low ball them.

They learn all of this within the 1st 21 days. This does not mean you do not give up until day 21. You will, however, what is motivating them to sell. With all of these real estate lead sources, you need to know their motivation three deep. A lot of real estate agents chase phantom rabbits that are not motivated to sell. You should take full advantage of these real estate seller leads.

Have a menue of options for the FSBO. This will help build confidence and trust with you. A menu approach is a great way to get the attention of a FSBO.

4. Google Real Estate Seller Leads

Google is one of the best quality real estate seller leads. The reason the source of lead generation is the best quality is that they are actually searching for you, unlike social meda Facebook ads. The issue most agents run into with google lead generation is knowing the key phrases that they should be using.

Within Google, there are two lead generation methods. The 1st one is pay per click also known as PPC. This is the short term way to generate seller leads. The other lead generation on Google is called search engine optimization also known as PPC. Both generate great quality real estate leads. They both require understanding the right key phrases. PPC will not require on-page and off-page SEO like SEO does. Article likes this one is just one of the things you would need to learn to do for SEO real estate lead generation.

The best way to approach it is to build a detailed niched landing page with squeeze page techniques to help guide the potential sellers through the process to give you their information for help. Many SEO and PPC experts use lead magnets to help. Then make sure to check the results monthly and to keep improviing going froward with your landing page. This will help with your seller lead generation.

5. Facebook Real Estate Seller Leads

Social media offers one of the most affordable ways for seller lead generation. Unlike Google where you use the exact bait for the exact lead, Facebook ads are broad social media ads. Facebook ads go after everybody except for one group is very niched. The niched social media Facebook ads are retargeting based on criteria that can occur on your website by the visitor, and the other niched one is an uploaded list of cell phones and email addresses from your database. Make sure to always think client experience first and only when you run social media ads.

6. Every Door Direct Postcard Seller Leads

Postcards are another lead generation source that is a broad approach to advertising. This is a great lead generation that geo targets an area. You will want to send them every 28 days forever and not expect anything great for at least 18 months. You must build trust with the homeowners.

You will have to always have a great call to action on every postcard to either visit your website or to call you. The seller leads who visit your website will get retargeting Facebook ads to help build your brand awareness. The seller leads that call in you will capture their data and upload it into Facebook ads to retarget them too. This is a great way of selle lead generation.

7. Sphere of Influence Seller Leads

Your Sphere are the people who know you, trust you, and would most likely do business with you if they knew you were in real estate. With the right real estate marketing, you will gain great leads. Marketing to your SOI uses most of the tools we have shared with you. You will want to send them out monthly postcards from, then seasonal and holiday postcards from, and really special occasions like birthdays, home anniversaries, etc from

You will also want to have pie days for a few holidays a year, and events. The events can be to things like the Phoenix Suns or something you honestly enjoy. With the pie days and events, this gives you a reason to call them. Then you can send an email, SMS, and postcard reminders for the events. Plus you can do the same thing with thanks for participating in the events.

You can also upload them to social media to retarget them on social media with your ads. Between all of this work and being the best possible realtor, your people will love to work with you.

8. Past Client Seller Leads

Past clients are the best seller lead source. Why? They have already worked with you, and they know how you work. Assuming they received five-star services and shared this online via you know they loved you, and the rest of the system is giving them your SOI system real estate lead generation marketing system.

9. Home Valuation Websites

One of the greatest tools to collect future seller leads are no pressure house valuation websites. All of these sources mentioned in this article for generating leads needs at least one landing page that is a home valuation offer. Other pages on the website can include cash offers, list your house for sale, fix it to sell it, sale and stay options, etc. Your site should offer all of the tools and resources that you have to offer the homeowner. Believe it or not, we recommend even having a lender on their for refinancing and future mortgages for when they buy their new home.

10. You Must Know How To Make The Right Use Of Home Seller Leads:

Well, when you are converting the home sellers’ leads into your customers, you must swear to provide them with the best services. If you are able to make your clients happy and satisfied with your services, you will definitely get more referrals. The happy clients will encourage their friends, relatives, and colleagues to reach out to you for the real estate businesses. This shows that you not only have to do hard work but also smart work.

