How To Get Home Seller Leads Online

The real estate industry is one of the most flourishing business sectors. It provides opportunities to the real estate agents to show their actual skills and win over the clients. A real estate agent can earn a huge buck, but it depends on the ability of the agent to engage, entice, and capture the potential home seller leads. If you are good at your generating good seller leads, then you become unstoppable.

No doubt you might be having some exceptional abilities to woo the home sellers, but when it comes to getting leads online - you find yourself in a miserable condition. You may find yourself struggling to know the best way to convey that charisma when getting leads online.

What Do You Mean By Online Seller Leads in Real Estate?

Generating home sellers leads online refers to the sellers lead that you gain through a different online platform like -

  • Having a great website & fetching clients through the “Contact Us” Page [Generating Seller Leads By Increasing Website Traffic]
  • Having a Blog To Win Over The Seller Leads
  • Referring To The Online Real Estate Portals

The technologies are advancing and you have to be an expert in capturing home seller leads through online platforms as well. But how? You have to upgrade your real estate skills in order to get seller leads through online platforms. These days everyone is interested in working out everything through an online search. So ensure that your prospective clients are able to find you.

Here are some ways in which you can generate home seller leads online. So let’s check it out.

1 You Have A Website? Then Optimize Your Website for Seller Lead Generation

Well, optimizing your website for various seller leads does not mean that you just have to bring the “Contact Us” button in front of your clients (prospective sellers). Optimize the website in a strategic way. Your website should provide basic information along with a powerful call-to-action (CTA). Now, call-to-action should be actually appealing to the sellers. You can use the “Contact us” button. But along with that make use of “Sign up”, “Subscribe”, “Get Started”, “Join Us” and many more. Besides these, there are other things that you can do to optimize the website to generate seller leads.

  • You should increase the number of your landing pages because when a website has multiple landing pages, it can produce seven times more leads than those with one to one or two landing pages.
  • You should incorporate basic CTA on the homepage, as the homepage is always at the top of your marketing funnel. You can make use of a different CTA that offers visitors something of interest. For instance, you can provide them a free real estate e-book or a subscription.
  • Your website must have a live chat option for the visitors (prospective sellers' leads). If a seller comes to your website in search of help, the “Live chat” option would make you immediately available to them. Moreover, it creates an opportunity for you to generate seller leads with direct communication.

With these simple tweaks, you can increase your ability to find leads online. With proper website optimization, you are becoming more user-friendly to website clients and it becomes easier for them to trust you.

2 Have An Amazing Blog Page:

When you have a blog, you can cater to different home sellers by providing content that they find relevant. The content should be helpful for the home sellers in resolving their issues. When you are able to do that, you portray yourself as a knowledgeable real estate agent in front of your prospective clients (home sellers). Your knowledge and expertise in the real estate market could be exhibited through your blogs. You would sound reliable to the home sellers they would love to work with you.

Besides this, blogs that are interactive, engaging can increase website traffic by 60 to 70%. It would help you to create a community of seller leads by providing informative real estate content.

Referring To The Online Real Estate Portals:

There are many real estate websites that provide opportunities for the real estate agent to generate potential seller leads. One of the most popular is Dorrmat®. Dorrmat® is an online platform that is designed in such a way that positions estate agents as the consultant and ensures that they are at the top of the mind of property owners. They have a team of experts that help the real estate agents to generate seller leads. The real estate agent needs to sign up for the website and provide all the essential details. Once done you can easily build your pipeline with high-quality seller leads.


After referring to all the prominent points of generating real estate leads online, you would have gained confidence. So be focused and get started by working in the right direction. If you don’t have a website, a powerful blog or are not registered in a popular platform, then you are lagging behind in the **highly competitive real estate market. You would lose out on the seller leads and won’t be able to move ahead in your career. So start employing these strategies to generate potential sellers leads and stand out from the crowd.

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