How to Get Real Estate Seller Leads

Let’s face it: any agent can work with a buyer to find their dream home. But it takes a whole different level of skill to sell a home. That’s why real estate seller leads are the lifeblood to any agency. It’s your chance to put your selling prowess to the test and help your clients win an optimal outcome for their home sale. Do this well, and more people will start flocking to your agency when they need to sell.

Here’s how to get real estate seller leads that will help you build up your agency’s reputation:

Ask for Referrals

One of the most effective ways to get real estate seller leads is to ask family, friends, or previous clients for referrals. Research shows that [87% of people] will be happy to give a referral when asked, even though they may not think to offer a referral on their own. You’ve got to put it on their radar ― most people in your network know someone who could use your home selling services.

Invest in Direct Mail

In the era of email marketing overload, sending real mail is back in style. Direct mail marketing is an excellent way to introduce yourself and your agency. You can include personal messages, offer incentives for listing with you, and stay top of mind with your future clients.

Something else to think about: the number of pieces of mail a person receives each day is likely significantly less than what they get in their email inbox. You have a much better chance of standing out in a mailbox than you would among a sea of junk email.

Another added benefit is that physical mail has a much longer shelf life than email. Email may last for a few seconds before getting batch-deleted, but most people will hold onto direct mail pieces they’re interested in. Every time they see your postcard or newsletter, your brand gets another impression.

Tailor Your Marketing to Specific Neighborhoods

Many agencies have ventured away from being the “everything to everyone” mentality and instead focus their marketing on specific areas or neighborhoods. They choose the areas they know really well and make it a point to become the expert realtor for those areas. When people are searching for homes in those markets or want to sell their home in a certain market, it’s a no-brainer as to who to call.

You can use this approach throughout your marketing strategy. Start a direct mail campaign to people in selected neighborhoods. Host events in those neighborhoods, post your signage, start networking, and build up your presence.

Build a Strong Community Presence

Speaking of presence, having a strong image in your community is non-negotiable. You want people to associate your agency with the area you serve, and the best way to do this is simply to stay top of mind.

This is one reason why many realtors do brand awareness campaigns, sponsorships, and other activities with no sales call to action. Getting your brand out there is a big first step in building trust and recognition. When people know and trust you, they’re more likely to go from seller leads to new clients.

Connect with Home Sellers via Dorrmat®

When generating seller leads, the single most important factor is lead quality. Ideally, you’ll attract sellers who are ready to list their home today, but seasoned agents know that’s not always the case.

Lead gen platform Dorrmat® is designed to help real estate agents capture more seller leads and turn them into clients. The platform is geared toward home sellers and puts the agent into the role of consultant, not just salesperson, to establish stronger relationships and set you up for success.

What’s more, Dorrmat’s availability is limited in each market to reduce your competition. Check your area’s availability and claim your free seller website today!

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