Getting Real Estate Leads: Should I Use Lead Gen Software?

Let’s face it: every agent wants to fast-track the process of getting real estate leads. The faster you can get leads, the less effort you have to put into it. And ultimately, the more chances you have for successful transactions!

One of the biggest questions real estate agents have when streamlining the lead gen process is wondering whether lead gen software is worthwhile. There are tons of platforms focused on automating and simplifying the lead gen process, but do they really help you get more leads? And if so, will those leads justify the high price tag attached to most software platforms? Here’s what we can tell you about using lead gen software for real estate: How Does Software Work for Getting Real Estate Leads? For the most part, real estate lead generation platforms take a two-prong approach: First, they aim to help you turn website traffic (or other traffic sources) into leads that you can follow up with.

And second, they help you continue to nurture those leads until they turn into clients or drop out of your funnel.

The first step, of course, is arguably the most important. When people visit your website or click on your ads, you want to be able to take the next step with them. But that’s impossible to do unless they give you a way to stay in touch. This is the whole purpose of lead generation: to get a way to follow up with people who have shown interest in you.

Once you turn visitors into leads, the next step is to stay in touch. Lead gen platforms tout their automation capabilities to win over buyers. They take the guesswork out of follow up by allowing you to create and automate workflows. This helps you stay top of mind with your audience and encourages them to take action. Most Lead Gen Platforms Aren’t Perfect Solutions The glaring problem that most lead gen platforms leave out is getting in front of potential leads in the first place. That is, most software tools don’t start the conversation, they just enable it.

If you have a strong web presence, are active on social media, and well-known in your community, this isn’t really much of an issue. But for new agents that want to ramp up quickly and start getting leads, things like SEO and social media can take months to start paying off. That’s simply too long to wait for sales to start rolling in.

Ideally, a good lead gen platform will also help you drive traffic to your website or social media. You must have people who are interested in you before you can even think about leads. How Dorrmat is a Different Approach to Real Estate Lead Generation Dorrmat was created to fill the gaps left behind by other seller real estate lead gen platforms. Agents use Dorrmat to take on the role of consultant, not just agent, and build their authority within their respective markets. As a result, Dorrmat helps you get leads from a place of consulting so you can earn your clients’ confidence and the respect of your community.

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