How to Find Top Home Seller Leads?

How to Find Top Home Seller Leads?

The real estate business might look very appealing to everyone. Due to this reason most of the people aspire to be a real estate agent. No doubt a real estate agent might earn huge bucks, but it only comes after years of hard work and networking. Only after being a part of the real estate industry, you would actually know that only high-quality seller leads will help you achieve your goals. Not just finding the potential leads is important, but you must also work hard to convert those leads into potential customers. You can gauge your success based on the number of top home sellers leads to gain in a stipulated time.

Generating top quality home seller leads is an uphill battle not just for the beginners but also for the experienced real estate agents who have dozens of projects under them. Getting seller leads is not everything. You must ensure that they are high-quality seller leads and you would be successful in converting them into customers.

Work With Experienced Real Estate Agents:

When you work with the local real estate agents, you are getting just a handful of seller leads (the sellers that would be able in your vicinity). They might not even have extensive working experience. Which means that you would not be getting any important sellers leads. But this isn't the same when you are working with real estate agents, with good experience and knowledge. They have a customer base of influential clients who would help you to get great leads through referrals and set up meetings with top home sellers.

Attend A Real Estate Open House Event:

Generally, real estate agents tend to ignore such open houses and business events. But they do not know what they are missing out on. As per the experts, open houses and various other business events are the best places to find top seller leads. Well, it is quite understood that you would have to filter out the active or high-quality seller leads from the huge crowd, but it is all worth the effort. Open houses can be a fertile source for seller leads in more affluent neighborhoods, where most residents never even see their neighbor’s driveway—let alone their living rooms.

What About The Expired Listing? - Generate Seller Leads Through Expired Listing:

Being a real estate agent you might be aware of the fact that if a house is on the market listing for more than 6 months, it would not get buyers easily. So you can make use of these expired listings to get your seller leads. Most of the expert real estate agents claim that expired real estate listings are the most reliable source because homeowners are typically frustrated and ready for a new agent by the time their listing expires. You can generate the sellers leads by scanning through the local listing records, or through the real estate local CRM - Customer Relationship Management.

Focus On Building A Strong Network:

When you have influential, experienced people in your circle, finding top quality sellers needs becomes a bit easy. You must not limit yourself just to the local seller leads and expand your reach to nearby areas of the city. This could be possible when you are maintaining a good rapport with other real estate agents, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and other influential people. You can be in touch with them through email marketing, provide regular newsletters informing the upcoming things, providing exclusive offers, and much more. These influential people provide referrals to you and help you gain high-quality seller leads.

Make Use Of Online Platforms To Generate Seller Leads:

Do you know there are websites that provide real estate agents high-quality seller leads? Well, yes- Dorrmat is one such online platform that is highly beneficial for real estate agents. You just have to fill in essential details while registering to the website. The details must include your qualification, experience in the industry, past work record, and client reviews (if possible). Dorrmat would link you up with active home sellers. The best part of this online platform is that you can generate seller leads by conveniently sitting in your office or even at home.


So if you are one of those real estate agents who are finding it difficult to generate seller leads, start employing these strategies. It will help you to move ahead in the right direction. After getting seller leads, you must put in more effort to convert them into potential customers, provide good services, and help them close the deal. Your work will definitely leave a remarkable impression if done right.

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