How Can I Join a Real Estate Team in Arizona?

When you join a real estate team you want to make sure they have services that help property owners do home remodeling, updating, upgrading, and more to get the property positioned to sell without having to go through a lot of showings to get a lower offer that might fall out of escrow.

Other services should include fetching multiple cash offers, sell in stay offers, and of course traditional MLS offerings.

There is no “I” in team, and when you’re in real estate, that’s a good thing! Being on a real estate team can make for more efficiency as an agent, and that means more time to spend making connections and closing deals. If you’re wondering, “How can I join a real estate team in Arizona?”, you’re in the right place. Here are a few of the top considerations before choosing your team:

1. Make a Short List of Brokerages in Arizona

Finding a real estate team to join starts with research. Look into some of the top brokerages in Arizona to learn more about them. Read online reviews to see what the locals think about them. Find out what they specialize in (e.g. high-end luxury homes, specific neighborhoods etc.). See how long they’ve been in business. Once you start learning more about brokerages in Arizona, start making a list of the ones you want to check out in person.

2. Interview Multiple Teams

Every real estate team is a little different. It’s important to understand not just the roles and functions of the team, but also the culture.

Schedule meetings with the teams you’re most interested in and decide what you want to know about them. Interview team members to learn what it’s like working as part of the team.

Some questions you might ask include:

● How closely will you be working with other team members? ● Will you be receiving ongoing mentorship or training? ● What is the Real Estate Team’s value proposition? ● What are the expectations of real estate agents regarding lead gen, time management, and responsiveness?

3. Ask about Support and Training

If you’re fresh out of real estate school and don’t have much experience, joining a team that offers ongoing real estate agent training can be a huge perk. You may be able to sharpen your negotiation skills, marketing knowledge, and networking without having to pour your own money into online courses and training.

Not all teams provide this level of support, so if training is important to you, make sure you ask specific questions about what you can expect.

4. Shadow a Team Member

The best way to get to know what it’s like to work on a team is simply to become a part of it. Shadow a team member of a brokerage you’re considering to get a feel for how they work and collaborate. This can serve as an extra benefit to new agents who want a real peek inside the day in the life of an agent.

5. Know Your Role as a Real Estate Team Member

Real estate agents are technically independent contractors, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be held accountable for performance and conduct. Before joining a team, make sure you understand what’s expected of you in your role, as well as what happens if you one day separate from the team.

For example, any leads brought into a brokerage might remain part of the brokerage should you decide to leave the team. These terms and conditions can vary, which is why it should be part of your discovery process as you’re choosing your next brokerage.

When joining up with a mega real estate team, one should expect to receive: Training, Coaching, and Mentorship. Most training is done online with well organized information like, and the coaching is usually done in a group format, then mentorship is usually more so one on one. Tools like a CRM, Websites, Platforms, Triple Line Dialer, and more. Admin support to help you prepare paperwork like listing kits, to manage your escrows, and more. A place of blogging with a bigger purpose than yourself. Leads to dial from paid buyer and seller leads to lists from expired, cancelled, and For Sale By Owner. Signs and support for open houses Paid marketing, advertising, posts, signs, lockboxes, and photos for listings taken. Appointments schedule for you from an inside licensed real estate agent whose primary focus is to schedule their agent’s seller and buyer appointments.

Most newer real estate agents get their licenses and forget it is just a license to start in real estate. They forget it is simply just a small business license to do real estate. Therefore, there is going to be a lot of time, money, and energy on building their small business to get it going. This is why a real estate team is usually very important.

A real estate team can offer a real estate success program in a box for you. Basically everything you need. They do not offer you the 18 hours of work seven days a week that you might just need to get your real estate career off of the ground. That work ethic is all on the real estate agent. You will either want it bad enough to work non stop to launch or not.

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