Five Secrets No One Tells You About Selling Your House Fast

Five Secrets No One Tells You About Selling Your House Fast

The bottom line is that sometimes you need to sell your house fast. There usually are two main reasons for selling houses fast. Nevertheless, if you’ve sold a house previously, or perhaps this is the first time, selling a house quickly does not mean it has to always be for less money. The key is knowing why you need to sell quickly. If you are in a financial pinch and need the money, then you will want to consider selling quickly. The other reason is simple - why do we have to believe that selling quicker means we make less money? This means why list months in advance and drag the process out? Honestly, as a real estate agent and consumer like you, I never prefer to take the slow path when it comes to selling.

Below are five secrets about the fastest way to sell your home.

1. First, assure your home has the best possible curb appeal

First impressions matter, which is why you must inspect your curb appeal. Examine your landscaping, roof, paint, and windows. You are transforming your house from lived-in to on-stage to be sold. Think of your home now as your storefront, and how would you feel going into your store if you were a consumer? You can trim your vegetation, paint your facia, paint your door, clean your windows, sweep, blow, or spray down your sidewalk and driveway. Remember, this is your home’s first impression when a buyer arrives.

2. Second, declutter, stage, and clean the inside of your house

Go room by room and start packing things you really do not use on a daily basis and do not add value to the appearance of your home. How would you expect to walk into your house if it was an Airbnb or a model home? If you are using rooms for things that a traditional buyer might not use, then try to put it back to how they would use it. Buyers would like to see the area normally used. This makes the tour less stressful for them and helps them visualize themselves in your home.

3. Third, remove possible smells

When we want to sell a house fast, we want to address the unique odor that is normal to us. These can be food smells, plant smells, pet smells, smoking smell, mothball smells – you name it! We do not want to mask it with fragrances as this is the true tell-all story that a person is hiding a smell. You can help fix your home’s odor by using an ozone machine properly and also by painting your walls where it is needed.

4. Selling your home on the weekend

Selling your house fast does not mean you need to show it 24/7. You might consider blocking off the weekdays and having your home available for four hours on Saturday and four hours on Sunday. This gives you your life back while selling your home, and it also controls supply and demand. If you can stack buyers behind buyers and make them see each other, you increase the odds they will feel a heightened demand for your awesome home.

5. Pricing your home to sell

The bottom line is that your home is worth a certain price, and typically neighborhood research by a DORRMAT real estate agent will help you uncover that price. You do not need to price it to haggle. Most home buyers just want to buy a home vs. being stealthy ninjas and skilled snipers looking to take down a seller. There is no reason you should feel you are going up against a sumo wrestler who wants to negotiate. Mind you, once in a while, we do come across them, but nothing will force you to haggle with them.

Look at it like this example: If you know a gallon of milk is normally $4.95 and the store decides to price it at $6.95, do you think they will attract more consumers for their milk when the store across the street is selling their milk for $4.95? If you need to sell a house fast, you can take the milk theory and price it for $4.75 a gallon, but unlike the store, the sale happens within minutes, and you can control yours by saying something like, “no offers will be reviewed until Monday or Tuesday after your weekend showings.”

Wrapping it up

In closing, each market is different, and this is written for a slightly stronger seller’s market to a strong seller’s market. If you make your home the best it can look, control supply and demand to see, and price it, so it catches the eyes of the buyers, you can sell your house quicker and typically for top dollar. This is designed for a market where homes do not have to sit for long because there is no real demand for the area.

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