11. You Must Always Follow Up With The Home Seller Leads To Get More Sales:

No doubt you might be having a huge list of home seller leads (No doubt you might be having a huge list of home seller leads, but if you are not proactive enough to follow up, you might lose out on some of these leads looking to sell their home. While following up with the seller leads, you need to have these objectives in your mind.

  1. You must send out regular emails greeting them on special occasions.
  2. You must remind them to set up a face to face meeting to discuss important aspects.

Following up with your home seller leads will help you in building a strong rapport which might be useful in the future.

12. Host Open Houses For Past As Well As Current Clients:

Well, hosting an event will make everyone gather at a particular venue. You can use this opportunity to bring in both past as well as your current clients, and attract even new leads. Your past clients can help in real estate marketing your work and skills to the clients who are new. They will encourage the new home sellers to join hands with you to get the best services as well as profit by selling a home.

You will want to treat each open house as an event. You will advertise them on social media, call around the house to invite neighbors, door knock the neighbors' houses, and mail out postcards to them. Each open house should be on social media. Then collect contact information to invite these leads to your next open house. While at your open house remember to have seller material available. Plus show them how you are skilled at selling the house. Just like fishing you want the right bait on your hook for your open houses. If you are seller leads then put on seller lead bait.

Open houses are one of your top lead sources for buyers and seller leads who are looking to transact now vs much later. Trust me most people are not that board to just go to open houses for the fun of it. They are there because they are at the end of all of their online research getting ready to start moving forward.

13. You Must Build a Strong Network With The Home Seller Leads:

You might come across many homeowners who are interested in selling a home but are not eager to do it. They are ready to take time with the process. This means that you have a seller lead but are not able to convert it. But you can always stay in contact with such leads and ask them to provide referrals of the sellers who are ready to sell the house without any delay. In this way, you can even get in touch with motivated sellers. Having motivated sellers on your list would be the most beneficial way of getting higher sales for your local real estate business.

Summary on How Home Seller Leads Can Help You Get More Sales?

After employing all the tactics, you can use a digital platform to generate innumerable seller leads and use them to get more sales from homeowners looking to sell. Dorrmat is one such online platform that will assist you in gaining high-quality home seller leads. If you are a realtor in Arizona and would like to use the Dorrmat platform to generate more leads then reach out to Brittany to learn about our team and see about joining it to get some of the best real estate seller lead generation coaching out there. The platform will help you in finding the right seller leads whom you can contact and work out plans to convert them. Let's start today with generating more seller leads then might be able to handle.

Our real estate team offers real estate OnDemand training, group coaching, and hands-on mentoring. Plus we provide real estate seller leads, appointments, tools, full-service admin support, websites, platforms, and much more. If you have been looking for a mega real estate team to join that is an expansion team in multiple markets then you have found the right place.

Our real estate team is located in Phoenix, Tucson, and Yuma Arizona. We are in all of the cities in these markets. The first step to get started is to reach out to our team leader Brittany. She will want to get to know you, your past, and where you truly are willing to go in the future.

We have discovered most new agents want the cooks in the cookie jar, but they are not willing to do the work it requires to get them. We commonly hear two things newer agents want, which includes working less with a flexible schedule and making way more than they have ever made. We give them the genie bottle and stare at them.

The truth about what you are getting into is a career that requires you to work 18 hour days seven days a week. While doing so you are only hoping at some point to get a check. Unlike a W2 job where you are used to exchanging time for money and if you were to do the hours mentioned here, you would be looking at overtime pay schedules. Here those are just seeds you hope to turn into a future crop you can harvest.

Now that you have learned how to generate seller leads in real estate and you have heard the loving honest truth about real estate leads, and you are still interested in honestly going for the gold then email Brittany today your name, phone number, and what real estate market you are wanting to join forces with us.

Our commitment to the agents who join forces with us is to help them learn how to work smarter, so they can work fewer hours and have a predictive income. All while having massive support from us so that you can take this newfound wealth and enjoy some amazing treats and vacations with it. This is where are full-service admin support comes in, and your future teams join forces with you to have the best work-life balance.

Who is ready to earn Figi, Hawaii, Cancun, Paris, Germany, and Ireland style vacations? Our team owner has been there done did that, and offers a system and platform to help get you there tool. We look forward to getting to know you and building a road map to get you to your desired level of success as fast as we possibly can. We hope you enjoyed this blog post on how to generate real estate leads. Make sure to follow these basic step to help improve your client experience.

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