How To Generate Home Seller Leads As A New Agent?

How To Generate Home Seller Leads As A New Agent?

For all the new licensed real estate agents, it would be quite overwhelming for you to meet clients, to have an understanding of the real estate market, and know the strategies that experienced agents employ for generating home seller leads. If you want to rise high in your career, then it is quite essential to embrace the strategies that will be helpful in gaining your high-quality seller leads. The first thing you must understand before you start making efforts is that you must understand the difference between high-quality seller leads and seller leads. You might be having a large list of leads, but not every homeowner would be interested in selling out the house within a short span of time. Such leads would not be helpful in bringing sales to your business. So your target must be to generate high-quality leads.

When you are new in the real estate market, you need to be extremely tactful in employing your leads generation strategies.

Real Estate Lead Generation

We will break down the different types of real estate lead generation in this article. We will also dive into how many different types of real estate seller leads tactics that tie into each other for real estate agent success. There are two types of seller leads too. The first one is offline seller leads, and the second one is online seller leads.

Offline real estate leads come from postcards, open houses, circle prospecting, door knocking, expired, canceled, FSBO, lifetime clients, and sphere of influence. Where online comes from organic and PPC on Google and Social media like Facebook.

As a real estate agent, it is your job to traffic these real estate leads into a CRM, and then redirect them to either or, or both online and offline real estate seller lead generation.

Offline Real Estate Seller Leads

Offline is just what it sounds like. It is going to be sources where you generating or push business to that starts offline. Even though you may end up capturing them online that first started offline.

Geographical Farming

Geographical Farming is choosing a location to target in-depth over and over to a point you are the known expert in the area. Many agents choose a subdivision, some choose a zip code, and very few target an entire city. The following six marketing and advertising tools will be used for Geographical Farming for real estate leads. Mind you that offline will meet online. Part of farming will include Social Media and Google too.

Open Houses

When you do an open house in a real estate farm area you will need to treat it as an event. It is much more than I am going to sit here at this sticking house for 4 hours because my property owners want me to. Those agents who think that way have already failed. While at your open house you will home selling information for your prospective new leads. Yes, you will also have home buyer information too as both groups will be walking into the house.

Many agents at open houses will have a lender there to prequalify buyers, and they might even have a buyer agent with them from their team. The agents and the lender will want to work synergetically together to split off the visitors into buyers, sellers, and even refinance opportunities.

You will want to add the new leads to your CRM, and then add them to the right retargeting group for your paid Facebook ads.

Now that we have the basic ideas of how it should look and feel, so how do we drive traffic to this amazing home house?

Circle prospecting

Circle prospecting is when you create a list in to call around the neighborhood to invite prospective home buyers and home sellers to attend. Since this is a group you will be calling frequent enough you will want to have a system in place to take amazing notes that show up every time you call them.

Besides inviting them to your open house you can also discover if they own or rent, and if they own if they would like to get monthly home value reports, and discover when they could see themselves selling their house and why.

Past Clients and Sphere of Influence

Knowing where your lifetime clients and sphere are living and looking is important. You want to figure out too if they will enjoy coming to your open houses. What value proposition will you have to entice them? some agents have prizes and giveaways. Always talk with your real estate broker on these to make sure you are in compliance.

Besides inviting lifetime clients and your sphere to your open houses you will be using other real estate techniques to stay front of mind with them. We recommend sending them postcards every 21-28 days, adding them to your social media retargeting list, calling them to check in once a quarter, emailing, and SMSing them. Additionally, you will want to have three to four events a year. Common ones are pie days, others are things like come to Starbucks from 7 pm to 9 pm for a free drink on me called I lotte you, and another one is going golfing or to the phoenix suns, etc.


Doorknocking is like Circle Prospecting, but physically out there. I use Knockwise for this. It allows me to map out my areas and keep great notes. I do not leave things behind, but you can. If you do make sure it is something of great value. Do not just litter peoples' houses. I would always have my basic comps for the area with me. If I am doing it for an open house I would have material for that.


