Get to Know Your Home Before Renovating - DORRMAT®

Get to Know Your Home Before Renovating - DORRMAT®

Have you been contemplating a major remodel of your dwelling? There are a few things to think about before you start knocking down walls and arranging furniture. Living in the house for some time before making significant changes is a must. Here are three reasons why you should move into your new home before making any significant changes:

Improve Your Spatial Awareness

Until you start living in your home, you may mistakenly believe there is ample room for remodeling and expansion projects. You will truly understand the layout of the house and its potential for growth once you've spent some time there. Some areas won't require as much attention as first thought, or more pressing issues will take precedence. If you give yourself some time to get to know the area, you'll have a better idea of what needs fixing and where your renovation money is best spent.

Learn to Recognize Potential Issues

If you plan to live in a house before renovating it, you can learn about any issues with the structure or the existing systems, like plumbing and wiring. This is especially helpful if your home is quite old. Many older homes have problems that aren't immediately obvious, like old wiring or crumbling foundations, that should be considered during renovations. Spending time in the house before moving in will allow you to spot these issues and fix them before they become major headaches.

Cut Costs Where You Can

Lastly, knowing your home inside and out before beginning renovations can help you save money by directing your attention to the most important upgrades and repairs. Living in the house first can help homeowners decide which upgrades are essential and worth investing in, as opposed to those that are aesthetically pleasing but won't improve functionality or resale value (a common mistake made by first-time homebuyers).

One of the best ways to ensure that your renovations go smoothly and efficiently without any surprises is to continue living in the house while they are being done. This will not only help you get a better feel for the available area so that you can make informed decisions, but it will also ensure that any problems are spotted early on and fixed before they can escalate into something more serious. It will also help property owners save money by getting them to focus on making necessary upgrades over cosmetic ones that won't raise the home's value. For these reasons and more, staying in your home during the renovation is a good idea.

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