How to Generate Seller Leads in Real Estate

How to Generate Seller Leads in Real Estate

5 Things to Do Today

Learning how to generate leads in real estate is often the hardest step for new and seasoned agents. And yet, it’s also the one thing you absolutely must learn how to do!

That’s because your leads are your lifeline to payday. Without leads, you don’t have anyone to sell to, and you won’t last long in the industry.

The good news: getting real estate leads gets easier with practice. Start with these five tips that you can put into practice today:

1. Build Up Your Web Presence

Most real estate searchers for sellers begin online. Spend an hour a day building up your online presence. This means perfecting your home seller website and optimizing it for search engines. Create a fresh and original value adding content for your blog, business Facebook page, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You can do this daily by visiting a business, school, event, new build, new resale home, or old school monthly stats. The funny thing is this is easy, but 99% is my guess of agents who will simply not do this. Once you do a video for your YouTube Channel you can use this across all of your platforms. If you are speaking in the video you can go to to scrape your content to make a blog or just for freestyle and make your blog from memory, etc.

This is not a one and done thing like most people think of the GYM. This is just like the GYM for the person who weighed 300 LBS of fat and now weighs 220 of lien muscle. It took getting mad to a point of saying enough is enough and changed their lifestyle, diet, and the gym became a daily part of their life. Once you start you can never stop. Even if you are on vacation you do it but you are sharing a great place to vacation and your journey.

When making a real estate blog aim to find value adding content at a high level. When to create new real estate content on a daily basis. Your articles should be 1800+ words. This will help home sellers find you, get to know you, and keep coming back to your real estate seller website for more information that benefits them.

2. Start Networking with Local Businesses and Your SOI

A lot of real estate success, especially when you’re just starting out, is getting out to talk to people. Connect with local business owners, service providers, and professionals to learn more about the area. Watch for growth trends over time, see how the area is changing in response to the economy, and pay attention when new industries move in.

Your (SOI) Sphere of Influence is another critical part of your business. You should as a minimum reach out to your SOI at least 36 times a year. You can do this from simple pop bys, pie events for seasonal holidays, sporting events like the Phoenix Suns, postcards, birthday gifts, sms, emails, and uploading their cell and email to a list in social media platforms to retarget them online.

The size of your network isn’t nearly as important at the quality of your network, though. It’s not just about getting names and recognizing faces, but also fostering those connections over time. The stronger your relationships, the more benefit you’ll get from them.

Networking ties into building a Web Presence because you can do videos of local business and write articles about them and share them with them. These should be very high quality to reflect their businesses in the best lights.

3. Open House (I mean events)

If you do not have a listing, do not worry you will get them soon after doing Open Houses the right way. The Term Mega Open House is simply what every open house should be. Sadly, many agents have treated them like a punishment over the years like ok I have to do this for my seller so I will just show up vs making it an event.

Statistics show that this is the final stopping point for many buyers and sellers before they pick an agent. They have been online browsing for 18 months sometimes and now they are finally putting their toe in the water and we all know once you do that you are jumping in.

To do your Open Houses correctly you need to think of an event like we talked about in #1 above. You will want to do EDDM postcards for the neighborhood to invite them. Get with your title company to print and cut them and maybe design them or go to to design them. Post it on social media for free and then run a boost one too. Then email your databank (CRM) to invite them. Get a list from to Circle prospect (Call) around the neighborhood to invite them. Then door knock the closest 100 homes to invite them. You will want a lot of open houses signs and even a few open house flags. Inside your open house, have details on the community, have your app ready to share to allow your prospects to be on your app and get instant details on any home for sale in the MLS, so no need for a home flyer just point them to the app.

By doing this every week consistently you will be creating even more content for your Web Presence and the local community will start to know your name and you are standing out. Then overtime they will be calling you to list their home then you will then have your own listings to sit.

4. Call Expired, Cancelled, and FSBO+

You should call at least 50 minutes a day seven days a week your expired, cancelled, and FSBO leads. They are cheap and the name of the game is consistency, note taking, and following up. The money is in all of that. Then the final thing is to get to know them in a way they promote them to liking you, trusting you, and wanting to do business with you. Nothing selzy. Sure, you should be working on your value and what you uniquely bring to the table. You can use a company like for this and your other dialing noted above. Besides you should do the Nevel Level Up Stuff (send them strong call to action text messages until you contact them and learn their way they like to communicate. Ask them and you should do a pop by and door knock with your marketing material). This is hitting them three ways. Our bonus way is uploading their cell and email address to your branded social media campaign to retarget them over and over online. Right back to that Web Presence.

5. Ask for Online Reviews

Most people will be happy to leave online reviews for you if you ask them. Talk with previous clients to see if they can leave you a review on Facebook, Google, Yelp, Zillow, REALTOR, or other platforms you’re using to collect real estate seller leads reviews. A great tool to have as a realtor is because you set it up and it almost does the rest for you. Every time you close a transaction you send your client to their platform to do a review and then it will ask them to do real estate seller leads reviews on any other platform you give it. Online reviews are liquid gold to your business. Once again you are building your Web Presence.

Most likely your competition online has 250+ five star reviews with online raving testimonies scream to use them over you. This means you need to get busy talking with your local business networks and your SOI and asking them for reviews on platforms they can give them. Real Estate Agent Reviews are digital gold working for you while you are doing everything else including real estate in your day. How to Generate Seller Leads in Real Estate the Easy Way with Dorrmat

Most real estate agents have an IDX buyer website that has a home value section. However, most of the site is about buyers not sellers. This is where comes in. Dorrmat® focuses on seller lead generation for you giving you more ideas to give your seller leads more options to sellers and you more tools to sell their home. solely focuses on real estate seller lead generation from multiple cash offers, home values, programs that allow you to buy then sell, sell and lease back, fix it to sell it, and the list goes on. This way your seller prospects only have one place that they have to go to get from traditional MLS to all of the programs mentioned. Then you simply put on your consulting hat and know the programs and know the property seller and help them choose what is the right home selling program for them.

In closing claim your free real estate home selling website at Dorrmat® and take all of the work noted above and funnel it toward your real estate seller web site. The Dorrmat® Platform is offered to the James Sanson Team With Dorrmat® as a Team Member Benefit. Then over time your branded site will be the hurrah of your community.

Now you have learned some of the basics on how to generate seller leads in real estate. You have to ask yourself is this something you can commit to or should you join a mega machine that is doing most of this for you to help you become successful in real estate.

A team like the James Sanson Team can get you to a lifestyle that you want quicker than you think. The team has agents making six digits a year. This is not normal for the industry, but it is normal for the James Sanson Team. The team offers everything you need from tools, websites, platforms, coaching, training, mentorship, advertising, marketing, admin support, leads, appointments, etc.

The agents on the team are able to invest into themselves by purchasing rental homes, secondary vacation homes, and other businesses that they have dreamt of. If this sounds like a team in Arizona you would like to learn more about? Great! I know I would want to find out more about the team if I was in your shoes. The first step is to email Brittany today to start the process.

The team will generate seller leads in real estate for you, and they will also teach you how to generate them yourself. Let's kick off or for some of you relaunch your real estate career right right today… Let’s take your real estate career from dying or surviving to thriving in real estate. The dream is real and so is the real estate team.

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