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Many real estate agents would love to master. The truth about it is that only a fraction of very few real estate agents master lead generation in general, and then to niche it down to seller lead generation, there are that much less. The very first thing when it comes to lead generation is having a website with several different landing pages. A landing page is a niche aspect of what type of service you are offering. Some people call a landing page a squeeze page. Let's dive into how to build ways to generate potential seller leads.

Seller Lead Generation

Your first golden nugget for Seller Lead Generation is the language in your mind. Real estate agents have seller lead generation language in their minds like buyer agents. For example, homes for sale in [city, state]. Knowing the right key phrases for attracting seller leads will become very important. You must talk seller talk and not buyer talk to get seller leads. Once you have your language correct, then you can start thinking about sales and marketing platforms and tools to attack property owners looking to sell.

Generating Leads with Lead Magnets

First, what is a lead magnet anyhow? Is it something you give out to people to put on their refrigerator? No, it is not. A lead magnet is when you give away a free item or service to get some amount of contact information from the property owner so that you can communicate with them. For this purpose, it could be a free home value report, a free 10 things to improve the value of your home report, a free podcast, etc. It should make sense for your lead generation strategy and it should be connected to one of your seller pillars. Your seller pillars should also have landing pages on your real estate website.

A lot of times sales and marketing departments will do lead magnets so that they can send the consumers of content more high-quality opted-in content that they will want to open and either read, watch, or listen to. They call these very well-crafted sales funnels. This is commonly seen in email marketing teams.

Generate Leads with Social Media

Facebook: Facebook offers three lead generation types. One is your Sphere on your personal page. Do not overly post on your page. Mainly post things about your life on there. Then add in very simple things like a just listed video showing off the newly listed home, then one of it going under contract, and of course one of it when it is closing. Then you have your business page where you can be adding all of those there too, and clearly more high-value content. Just remember, a lot of your posts will be business branding ones with a strong call to action on them. The next form of generating leads on Facebook is from your business page account will be targeted ads that show up in front of people that you know from a list you upload or to a group of people you do not know.

Instagram: Instagram and IGTV offer a great platform for generating leads. You can do images and videos on there. Instagram has a limit for the length of the video, so typically shorter than sixty seconds, and IGTV can have longer videos. Instagram is very popular for lead generation in today's market.

YouTube: YouTube offers long video options and #Short video options. You will want to use the short video options to send them to your website to watch the long YouTube video. YouTube has been a great platform to do SEO on it to get long-term lead generation traffic.

Twitter: Twitter is a lower lead generation platform. We still just use it with an image and hashtags with a link to our website for more information.

Generate Leads with Google

SEO: SEO is as close to owning, and PPC is like Renting. Once you stop paying for Pay Per Click, your leads stop flowing in. SEO will stop flowing once Google changes its algorithm or your competition out SEOs your website. SEO is a long-term lead plan for leads. You do not see results for at least six months or even more, maybe 18 months. This will require technical things on your website, then SEO on your site and Blog, and then offsite SEO work pointing back to your website. You will get into trouble with SEO when you try and cheat the system. Also, choose to think of your potential clients first when you are writing your content. You want to deliver your readers high-quality content to be able to benefit from your lead generation efforts on Google.

PPC: Using a Pay Per Click Campaign requires key phrase awareness. Then you want to be able to track them all the way to a sale. You want to know what the cost is per sale with your Pay Per Click Campaigns. Then you will want to use your key phrases from your PPC with your SEO. Google will look at your website and see if your content has the key phrases that you are using in your Pay Per Click Campaigns. You will get instant traffic with your PPC Campaigns and then you must improve everything from there. This means managing your cost per click and making sure you have lead captures in place that are working. Working means people are willing to complete them at a high enough rate and it means yes, they are mechanically working so when they feel them out, you get their contact information. PPC Lead Generation Campaigns require lots of skills to be used.

