How to Generate Home Seller Leads in 2021

How to Generate Home Seller Leads in 2021

The new year brings new innovations, new practices, and a lot of changes, so being in the real estate industry, you also have to bring in innovative ideas for generatinghome seller leads and even converting them into potential clients for business growth. The strategies you employed in the year 2020 are old and won’t work out efficiently for real estate lead generation. The real estate industry is complex, jargon-filled, and you need to be extremely careful while formulating home seller lead generation strategies. Your slightest mistake can cost you a lot of real estate seller leads. The following is a list of ideas to help you generate home seller leads in the year 2021.

1: Always Be In Touch With Past Clients

Most often, real estate agents think that after closing their seller leads and providing a great experience to their seller leads, that their work is done. Well, if you are a smart real estate agent, you would think of continuing the relationship with the clients even though you have completed the sale of their house and hopefully the buy of their next house. No matter what their situation is, if they own another house or if they decided to rent, etc you will want to stay in contact with them.

There are many ways to stay in contact with your past clients to help you increase your real estate seller leads. You should be calling them once a quarter to check in to keep the human connection there. If they bought another house with you, you can check on the house, and if you are skilled you are taking great notes about them and their family if they have one, so that you can reconnect on those important things to them. Then send out a monthly postcard or letter with your home selling services that you provide. Make sure to use some sort of online home value automation to keep them dialed into the idea of how much their house could be worth. Finally, have a strong social media presence with your value proposition and all of the homes you are selling, buyers you are helping, and your events you are throwing.

When it comes to real estate lead generation, past clients make one of the best sources, because they have already experienced your services and are able to describe your elite real estate services to their network of relationships. They will also desire to work with somebody they know.

Most real estate agents do not have a standard operating procedure in place to stay front of mind with their past clients, so their past clients forget their name, and then they miss out on lead generation opportunities for buyer and seller leads.

2: Work With Experienced Real Estate Agents

Experienced real estate agents have been in the business for a long time. They are aware of the tactics, strategies, and methodologies that will help in gaining high-quality home seller leads. If you are setting out on your own, you might end up making mistakes and then understand how to follow up with the home seller leads. This is why it is wise to work on a real estate team. The experienced real estate agents will help you in preventing all sorts of mistakes and guide you along the right path. They will teach you all the essential knowledge regarding the lead generation of buyers and sellers and provide you all the relevant information to reach out to the right people. In the real estate world, just having a huge list of home seller leads is not enough. The home seller leads should be of high quality (the people who would actually want to work with you) and not just people who are considering selling the house without any actual intention. Besides this, the experienced real estate agents already have their own client base, and you can make use of that client base to generate home seller leads. It will simplify and reduce your workload. Skilled real estate agents typically have some trips and tricks up their sleeves for real estate lead generation.

3: Generate Home Seller Leads From Expired Listings

Expired real estate lists are an integral part of a real estate business. Expired listings refer to the properties that do not get sold during the duration of their contract. The reason behind the expiration of the property can vary depending on the homeowner. Most real estate agents do not focus on converting the expired listing into leads because it requires a high level of skill and experience, hard work, and dedication. This is why the expired listing gets less or no competition, and you can take the leverage of the situation to generate home seller leads.

You can purchase your expired real estate listing list from companies like MojoSells, and then use them to auto-dial your list. Once the list is prepared, you should dial each homeowner, understand the reason behind the expiration of the listing, and if it makes sense to schedule an appointment, you should try to get in front of the seller within an hour. If you are a buyer agent, your mindset could be more like a labrador vs a Pitbull. Your fellow skilled listing agents out there doing their lead generation for their real estate business are more like Pitbulls that are hungry. You might even show up to a listing appointment to hear, "I am sorry we already listed our home". Make sure you take note of this as we see so many real estate agents fail out of the gate trying to be nice, relaxed, and not pushy.

4: Employ The Circle Prospecting Strategy

Are you aware of the circle prospecting strategy for home seller lead generation? Circle prospecting is a great source for real estate seller leads. You will actually find buyers and sellers while circle prospecting. It is an extremely cost-effective and efficient way of generating home seller leads for your real estate business.

So let’s understand this-- when you receive your very first seller lead, you must start implementing this strategy. In the process of circle prospecting, you need to send out flyers, pamphlets, and posters in order to notify the homes nearby stating that a particular house is for sale and you are the real estate agent for the sale process. In this way, you are making multiple people aware of your capabilities and your skills. For instance, if you are spreading out the message to almost 100 people, then at least 10 would be interested to work with you. This is an effective way to attract home sellers to you without even looking desperate. This is called circle prospecting because you are covering up a large area to infuse the people without using the door-knocking tactics. The people or the home sellers who show an interest in your work can easily reach out to you, clarify all their doubts, and then make their decision.

Real estate farming uses circle prospecting and all other forms of marketing and advertising for real estate lead generation of buyer and seller leads.

5: Building a Strong Agent Network

You might know the significance of networking in the real estate business. This is also considered one of the most effective ways of generating home seller leads. You can build a strong rapport with the people in the real estate industry such as attorneys, business owners, building contractors, and other agents. You can meet these people either personally, through social gatherings, and through official summits. These places are ideal for gathering information and knowing about each other. Besides the high-profile attorneys and businessmen, you must also have a good connection with the local businesses such as home stagers, plumbing people, roofers, and many others. They would provide you a referral of the people who are preparing the home for sale. The home seller leads you get from them would be of the highest quality. You can directly reach out to those people who are preparing their house for sale and searching for a good real estate agent. Make sure to add this to your lead gen platform of real estate lead generation.