Real Estate Postcards are largely overlooked when it comes to seller leads. This is in theory one of the best times to use them as most companies have walked away from mail. For our past clients and sphere, we use a postcard company for sending a monthly postcard called boomerangdm, we use AMCards for special occasions like a birthday, and we use Pospectplus for seasonal and event cards. We also use prospectplus for our open house postcards for our open houses in our farm.

EDDM postcards

Every door direct postcards are used for geographical farming for seller leads. These postcards go out to every house in a geographical area. These postcards should go out every 28 days or less to build a local brand. You will want to have a strong call to action on these seller postcards. Always have your website and call capture phone number on every postcard.

Local magazine

We use local magazines for mainly branding. These magazines have already built their geographical targeted audience. Now all you need to do is build a compelling and strong message for them to know what you do. Then always have your real estate website and call capture phone number on it with a super strong call to action to either visit your seller website or call you.

Other offline Lead Generation

The following three are from a list you buy from a company like The real estate leads are updated daily. We recommend following the do not call regulations.

Expired Listings

Expired listings make a great source of real estate seller leads. These leads raised their hand earlier to sell. For one of many reasons, their listing did not sell. Sometimes it is price, availability, condition, neighbors, word selection for the description, photography quality, and even the smell of the house. It is your job to first understand their needs to sell, and that probably will have a wall up as 50 other agents have called them and they are mad or disappointed it did not sell prior. Many of times they do not even know it expired. Once you get through gate number one with the expired listings you will then have to convince them you are the magical agent for the job. This means you need to have a compelling argument as to why they should re-list their house with you. Then the part most agents fail at with expired listings is getting in front of them within 1 hour of the call. Trust me you are dealing with some really strong closers with expired listings and they will take the food right out of your mouth. Expired listings have a short shelf life, so now is always better than later. Make them like you, trust you, and want to do business with you.

Canceled Listings

Canceled listings are cold calling property owners looking to sell their home. This group raised their hand, and yes there is a small group of them who had life-changing things like a job transfer not happen, so there is no reason to sell their home anymore. The others did not click with their last agent, and that should be no surprise with knowing that 7% of the realtors out their do 93% of the business, so naturally, 93% of the agents do 7% of the business, and one should assume this group lacks the skills of psychology, marketing, advertising, and negotiating a real estate listing. Like an expired listing, you will need to get them to like you, trust you, and want to do business with you.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

For sale by owners have raised their hands really high saying they want to sell, and yes some are just playing around too. The ones playing around are looking for pie in the sky. However, the other ones are not playing around. They are even offering a buyer agent commission. The issue with the for sale by owner (FSBO) is that they do not know what they are getting into and nor do they have the drive to typically last longer than 21 days trying to sell on their own. This means you need to consistently follow up with them with great notes. To generate seller leads they must like you, trust you, and believe you are the one to get their house sold.

People, You Know

This group is one of the best stabilizers to your business, and over time they will become large enough to fund your entire real estate business.

Past clients

Lifetime clients are a great opportunity because they already know you and how you run your business. Plus, they already like you and trust you. We use a service called Oggvo to test the temperature of our relationship with each closed transaction. Our commitment is to get a five-star review from them. Even we do not get a five-star review we dive into them to find out and to fix it. Then our relationships who want us and we want them to make it into our past client database to consistently retarget them showing them all of our services and values. They will be selling their home in the future and they will also be referring us business.

We send them automatic postcards monthly and for holidays, and we send them other postcards based on an event and for reminders for events and thank you for attending the events. We also call them once a quarter as a minimum and send them SMS and emails. Then we upload their email and cell numbers to our retarget list in social media.

Sphere of influences.

Sphere is a great source to generate seller leads from. This group may or may not have purchased a home from you. They may or may not own a house already. I love this group because they already know you, like you, and most of them if they knew you did real estate they would use you. Like forever clients, you will pick up the phone and deploy the same real estate marketing campaign. They both offer a great way to stay top of mind in front of the people who know you.

Online Real Estate Seller Leads

Online lead gen uses the same basic principles of offline real estate marketing. This form is just digital is more consistent as it is 247. Both offline and online lead gen has a section for met and non met prospects.