Generate Leads with EDDM

EDDM is like SEO as it takes 18 months to truly catch on. If you are not committed to 18+ months for results, do not even bother starting it. These postcards are delivered based on route and not resident. With consistency and great branding, you will be able to niche a name for yourself. Once you get rooted in this, it will become a great lead generation tool for real estate seller leads.

Your postcards should always have a strong call to action and clear instructions on what you want them to do. Go to the website address to get a free something, and once they are there, make it very clear what they are going to get with another strong CTA, and then finally request their information. Many real estate agents do not follow these basic principles for lead generation with EDDM and just through their money away.

Next, send them what they want plus send a bonus. Who does not like more of something great? Then add them to your list for social media for retargeting.

Generate Leads with Sphere

Your sphere of influence is one of your best sources for seller lead generation. This group knows you, loves you, and wants you to be successful. They will share you with the people they know and love. In this group, you will organically always talk real estate, but you will not probe them for referrals.

You will mail them something of value every 21 days. You will add them to your retargeting list that shows how successful you are with just listed, just went under contract, and just sold posts. If they own a property, you will send them home value reports. THAT IS IT FOR THE EMAILING! I personally hate spam, so do not spam your sphere. Now, this does not mean that cannot be on your IDX website getting homes they want to see emailed to them.

Then at a minimum, call them every 90 days to just see how life is treating them. I am sure you will be having an event you can invite them to. Some events are Pie days for seasonal holidays, others are for charity things, and others are BBQ or sporting events, etc.

If you follow these basic fundamentals for lead generation with your sphere you should see great long-term results.

Generate Leads with Past Clients

Believe it or not, but Past Clients are better than Sphere, and they are in our opinion the number one lead source out there. If you love on them, they are gold. If you ignore them, they are fools gold. This group has experienced the best and the worst of you. I am hoping you have improved since then to wow them even more. They jive with you and love you. You are who comes to their mind when they think of real estate too. This form of leads is just like the one for your sphere lead generation.

Generate Leads with Networking

Networking can be in groups where they focus on helping each other. The other way is just getting out in your community and meeting other small business owners and finding ways you can help them grow their businesses. Then over time, you should win them over to have them think of you when it comes to selling their home or for you to help them with their sphere.

This lead source is an action relationship. You are in the business of doing for them. Adding them to a blog, interviewing them for a YouTube video, etc. You can invite them to local events and charity events too. Plus you can friend them and get them involved in your life. They will usually send you higher-quality leads. Networking overtime should generate a few extra deals per year from your lead generation.

Work with Real Estate Investors

Join real estate investor groups and get heavily involved with them. By doing so you will eventually connect with some real estate investors looking to flip and or buy rentals. Clearly, flippers will allow you to get home selling options. Most of the time they are rookies and the main this they want from you is the ability to help find flips to sell. This is a great form of lead generation. Long-term buy and hold clients are looking for residual income from the rentals. Most landlords eventually sell off their inventory when they think the market is high. Investor leads are usually are low on the emotional side. This because just binary to them.

Lead Generating with Local Magazines

Local publications are an awesome way to get targeted leads. We prefer to use a magazine that is mailed out to every home in a city that has interesting reads and ads. The leads will not come in overnight. We use this source for farming as just one of many branding sources with a strong call to action. You will want to make your value and service very clear to what you are offering the general public. Your NAME, URL, and PHONE Number need to be VERY CLEAR. Your copy needs to read smoothly and not scattered.

Generate More Leads with Billboards

To get leads from a billboard is also used with Farming. You get very limited time on most billboards, so our message needs to be powerful and precise, and your CTA needs to very powerful and your phone number and URL must be easy to remember.

Generate Leads with Local Events

Get involved with your local city, subdivisions, schools, churches, police, fire department, etc. Some of the things will just be helping hands. Otherwise, they will be things you fund. Over time you will become a known and trusted and dependable name of the community. Then the leads will start to flow in.

