How to Generate Real Estate Leads as a New Agent

Starting out a new real estate agent can feel a lot like jumping into a lake without knowing how to swim. You have all the right “tools” and have a theoretical knowledge of how the industry works. Now, it’s time to put those tools and know-how to the test in a sink-or-swim scenario. But instead of swimming, you need to get real estate leads that will jumpstart your career.

Much like if you didn’t know how to swim, you might start trying just about anything to get real estate leads. Maybe you start paying for ads, knock on some doors, send gifts to local business owners, or add one of those magnetic signs to your car.

For many agents, real estate marketing and lead gen is all over the place. But as the old saying goes, less is more. Get better results when you narrow your focus using the following tips:

1. Focus on Specific Neighborhoods

When it comes to learning how to find real estate leads, it’s all about quality over quantity. Less really can be more if you prioritize the right things. For example, targeting specific neighborhoods rather than entire cities can help you narrow your focus and create campaigns that truly speak to your prospects’ needs.

You might include the name of the neighborhood in a direct mail campaign, place door hangers on every door, or even create a market report for properties in that neighborhood to encourage people to sell.

2. Attend Networking Events

Networking is a real estate agent’s lifeline. It’s your opportunity to get your services in front of people on a larger scale and gives you the benefit of putting your face with your name. Strike up conversations and get to know the people in your community. Try to keep sales out of the conversation as much as possible so that people can get to know the real you. When they need an agent, you’ll stand out in their minds as being personable rather than salesy. *One note to remember when joining any networks as a member you need to make sure they limit them to only one lessened real estate agent. Then do your research on each member to make sure they align with your core values.

3. Join Local Organizations

Another easy way to network without coming across as salesy is to join a local club or organization. Get involved in community projects that will help you build stronger connections with other members. Take advantage of photo ops and share them across your marketing channels. If you aren’t sure which clubs or organizations are available in your area, consult with your local Chamber of Commerce.

4. Use Lead Gen Platforms to Connect with Prospects

Real estate still depends on the human touch and strengthening relationships in person, but these relationships are largely starting online. Digital lead gen platforms like Dorrmat help to create these initial connections by putting your brand in front of interested prospects at the right time and making it easy to start the conversation.

Specifically, Dorrmat helps agents connect with prospects from a place of consultation rather than sales. This helps to build the agent’s authority and reputation, while clients benefit from the agent’s expertise.

Check out Dorrmat here, or head back to our blog for more tips on how to generate real estate leads as a new agent.

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