Google Real Estate Seller Leads

Pay Per Click Leads

There are many ways to generate seller leads, which includes home valuation leads, instant cash buyer seller leads, fix it to sell it seller leads, sale it and lease it back seller leads, refinance leads for your lender partner, and traditional MLS need to sell and max their profits. These sellers landing pages should also be the ones you use organically too.

Organic Leads

Organic lead gen is like doorknocking, which means you are going to have to put in the time to write quality articles and make quality content for your website. Then you will want to make sure your website is user-focused and not you focused. A high-value website that focused on the consumers' needs will most likely win the battle.

Social Media Real Estate Seller Leads

Facebook Ads

Use your website landing pages for your paid Facebook ads. You can either do several single ads or one large carousel ad. Your other type of paid Facebook ads will be your retargeting ads. These are the ones that visit your Facebook ad, your website, or your lists you upload into Facebook. When possible use short videos with a very strong call to actions in them. You too scroll through Facebook feeds and you know what catches your eye, so remember that here and in social media posts.

Facebook Organic

Facebook groups and pages allow you to post consistent content pointing back to your website or one of its landing pages. These posts can use both graphic images and videos, but they must be alluring and value-adding. Most of your content can be cross platform content. You will your larget content, and cut out parts for each platform, and repointing them to each other and your website.

Blog Posts

Our master content will always start on your blog. Then we will start cross-platform marketing. Our next step would be to make a youtube video of it. Then we will take this video and make it work for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.


You can make a very strong Youtube video from your blog content. We recommend using TubeBuddy for your YouTube SEO.

Instagram TV

You then can take your content and make it fit on Instagram TV and then a super small slice on Instagram itself.


Get leads off of Twitter with a very limited and precise piece of your blog or youtube video or a graphic image with hashtags and your website's link to it.

You Must Start By Working With Experienced Real Estate Agents:

When you are surrounded by experienced people, you would know how to think and what to think while generating home seller leads. They will provide you with an understanding of the real estate market and how to deal with different types of clients. Moreover, you would be getting to handle their clients and generate leads. Experienced agents are not just limited to the local areas for generating seller leads, but go beyond the local areas and get quality leads. You will also get an opportunity to work within the local areas and also beyond it.

Participate In Business Events And Open Houses:

Many business owners and real estate agents host a business event or open house. At such events, you can meet home sellers, buyers, attorneys, businessmen, local vendors, and other real estate agents. Being a part of such events would be helpful as you would be meeting a lot of people. Through these events, you can introduce yourself to homeowners, buyers, mortgage lenders, and attorneys. It is a way to advertise yourself that you are also a part of the real estate world.

Building A Strong Network:

In the digital era, it is essential for you to have an online presence as your target audience will be available to you through the internet. Having a website will be beneficial as homeowners and homebuyers tend to use online searches to find a good real estate agent. To increase the traffic on your website, you can ensure that your website is optimized according to search engine guidelines. Through your website, you can provide valuable information to the people (home sellers). The information you provide will make you look reliable and trustworthy, and they would like to work with you.


It is the best online platform that is helpful in generating home seller leads for both experienced as well as new real estate agents. The real estate agents have to fill in the required details and the platform will help in providing you with high-quality home seller leads.

Apart from this, there are many features provided by Dorrmat that could be extremely helpful for new real estate agents. For instance,

  1. Backend CRM System
  2. Opportunity to Capture Lead
  3. Lead Notification
  4. Facility To Add New Vendors


Although the real estate world might seem a bit complicated to you in the initial days, it would be highly rewarding if you follow up with the above-mentioned tips. You will be able to build a high reputation in the real estate business and also gain high-quality home seller leads.

If you loved this content and feel it is way too much for you to manage in your own real estate career, but you want to benefit from a real estate team that executes this on a daily basis then email us to learn how you can become an agent on our team. We would rath you be out there selling a home vs doing all of this massive content production. If you are ready to take advantage of our agent success system then email Brittany to start the process.

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