Generating Leads with Donating to Charities

If there is a charity that you are passionate about, you can add it to all of your advertising and that for every sale you give XYZ to it. Then you can even participate in telethons and with the charity with your helping hands. A lot of people like helping others, and when they see a real estate agent doing something, they will love to be a part of it. You will be able to get some pretty amazing leads this way.

Generate More Leads with Email Lists

Email marketing, just like print media, still works today. It comes down to using them correctly. Email marketing requires building an opted-in list of people who want to receive your information. We typically see this group receiving home value reports. You want to deliver them high-quality reports. If you use an automatic home value report system, make sure you are checking them too because sometimes the automatic home value that sends out is not even close, which could cause them to find your content not valuable and unsubscribe. Using your blog articles is a great tool too. So when you create new content on your blog you can have it emailed out to opted-in prospects who enjoy reading your content. Content marketing generates great leads.

Generate Seller Leads with a Blog

Unless you are committed to writing high-quality daily blog posts, then you might as well not even start with your first blog post. This article you are reading is an example of daily articles. Some blog posts are on-site while others are offsite pointing back to your real estate website to drive search traffic to it. Every post you write should be quality and do not post just for content. If your articles are high quality and rich in value-adding content, you will attract traffic looking to read each blog post you write that is in their niche area. Content marketing is a great way to get leads.

Note when you start writing blog posts, you will not magically get instant followers. It will take months, and if not years before you gain a following or see any lead generation from it. The search portals will slow start to trust you based on your quality of content and website. You can set it up where each person can opt into your email marketing so that they get notified of a new blog post. It is so important to build your blog to have cross platforms built into it.

You should have a video when possible in your articles, and then you can make a short version of that video for YouTube #Short, for Instagram, and Twitter. These short videos are 60 seconds or less. You will then point them to YouTube, Facebook, IGTV, and yes, to your articles that have the written content and video built into them. Some love reading where others love listening.

Generating More Seller Leads with Open Houses

Many real estate agents go into an open house the wrong way. They think it is more of a chore and must be done to appease the seller. The agent thinks it is like babysitting a house vs using it to generate buyer or seller leads. Open houses have proven time after time this is one of the last stops a home buyer makes prior to the home buying process.

A proper open house should be seen as an event. This will require you to give advance notice to your lists and to the general public. Your contact list can be used to send out notices via social media, custom lists, emailing, SMS, and calling people who want to receive your open house notifications. You can send out postcards to your list too. Then posting the open houses on your Facebook Business Page, and boosting it. Then placing it on websites like Zillow and in buy and sell groups on Social media, and even on Craigslist and your local MLS. You can then send out postcards to the closest 100 homes and call them too. Finally, on the day of the open house, doorknock those closest 100 homes to invite them to the open house.

At the event, I mean the open house, have all of your home selling information there for the consumers to see. You will need fliers, brochures, QR codes, Reviews, etc. This event is all about you. Of course, you will have things about the house. If you have an app, have them download it for the information on the house. Or have a "text this number for information" on the house.

Generate Real Estate Seller Leads with Cold Calling

Expired Lists: Expired real estate listings offer a great lead generation source. Most expired listings wanted to sell and they did not sell for one reason or another. Yet, they are still interested in selling. They will either list right away, so your mindset should be that way or within 60 months. Some just do not sell for a longer period of time as things changed. This is where the competition is. You need to be well-scripted and loaded with a lot of rebuttals.

FSBO Lists: For Sale By Owner (FSBO) owners are a unique source of leads. Most FBSO will decide to list with a real estate agent right after 21 days. Some will even list within the first week. We look at it like joining the gym. The first three weeks a homeowner is thinking, "we can do it!" Then they realize there is service + sales, etc. A basic service is making it easier for buyers to see it, so the owner can still live their life. Then the next basic service is getting a lot, and I mean a lot more eyes on their house they are wanting to sell via the MLS. The services go on and on. Eventually, it gets to a well-experienced and skilled negotiator, AKA a licensed real estate agent, to help them package the right offer for their home. At a minimum, you should call FSBOs on day 21.

