How to Generate Real Estate Leads Online

Learning how to generate real estate leads online is one of the most important things you’ll ever master in your career. This is especially the case since 44% of buyers begin their home search online, while the majority of buyers and sellers use the internet at some point in their journey. The better you are at generating leads, the more opportunities you have to make a sale!

Here are our top tips on how to generate real estate leads online for maximum impact:

1. Set Up a Lead Capture Form

More than 90% of real estate agencies have a website. Now, take that website a step further by adding a lead capture form. These forms allow interested visitors to input their information that will give you the green light to follow up with them.

This could be signing up for an email newsletter, downloading an important piece of contact, signing up for a webinar, or anything else that provides them with value.

2. Use Social Media to Collect Leads

Building a presence on social media can take some time, but the amount of potential leads you can collect makes it worthwhile. To boost your lead gen efforts, consider making a Facebook group to get to know people in your area. This could be a group about the town you serve or other special interests that’s sure to attract locals. When people join the group, share posts, or comment on posts, use that as your “in” to connect with them!

3. Start a Real Estate Blog

Blogging is a great way to drive more traffic to your website, especially when you focus on local content. Your blog can help you rank higher in search results so that people actively searching for real estate agents in your area will see you before your competitors. What’s more, you can use your blog articles as part of your social media strategy to share your content with even more people.

4. Run a PPC Ad Campaign

Pay per click ads, or PPC ads, can help you bypass your competitors on the search results page and send you straight to the top. Your ads only appear in relevant searches, which means you have the best chance of connecting with quality leads. Plus, you only pay when someone clicks your ad. How to Generate Real Estate Leads Online with Dorrmat Knowing how to generate real estate leads is too important not to get right the first time. When you can generate enough leads, you can expect to enjoy a long, fruitful career in real estate.

Dorrmat can help you on your lead generation journey by doing all the heavy lifting for you. Our platform puts you into the role of real estate consultant by building your image and keeping you top of mind throughout the process.

One caveat: we only allow one agent to claim a Dorrmat Real Estate Seller Website per Zipcode. See Dorrmat in action, then claim your free Real Estate Seller Lead Generaton Website before other agent in your area does!

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