Generating Real Estate Seller Leads: 15 Strategies

Generating Real Estate Seller Leads: 15 Strategies

In the real estate business, many agents feel that there is this constant need to generate real estate leads, and it is very much true. The leads are the bedrock of success in this field. They are also the way you can ensure an almost continuous flow of clients for your business. Yet a vast majority of realtors tend to stumble on this crucial hurdle.

The reality is that merely being aware of this fact is not enough for a new agent. They also need concrete and effective strategies that they can implement to start collecting leads. That is why we have put together this helpful list of 15 strategies that you can start following to generate leads. We have covered both the organic and paid methods to ensure that no matter where you are in your real estate agent career, you can benefit from this list.

How A Real Estate Agent Can Generate Seller Leads Organically

1. Find Prospective Sellers Through Your Sphere Of Influence

The best way for a new agent to tap into the local real estate market is by approaching the people in their social circles. Upon getting your real estate license, start informing everyone of the same and start requesting new leads.

In the initial days, work on both buyer leads and seller leads. Remember, the key objective here is to build a presence in the market and get your services known to more people. Once you have closed a few deals, you would also have gained a new circle of professional acquaintances. These individuals who are engaged in the real estate business in different capacities could assist you in getting more leads.

2. Master The Art Of Hosting Open Houses

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The decision to host open houses is one that can benefit your efforts for generating leads significantly. The crucial aspect is to ensure that you maximize the attendance numbers of each open house event. Now, in order to boost the number of people visiting an open house, you need to ensure adequate marketing of the event.

Walk around the area and invite curious neighbors, distribute flyers, and announce the event online. You can even ask financial planners to come to the event to offer advice to potential buyers. The buying process takes time, so in an open house, you are actually targeting to get the contact information of all the attendees. Whether it is through a manual or digital sign-in sheet, the more information you add to your database by the end of the event, the better. It boosts your chances of finding strong leads from the pool of people who came to the open house.

3. Generate Real Estate Leads Through Your Website

A website is a crucial component of your real estate lead generation efforts. It helps you reach and garner the interest of potential clients by both being a marketing tool and also a lead generation strategy.

Your website should help you position yourself as a market leader, and this can be achieved through a few vital sections of your website. The first is the blog section, where you can offer expert advice to first-time buyers and sellers. The second is through effective landing pages, which will help you gather the contact details of your site visitors in exchange for valuable information.

And lastly, it is a place for you to showcase all the positive reviews and testimonials that you have received from your past clients. All of this works together to help you gain more seller and buyer leads.

4. Get More Leads Through Content Marketing And SEO

A great way to boost the effectiveness of your real estate website is by opting for search engine optimization. This activity ensures that your website has the right mix of keywords and ranks high on the search engine rankings.

The site's performance on the search engines has a direct impact on the web traffic and eventually on the number of real estate leads that you gather. Along with SEO, you can maximize the reach of your blog through content marketing. This ensures that you gain visitors from other websites where your content has been posted.

5. Create A Plan Of Action For Social Media Platforms

Once you have the website and SEO in place, it is time to build social proof by creating a strong business presence on all the popular social media channels. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more have become an integral aspect of real estate marketing.

These platforms enable agents to reach a wide range of target audiences in similar life stages. It allows the real estate professional to build a virtual community and keep them engaged. It has become an essential part of building and nurturing relationships for agents. This engaged audience can both become potential clients and also a valuable source for real estate leads.

6. Give Cold Calling A Shot

Phone calls have resurfaced as an effective way to generate real estate leads, as due to the pandemic, there is a large number of individuals working from home. This leaves them with time to answer calls. Yet, realtors do need to pay attention and create a strong script to gain the lead from cold calling.

A simple strategy to adopt is a 1-2-3 method. Wherein the first call is introductory, the second is to generate interest in the lead, and the third is the more expansive one to gain an appointment with the prospective customer.

7. Form Alliances With Other Local Businesses

An excellent free source of generating leads is by forming mutually beneficial partnerships with local businesses. You can offer to meet your clients in the local coffee houses or ask the individuals, such as lenders, landscape artists, builders, and others, to suggest your name to potential leads.

In return, you could recommend their businesses to your clients and help them increase their profits. As an agent, many of your clients would expect you to have a list of suitable vendors offering real estate services. So this is a good way to boost the business for all.