Cancelled Lists: Cancelled listings are another great source of source leads. Many times they cancelled because they believe their real estate agent was not the right fit for them. The other times they are not selling anymore. Some believe it is not the right time for them to sell and accomplish their goals. This is where you come in and see if it is a reality. No need to BS them. If it does not make sense to sell now, get them on a postcard campaign, add them to your home value auto-update system, and add them to your custom list you use to retarget them on social media. Then call them on a reoccurring schedule.

Circle Prospecting Lists: Honestly there are better ways to generate seller leads than circle prospecting. We would only use this source for farming and open houses. This source of leads has not raised their hand to sell. Circle prospecting is not a bad source, but it is just a lot more dialing for a yes. The positive side is the list is usually a lot friendlier.

Generating Real Estate Reviews

There is nothing better than your raving fans screaming out everywhere how great you are. There are several platforms for reviews. The first one should be your website and you should use rich snippets for Google so that they come up in your search results. Next, there are several third-party platforms like Yelp, Google,, and Zillow just to name a few. You should try and be on all of these and your clients will be on different ones.

Strong Call to Action

To make a strong CTA you first must know what your value proposition is. Then you craft a well-written strong CTA, which you can use in an article, video, and audio platforms. What pain does your service help, and why should I trust you to help fix my pain point in selling my house? You have done all of your work and now we are at the closing of the story and how will you get me to want to reach out to you for your services? What have I just read, watched, and or listened to? That is the first part of it. You should have been answering their pain points through the entire communication process and now you are wrapping it up to close the deal vs shaking hands and wishing them a great day. One way to discover this is by journaling what kind of CTA is working for you. You might not even know what you have been saying when you have successfully closed somebody, or when you have failed to close somebody.

How do you Increase your Lead Conversion Rate?

After you have spent a lot of time and money generating seller leads, how will you convert them into reoccurring and predictable income? Sales leads added to a pipeline without conversion mechanisms in place will just be a big waste of time and money. Not all of your sales leads that you bring in will be ready to sell right away. This is where pipeline management comes in.

Some of your pipeline management for your sales leads will be able to be automated. You cannot just take a boilerplate system from somebody not even in the real estate business belly to belly with agent and client. You will need some auto SMS and emails that are organic and mirror your natural conversation as if you were sending it for a reason you honestly would send something and use that language. Then you will need a home value auto-update system.

With automation out of the way, you will need to provide the highest level of value, which includes that magical touch to be able to connect with people. Then your number one focus is them--not your paycheck, not how tired you are, etc you are on stage to deliver an award-winning play. Then always ask for the business.

Throughout your scripts, save your rebuttals. Scripts are a map to the finish line. Yes, memorize the map for directional purposes, but do not be robotic. You will get nowhere with being robotic. Then improve yourself, so you can deliver value.

How Can I Generate Real Estate Seller Leads Fast?

If you need to generate real estate seller leads fast, I would do the following: I would sit houses open daily while calling your past clients and sphere of influence looking for business. During the same time, I would be posting on social media and Craigslist. I would also circle prospect and door knock the houses in the community inviting them to the open houses and seeing if they have any real estate needs. This strategy should generate your now business. I would also do a video for social media and write an article to post online with the video. Then to wrap it up, I would build an email list for marketing.

Closing it Up

If you have found this article full of tools that you can use to help you build a stellar lead generation platform for real estate seller leads, then you will want to without a question hop on over to some additional articles dealing with seller lead generation at Dorrmat. The Dorrmat platform focuses on real estate seller leads, so if you are looking for more ways to generate seller leads, then head over to Dorrmat to start learning how to attract potential leads. There are frequent articles being written on how to generate more seller leads that can be found on the Dorrmat platform.

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