6: Have Your Own Real Estate Website

In the digital world, if you are not reaping the benefits provided by the digital platforms, then you would lag behind all other real estate agents. You must develop a dynamic real estate website that would speak out about your services and what strategies you would be using to get the best deals for the homeowners through the house sale. The website would also be helpful in exhibiting the feedback, and reviews you have received from your past clients. You can share your achievement in the world of real estate, for instance, if you have got some award or certification for best performance, etc. Many real estate agents have amazing real estate lead generation websites or squeeze and landing pages.

Another aspect to acknowledge when you have a real estate website is that you must draw the attention of the people or the target audience to the website. Only then you would be able to convey your message to a large number of people. You need to employ the SEO tactics on your website for real estate leads to come in, which will make it attractive, and you would be able to grab the attention of the target audience and even convert them into potential clients. Even the content that you use for the website should make use of the right keywords, which will improve the website ranking on the Google Search Result Pages — SERP. So besides having a website, you can enhance the SEO parameters to increase the number of real estate leads reaching out to you.

Make sure on your real estate squeeze pages that you deliver high-value content that helps the homeowners learn and decide to work with you. Then have a strong call to action with a form or method for your real estate leads to reach out to you.

Blog Posts: When you are having a real estate marketing website for lead gen, you can have a blog section as well. Blogs content is an efficient way to reach out to your target audience, share your content, and let them use the informative content to their benefit. You can have forums and comments where people from different backgrounds can share their knowledge and form a community. Besides this, high-quality content will exhibit that you are an extremely experienced personality who has worked with a large number of clients and got them good deals. People would find you authentic and reach out to you for their home selling process.

7: Make Use Of The Social Media

Social media platforms are turning out to be one of the most important platforms that can help you generate home seller leads. There are multiple social platforms with different features, and you must use all the features to generate real estate leads. We do recommend doing cross-platform marketing on all of the social media outlets and driving them back to your real estate lead generation website, landing page, or squeeze page to hopefully capture them as clients.

Facebook: Facebook brings you to a vast number of target audiences. You can directly follow the people who are looking to sell their house and are searching for a real estate agent. Besides this, you can create a Facebook page that will help you to reach out to the right people where you can provide informative content through posting blogs, videos or images, and other useful content. The people who are reading your blogs will get to know about your skills and information and will find you authentic. Moreover, you can create a Facebook group and invite your target audience to be a part of it. In the groups, you can share relevant information in the form of blog content, images, posts, and infographics. Facebook clearly makes a great social media outlet for real estate marketing and lead gen as they even offer lead capture tools.

Twitter: Twitter is a bit different from Facebook, where you can post real estate relevant content along with the right hashtags. If the people start liking your information, they would start following you and retweet your tweets and increase the target audience. You can reach out to the home seller through your posts and convert them into potential clients. We recommend being on Twitter but not giving it too much of your energy for your lead generation of real estate seller leads. We have not seen great success with our lead gen from this social media outlet. However, still use it as there are real estate leads you can capture from Twitter.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is basically a social platform for professional people. You can meet highly qualified people through this platform, such as business owners, real estate agents, real estate business partners, homeowners, and many other professional people. This platform is extremely promising when it comes to generating home seller leads. This social media platform is great for branding yourself as an expert, and to generate little commercial niche videos for your services you offer. We have seen high-quality real estate leads come from our real estate marketing on LinkedIn.

Instagram: Generally real estate agents skip the use of this platform because they do not find it reliable. But with the increasing popularity of this platform, the need for influencers has also increased, which in turn could be used for attracting the right audience and generating home seller leads. Instagram offers the real estate agent two methods to post. You can post images and videos. Both are great, but we recommend more video than images for real estate leads. Instagram also has IGTV too. Like YouTube, you can have a longer video on IGTV, and a snippet of the video on Instagram. The small videos are seen as a trailer to a movie, and then a link pointing to the larger video and to your website to help with generating real estate leads. Instagram is a great social media platform.

YouTube: perhaps one of the first places to upload your video is to YouTube. You can split it into two videos. By currently making a 60-second video out of your main video and using the tag #short you can make a video call a short with YouTube. Then you can use all of the videos for your regular YouTube video. We suggest using TubeBuddy to help with your SEO on your YouTube Videos. YouTube helps you build your online brand and capture real estate leads. YouTube offers one of the best social media outlets for real estate leads if done correctly because they can come up in google when prospective buyers and sellers are looking.

8: Have You Thought Of Lead Magnets

It is a rewarding process where you are providing the audience something that they want in exchange for providing their email and contact number. This is one of the effective and latest methods of generating leads. In simple words, the home sellers would be providing their email address or phone number, but you would have to give them something in return for the details. For instance, you can send out an e-book, home improvement tips to increase your home's value, or a free opinion of value report. By providing the right thing of value you will attract high-quality leads to get better returns.

Summary: So what are you waiting for? If you want to actually be successful in the real estate world, you need to follow all these strategies and check which one of all these works the best for you. You can employ the selective strategies, which would be suitable to you or your business and generate high-quality leads.

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