8. Dedicate Time To Work Expired Listings

Many agents tend to be wary of approaching the seller leads with expired listings. These are homes that failed to attract bids from real estate buyers. A realtor can prepare a list of such expired listings from the multiple listing services. Then put together an effective marketing campaign and redressal of issues that could have contributed to the home remaining on the market. Thus, even expired listings can be converted into new leads.

9. Target Specific Geographic Areas For Leads Farming

Real estate farming is an excellent way to ensure that your local real estate market turns out a continuous supply of leads. This is one of the methods that require time to show results but is definitely one of the top strategies to adopt for long-term gains.

It requires the realtor to focus on strong relationship-building activities. The agent has to become a part of the social fabric of a certain locality and become a known name and face. Once you have become the go-to expert for real estate issues in the neighborhood, then your satisfied clients will start helping you generate real estate leads through their social circle.

Paid Methods That Real Estate Agents Should Use To Get Seller Leads

10. Register On A Real Estate Lead Generation Platform

Real estate lead generation platforms are an excellent source of exclusive leads for a real estate agent. The key is in selecting the right business to associate with. This is where Dorrmat stands apart from similar sites.

Dorrmat was created by real estate agents to assist other agents with their expertise. The superior technology coupled with an in-depth understanding of the real estate market enables Dorrmat to provide a healthy pipeline of seller leads to its registered agents. If you are a listing agent in Arizona, then you cannot find a better alternative than Dorrmat. With a long list of quality leads of home sellers in major cities, such as Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, and more, agents on this platform stand to gain a steady supply of leads.

11. Invest In Paid Advertising Options

Social media ads and search engine ads are effective ways to find new real estate seller leads. The best part about these paid ads investments is that you can start with a small amount, and then based upon the success rate of the ads, increase your marketing expenditure.

A. Opt To Run Google Ads

The search engine giant Google offers you an excellent platform to create keyword-specific ads that can be shown to your target audience in specific geographic locations. With these ads, you can target the leads as soon as they run a search for real estate services.

B. Use Facebook Ads Service

Similar to Google, Facebook also provides you with an extensive range of customization. The demographic selection offered by Facebook enables you to reach the specific category of home sellers that you wish to serve.

12. Become A Member Of The National Association Of REALTORSĀ® (NAR)

The NAR is the apex body for realtors in the USA and the prime one among networking groups of agents. By becoming an accredited member of America's largest trade association, you stand to gain multiple benefits. The first is the fact that you can use the trademarked term REALTORĀ®, which gains you more trust and helps you convert leads.

Apart from the trust factor, as a REALTORĀ®, you also get access to exclusive seminars, conferences, and market data that could help enhance your efforts for finding leads.

13. Find Leads Through Direct Mailing

Direct mailing is not a preferred method by many realtors as they believe that most people discard flyers and pamphlets. However, if you combine your direct mailing with a useful object, like a magnet or paperweight, people will actually retain it. You could even provide valuable market information, such as average home values in their neighborhood. Lead generation through this strategy is still possible with a bit of planning.

14. Find Potential Leads By Sponsoring Local Community Events

A great boost to lead generation can be had by offering to sponsor the local community events and teams. It is a form of marketing where you get a chance to solidify your brand authority and ensure that you get to be a familiar name to all in your locality.

This strategy mainly helps you to be on top of mind when any homeowner in the neighborhood decides to list their home on the market. Their first thought would be to approach you as you would have met them in all these community events and are a known name to them.

15. Approach Past Clients With Incentives For Referrals

Former clients are an invaluable resource for finding leads. All that is required is to set up a system wherein you can request these clients to refer to others in their social or professional circle who may be looking for assistance in real estate.

A well-connected client can help you garner many more paying clients. All that is required is for you to incentivize the referral system. By offering a small gift or some form of subsidized services rates to each client who brings in a referral, you can ensure that more of your old clients actively provide you with more leads.


No matter what the market fluctuation is, with our expert-curated list of ways for generating real estate leads, all agents can ensure that they have a good mix of lead generation strategies that they can utilize for attracting and converting seller leads.

A constant evaluation and modification of these strategies will enable all real estate professionals to sustain their new business through the challenging initial months. This article could also serve could as an eye-opener for expert agents who may not have considered some of the strategies discussed in this article and can start gaining leads through them as well.

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