How to Get Home Seller Leads: 3 Mistakes You’re Making

How to Get Home Seller Leads: 3 Mistakes You’re Making

Every agent wants to learn how to get home seller leads. Having your name as the listing agent is a tribute to your skill and authority. It means someone has trusted you with helping them get rid of their home so they can move on to their next adventure. It’s an important step in becoming a top producer in your agency and gives you loads of brand recognition to boot.

That said, many agents go about getting home seller leads the wrong way. Let’s look at three common mistakes you might be making and what you need to do instead.

Mistake #1: Buying lists of home seller leads.

There are lead lists for every industry, including real estate leads. In fact, lead gen companies have dialed down into lists of just home sellers or those considering selling their home. There’s good money in lead lists, for the list company, that is.

For agents, there’s no way to guarantee the quality of the list you purchase. If data is incorrect or if you’re unable to secure a client from this list, you probably aren’t going to get your money back.

What’s more, buying a list of strangers makes it hard to warm them up enough to convert. You have extra work to do to prove yourself and establish your brand. Cold calls generally lack authenticity and the personal touch that’s so important in real estate.

Mistake #2: Investing too much in digital ads.

Paying for digital ads can be effective, but this practice has many of the same problems as buying lead lists. It’s passive and impersonal, and good real estate agents thrive on doing the opposite. There’s no way to guarantee your ROI on digital ads, and you may end up paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for ads and get nothing in return.

Mistake #3: Not establishing a conversion pipeline for your leads.

Home seller leads are in different stages of their selling journey. It would do them a disservice to believe otherwise, so it’s important you consider each seller’s unique journey and where they fall in your sales pipeline. Think about their intention so you can move them through your pipeline faster and close more deals.

How to Get Home Seller Leads the Right Way

Simply put, if you want to avoid these three mistakes, you’ll want to take the opposite approach. Buying lists and paying for ads make you too removed from the people who make up these leads. It minimizes the human touch and does little to foster strong relationships.

And once you get leads, it’s important to understand their journey, especially since many leads may not be immediately ready to list their home. This, of course, doesn’t mean they’ll never be ready, so it’s important to keep in touch and stay top of mind.

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