General Requirements to Qualify to Become a Real Estate Agent in Arizona

  • Age - Be at least 18+ years of age
  • Education – Complete 90 hours of “in classroom” or online Real Estate Salesperson pre-licensing education at an approved Arizona real estate school
  • Fingerprint Clearance Card - Fingerprint Clearance Cards (FCC). The process for obtaining the (FCC) may take as long as ten weeks
  • ADRE Application and Disclosure Forms Completed
  • Contract Writing Class – attend a 6 hour Contract Writing Class, (including certificate)
  • Fees – See AZRE website for current fees and payment methods. Also, see the website for additional information and updated information to what was briefly shared with you.

Is Becoming A Real Estate Agent In Arizona Right For You?

A day in a real estate agents life

  • Dial your leads for 2-4 hours
  • Post homes for sale on social media
  • Call, SMS, Email your past clients and Sphere of
  • Influence (People you know)
  • Call your nurtures
  • Show homes
  • Go on listing appointments
  • Sit a house open
  • Dial your leads again for 2-4 hours
  • Post homes for sale on social media
  • Working seven days a week and 80 hour work weeks until you fully launch and organically reduce your hours based on experience and skills.

You deal with a lot-- and I mean a lot of rejection in real estate, so you will have to be studying your scripts and rebuttals like you are in a war for your business life. The great news is that we provide you perfect scripts, rebuttals, and coaching.

Reasons To Not Get Into Real Estate

  • Cannot maintain longevity at prior jobs
  • Disagreeing with your bosses
  • Work less make more
  • Choose your own work hours

The honest truth about leaving a W2 Job to become a real estate agent is that you are going from exchanging time for money to exchanging money, time, and hope for money. When you become a real estate agent, you become a small startup business. You are going into the small business startup stats. Most real estate agents never even think about where their income will come from prior to becoming an agent.

Many new agents have told us they did not think about where their business would come from prior to getting their real estate license, and some have told us friends and family. The truth about friends and family is that you are competing with other agents connecting to them, which you are not aware of. Plus, the amount of transactions will most likely not be enough for you to sustain as a business.

This is one of the critical reasons for joining a real estate team, to help you bridge yourself into a full time career in real estate.

Wrong Expectations

Thinking that real estate is easy money, because 10% of the agents make 90% of the money, so basic math says that 90% of the other agents make 10% of the money. This also means 90% of the agents are fighting over 10% of the business. This is another great reason to join one of the big fish in the sea: to help you survive and thrive in real estate.

Thin Skin

Real Estate Agents are commonly in a multi sparring business. You are representing your client, and sometimes you are dealing with an aggressive agent on the other side, a terrible escrow office, and a non-communicating lender. Then, to top it off, you are dealing with your client’s expert family member who has never even bought a home, but has heard from a co-worker about something. For the average person, this is simply too much stress, and add in, the deal crashes and you need that check to pay your bills. Your job is to keep the deal glued together, represent your client to the highest, and be everybodys’ psychologist.

By joining a successful real estate team, you will end up getting a very skilled admin team to take some of this stress off of your plate, which delivers a way better client experience. Hence, leading to more repeat clients and referrals. You will also get coaching, and yes, psychological help too. We all need it here and there when things get stressful, and all we can see is the forest vs the trees.

Money Issues

Think long and hard about your money situation. Every real estate agent brings prior strengths and weaknesses to the table. If you have not had a long term career in sales as a successful sales person, you should have more money put aside. We recommend four to six months of savings and living very frugal during this same time period.

By joining a successful real estate team, you increase the odds of getting checks sooner and even more checks than if you were to have by going solo. Going solo is like making your own car, getting all of the bugs out of it then driving in it. A team delivers you the car to instantly go driving in it, so all you have to focus on is how to learn to drive.

Listening to Friends and Family Who Know Nothing About Real Estate

Listening to friends or family who have no experience in real estate or once were in the business, which means nine out of ten times they failed out of the business, is a very bad decision. This is a very tough business, and you will only want to listen to the logic of great successful real estate agents.

How to Become a Real Estate Agent In Arizona

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Becoming a real estate agent is simple. You will enroll in real estate school, do all of your hours, study big time for your school test, pass it, and keep studying big time for your state test and pass it. You will want to do your fingerprinting and background inspection right at the beginning. Then assuming you pass your tests and your background investigation comes back clear, then you are off to the Arizona Real Estate Department to get your license going.

You should expect to spend up to $2000 between schooling, testing, the department, and your local association dues, so make sure you have these funds.

The James Sanson Team with Dorrmat® works in three major metropolitans which includes: Tucson, Phoenix, and Yuma Arizona. The team is always looking for new talent to coach.

With the team, you will end up getting your business in a box. This is like getting your Uber app as a driver. All of the marketing, advertising, bookkeeping, and leads are provided for you. A real estate brokerage is like a parking garage you pay to park your car in. With this said, they are two different things.

What should you expect from the team?

Coaching, Training, and Mentorship Your own website(s) Apps for your phone Leads Appointments Admin support Marketing and Advertising for your Sphere of Influence Databank (CRM) Tools and Resources Community and Friendship Accountability (If you are not pulling your weight, then we will encourage and if you still are not, the team will part ways with you).

Once you are done getting your real estate license, and you would like to learn more about the real estate team, then contact Brittany, the team’s CEO to learn more about the team, and to see if she thinks you are a great fit for the team. If you are not ready to work mad hours then there is no reason to reach out to the team.

The team is always adding talent in two key areas: Inside Sales Agent (Appointment Setters) Outside Sales Agents (Showing homes and listing appointments)

Why Join The James Sanson Team?

Meet lots qualified customers per year Serve clients better with our technology and a support team to handle calls and paperwork.

Grow your career It takes an average of 16 months for new agents to advance to a truly comfortable career, which you can almost be on autopilot. With our platform, coaching, systems, etc it helps you get there smoother. Zero Marketing and Advertising expenses We take care of the lead generation Call Center Functions Admin Support

The Great Thing About The Team is That You Organically Found us. This means our buyers and sellers are finding us too, just like this.

If that is not good enough for you, then read on. Our team is ranked in the top 1% of America. Our brokerage is the #1 real estate brokerage in the world. With our proven track record, we are able to grant you our brand and stats to help you transition into real estate that much smoother.

The Role

Guide your customers as they navigate their home purchase, representing them through negotiations and the closing process Build your business by serving customers generated by our Team and then through your own repeat and Sphere of Influence Benefit from a dedicated support team of licensed real estate professionals responsible for marketing, communicating updates, scheduling inspections, and guiding the transactions through closing
Use our custom-built technology platform to enhance your experience with our clients Receive online training via our content in, top level group coaching, and daily on demand mentorship bridging the gaps between training, coaching, and doing.

Skills & Experience

To achieve and maintain an Active Arizona real estate license to work (required) Goal-oriented. To stay on the team you must close at least 12 units in your first year. Client experience orientated with a commitment to delivering the best client experience possible You must be able to clearly communicate and help your clients understand the market Ability to set and control your schedule Enthusiasm for learning and to be a very fast learner Local Market Knowledge

As a real estate agent, most of the time you will either be at the office, home, an open house, or a place like Starbucks. We are less of a traditional office team and more of a virtual office team. This means a lot of Google hangouts to keep us linked together as one unit.

If you are ready to launch your real estate career, then start thinking of it like surfing, and you have to paddle your tail off to just have a chance to catch a wave to ride. This is not a sit and hope career.

Email Brittany Today...

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